December 14, 2011

Band Baaja Baaraat

DISCLAIMER: Please DO NOT take anything personally!
                             This post is in Hinglish! :)
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle

Reddy Uncle: ‘Mera beta IIT Kanpur se B.Tech kar raha hai.’
Sridhar Uncle: ‘My daughter is doing her MBBS. She’s a gold medalist. :)’
Arora Uncle: ‘Kya baat hai! Mera beta toh Fashion Designing hii kar raha hai Delhi University se!’ (*thinks mera beta toh nalayak nikla*)
Mr. Arora develops an inferiority complex because his son is not in the Engg/ Medical League! 

(Is it a big deal?? C’mon it’s not the IVY League :-P)


How important is it to be professionally qualified these days?


CLASS 10th
The general scenario- NOW, when you come to think of it, clearing, rather scoring in 10th Board Exams looks like a cake walk with subjects like English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science ;-P LOL!
The amount of pressure which is put on the students by teachers and parents is too much. Children get nightmares because of all this unnecessary hype. C’mon!!!!! It’s just like any other exam!!! Ufff!! 10th standard marks are the deciding factors for the eligibility to Science or Commerce or Arts. B-) Now begins all the drama!


Now what on earth is this? :-P

You know the general mindset of people! (Not fair!!! I know!! :-( But, that’s reality! And reality always sucks :-P)
If ya take Science, people think “Tez hoga…..Hmmmm” ;-)  à Ujala Safedi :-P
Big Deal eh? ;-)
The rest is best left unsaid! ;-)

I classify science students in the following ways! (Reasons why they ended up taking science) ;-)

1) Parental Pressure (60%)
“Mera beta engineer/ doctor hii banega types” ;-P
These are the students who do their degree in a college whose name no one would have heard :-P eg: Deen Dayal blah blah blah college of engineering! Sure to be an engineer in 4 years minimum! :-P

2) Genuinely interested science geeks (10%)
They pursue pure science like B.Sc etc! Getting into a prestigious college in DU is a big deal with cut offs going to 98% and 99%!!!! :-O
Interested in Research! Want to SERVE the planet! ;-)
Spends countless number of days finalizing research topic, then changing the topic :-P
Then after getting the finally finalized topic, spends years in a lab “doing research”! ;-) And side by side facebooking/ tweeting, updating sad sad statuses with sad sad smileys thinking “kahaan pe fass gaya yaar”! Keen in celebrating everyone’s birthday parties in lab!!! LOL! ;-P Searches reasons to keep self happy :-P They keep whining about the fact that their marriage gets delayed :-P 

OMG! I can't write more, I'm already feeling depressed! ;-)
Well well well, even google cant help you here, coz what you are doing is “research”! :-P
Ab Bhukto!!!

3) Self motivated Types ;-P (30%)
There are further 3 sub divisions here ;-O
·         “IIT- Material Students”
 They are the Einstein kinda people lost in the world of concepts, formulae, theorems and   proofs ;-) :-P
“Physics, Chemistry & MATHS” are more important that breathing, eating and sleeping ;-P ;-P
Doing integration & differentiation gives more pleasure than anything else :-P :-P”
“Places like Narayana, FIT-JEE, Chaitanya, VMC, Bansals….OMG!! How did I forget “KOTA”!!!! It becomes their second home) ;-O
The only confusion for them is choosing the coaching center!!! With new coaching centers opening everyday with fancy names like “Mission-IIT” !!! LOL!! ;-) Sounds like a mission to reach the moon :-P Well, it's no ordeal less than that! ;)
Their main aim is to get into the IITs. If not, the NITs. Worst case, BITS! :-P
Any other college in their eyes is sub-standard ;-P
·         “Koi Bhi college chalega types”
“Humaari maange poori karo types :-P”
Somehow get into an Engineering college through Management/ NRI Quota! :-) ;-)
·         “I want to be atleast a professionally qualified types”
Usually sincere and hardworking, tried their best, but everyone can’t be an IITan/ NITan right!!! :-) Might deviate from their core area later on.

Why people take up commerce!!! ;-)
Again, The general notion of people! Sad! Anyways, here it goes!
(Read DISCLAIMER again ;-))

1) Not interested in studies-Will join Dad’s Business ultimately :-P (70%)
2) Good for nothing  (5%)
3) Taken because BF/GF has taken it (2%) 

    (ROFL! This classification is killing me :-P)
4) Really interested and inclined towards commerce (15%)
5) Has a history of CAs in the family! ROFLMAO! (8%)

After all the struggle of getting into a college and doing engineering…

Rahul:  “Band bajj gayi boss!!”
Rohan: “Maine B.Tech li, par B.Tech ne meri leli” :-P

It's strange that, in this rat race, hum khud apni band bajaa dete hain :-P
Aur apni jab baaraat ka waqt aata yeah sab bus ek naam ka degree bankar reh jaata hai.
For eg, Rohan Arora (B.Tech) weds Rita Aggarwal (B.A)
 (Neither would he know what he did during his engineering nor would she know what she would have done in her BA. LOL!!!)
Many parents prefer getting their daughters married to a professionally qualified person assuming that he will have more job stability etc etc. In some communities qualification dekhte hain pehle, phir chehra! LOL!!! A degree can certainly change your fate! ;-)

Indian mindsets are hard to change. Infact, CANNOT be changed.
The Indian system of education is stagnant. Changes cannot be brought in.
The system of evaluation, the way knowledge is imparted, sucks!!!!
Profs with a lotta knowledge cannot express themselves and Profs with zero knowledge blabber shit!!! Half of them are perverts, half of them lack the communication skills! Some just come to college for personal work :-P No wonder, most of the students end up doing their post-grads in foreign universities!
In this pathetic situation and scenario, what matters to people is the nature of degree they hold! Well, it’s like any other tradition in India, some think being an engineer is being a class-apart B-), some do not think so! There are some charted accountants who earn more than engineers! To top it all, people irrespective of having done B.Tech or BA or BCA , do an MBA and end up earning the same! ;-P ;-P
Again, it’s all about needs and the demands of the family and YOURSELF!!!

Pursue what you want to, but most importantly, whatever you take up, do YOUR best and be the BEST in YOUR field! ;-) :-)
Good luck!

14th December 2011 

December 10, 2011

Mind over Matter

I'm dead because I lack desire, 
I lack desire because I think I'm contented. 
I'm contented because I think I possess.
I think I possess because I don't try to give. 
I don't try because I procrastinate,
I procrastinate because I'm lazy.

I'm lazy because I'm not challenging,
Oh! Now, that I take it as a challenge,
I try.

In trying to give,  I see that I have nothing.
Seeing that I have nothing, I try again to give from self.
Trying to give from self, 
I see that I'm nothing.
Seeing that I'm nothing, 
I desire to become.
By having a desire to become, 
I begin to live.

It's all in the mind.
It's about what matters to us! :)

Mind it :-P (Rajinikanth Style)
December 10, 2011