March 1, 2012

I won't MOVE ON!!!

Everyone talks about 'moving on' in life!
I will never.... move on!! ;-)
You think it's easy?
Forgetting people?...Just like that?
It's impossible!

You think you can forget people if you stop talking to them?
You think distance helps separation?

We meet so many people in life. Strangers become acquaintances. 
Lemme define an acquaintance- A school-mate/ a college-mate/ an office colleague/ a neighbor etc. In lay man's language- The Hi! Bye! people. Some of them become friends, and a very few, become friends-for-life!

We 'invest' a lotta time in some people, the people we like- the people we love. The sad thing is that ultimately all this fades away with time.  People just forget the good times they've had together and stop valuing 'it' after the direct association is over. What I don't understand is that why people love moving on in life!?? Is it for selfish reasons? Temporary associations? A master plan eh? 

We have 3 major phases in life. School-life, College-life and Work-life. And in every phase we make new friends, but that doesn't mean you forget the old ones. Coz from every phase, from a  million people, only one or two become the closest. And if you don't even maintain a good relationship with 'them', you are an utter failure in life in this aspect. The evergreen old friends- Ah! Some friends are forever. But if there is no acknowledgement of the fact from both sides, the friendship derails. It does. 

[Personally, I don't think one-sided-friendships are successful. After-all, we are also human. We are social- animals. One person cannot keep initiating everything every damn time. One definitely gets tired, how much ever they love their friends. I don't like people who take their friends for granted. One should not. If you cannot take out a few minutes from your life in a week or a month or a year!!!!!! for your loved one, then just question yourself, what kind of a life are you living???

Having the belief that he/ she is doing fine wherever he/she is, is okay, but what are you losing in making sure that it is so? What does it take? An sms? A call? An FB message for God sakes!!!!!!!!! Gosh! Know your priorities! :-/] 

Moving on is as good as moving away! :-(

Schooling over! Friendship over! 
College over! Friendship over!
People have got it totally wrong! :-/ What I don't like is that, when one of these phases get over, people just disappear! And that's it?!? 

A true friend feels twice the happiness and thrice the sorrow we feel. But a true friend is like a diamond- precious and rare. 

To all my best friends out there: This post is for you- I don't need to take names- Coz you know the place you hold in my life and in my heart and all I wanna say is, "Of all the door’s I have gone through in life, none was more inviting, welcoming and heart-filled than the one that led me to you." 

I won't move on, unless you force me to! :-| 

[Filmy ho jaayega, but here it goes, "Hum hai raahi pyaar ke, phir milenge chalte chalte!"]

1st March, 2012


  1. I don't really believe in this sticking-on thing re baba! :D

    I think that one should leave it to fate. No relation in this world is permanent. If we fully realize this truth at all times, every jigri relation will seem trivial in front of fate.

    As I believe in the theory of Karma, the oncoming, the staying and the departure of any person in life is only because of rnanubandham as they call it. So I believe that it is kind of beautiful to leave a relation in hands of fate. In this short life, relations are even shorter. There is no point in deliberately trying to extend the longevity of a relation. As long as the relation is meant to serve the purpose of fate, it will remain, after the rnanubandha is settled it will no longer remain.

    If we further make explicit attempts to stick on, we will be pulled down because of further bondage.

    So the bottom line is, it is not about moving-on or sticking-on WITH PEOPLE. It is about moving-on with life without sticking-on with people.

    Vamsi Emani
    (signature :P)

  2. Loved this one:) Most of lines were just outstanding.Your thinking is perfect and we must value our friends .:):)....I am turning into your ardent admire :D:D

  3. i wont move on - use to be my way of dealing with friends too . Use to take initiative to start a conversation or know about their health . But guess some times u need to realize u are nothing more than a irritation in their life . Their priority has changed . People they want to interact are now different .

    Well written :)

  4. Friendship is a beautiful gift and I always feel having good people in our life is our biggest would be feeling that I am sounding too much sentimental but really I don't want to lose my friend even when I move on or even when they moves on ...:):) Terrific Post DIVYA ....:):) emotions lead me to comment twice :P

  5. It's a gr8 post. Liked it very much. It's 100% reality what one faces in life. And these feelings are apt and accepted. I also feel good friendship should always be forever, come what may. Keep writing. And, have a great day.

  6. good one Divya! Keep up the good work! I could relate to every bit of it! :)

  7. How about the fourth phase of life called "retirement"?? :-P
    Can't help but agree with Vamsi on this. :-)

    As important as it is, life has to move on in this frenzied world where friendship is, but a part and not the "whole" .

  8. OMG... awesome post...!!!

    hon, for you would never ever move on...!!! <3 <3 <3

  9. Wow aaj bahti hui Ganga me sabko dho dala...:P kamal likhti hai tu bhi...trying to make relation equation simple..that's very nice..
    han hum bhi hai rahi pyar ke phir milenge chalte chalte..:P keep gng..!

  10. Love the topic you've chosen coz I'm sure everybody goes through this at some stage or the other. Moving on in life is inevitable but that doesn't mean you have to cut all strings attached to your previous phase of life like your best friends etc. I would say it depends on the person. If people choose to cut off their ties with people from their past phase, they should be treated the same way. Glad to have friends like you :)

  11. Moving on is not a difficult thing to do. Its so damn easy, if we don't value the relationship with a person.
    Whatever we try, how much ever harder, only if it is meant to be it will be.
    "What will not happen will never happen, whatever effort one may put forth. And what will happen will not fail to happen, however much one may seek to prevent it. This is certain. The part of wisdom therefore is to stay quiet." - Maharshi

    You have chosen a very nice topic divs and very nice writing as always :)