December 14, 2011

Band Baaja Baaraat

DISCLAIMER: Please DO NOT take anything personally!
                             This post is in Hinglish! :)
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle

Reddy Uncle: ‘Mera beta IIT Kanpur se B.Tech kar raha hai.’
Sridhar Uncle: ‘My daughter is doing her MBBS. She’s a gold medalist. :)’
Arora Uncle: ‘Kya baat hai! Mera beta toh Fashion Designing hii kar raha hai Delhi University se!’ (*thinks mera beta toh nalayak nikla*)
Mr. Arora develops an inferiority complex because his son is not in the Engg/ Medical League! 

(Is it a big deal?? C’mon it’s not the IVY League :-P)


How important is it to be professionally qualified these days?


CLASS 10th
The general scenario- NOW, when you come to think of it, clearing, rather scoring in 10th Board Exams looks like a cake walk with subjects like English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science ;-P LOL!
The amount of pressure which is put on the students by teachers and parents is too much. Children get nightmares because of all this unnecessary hype. C’mon!!!!! It’s just like any other exam!!! Ufff!! 10th standard marks are the deciding factors for the eligibility to Science or Commerce or Arts. B-) Now begins all the drama!


Now what on earth is this? :-P

You know the general mindset of people! (Not fair!!! I know!! :-( But, that’s reality! And reality always sucks :-P)
If ya take Science, people think “Tez hoga…..Hmmmm” ;-)  à Ujala Safedi :-P
Big Deal eh? ;-)
The rest is best left unsaid! ;-)

I classify science students in the following ways! (Reasons why they ended up taking science) ;-)

1) Parental Pressure (60%)
“Mera beta engineer/ doctor hii banega types” ;-P
These are the students who do their degree in a college whose name no one would have heard :-P eg: Deen Dayal blah blah blah college of engineering! Sure to be an engineer in 4 years minimum! :-P

2) Genuinely interested science geeks (10%)
They pursue pure science like B.Sc etc! Getting into a prestigious college in DU is a big deal with cut offs going to 98% and 99%!!!! :-O
Interested in Research! Want to SERVE the planet! ;-)
Spends countless number of days finalizing research topic, then changing the topic :-P
Then after getting the finally finalized topic, spends years in a lab “doing research”! ;-) And side by side facebooking/ tweeting, updating sad sad statuses with sad sad smileys thinking “kahaan pe fass gaya yaar”! Keen in celebrating everyone’s birthday parties in lab!!! LOL! ;-P Searches reasons to keep self happy :-P They keep whining about the fact that their marriage gets delayed :-P 

OMG! I can't write more, I'm already feeling depressed! ;-)
Well well well, even google cant help you here, coz what you are doing is “research”! :-P
Ab Bhukto!!!

3) Self motivated Types ;-P (30%)
There are further 3 sub divisions here ;-O
·         “IIT- Material Students”
 They are the Einstein kinda people lost in the world of concepts, formulae, theorems and   proofs ;-) :-P
“Physics, Chemistry & MATHS” are more important that breathing, eating and sleeping ;-P ;-P
Doing integration & differentiation gives more pleasure than anything else :-P :-P”
“Places like Narayana, FIT-JEE, Chaitanya, VMC, Bansals….OMG!! How did I forget “KOTA”!!!! It becomes their second home) ;-O
The only confusion for them is choosing the coaching center!!! With new coaching centers opening everyday with fancy names like “Mission-IIT” !!! LOL!! ;-) Sounds like a mission to reach the moon :-P Well, it's no ordeal less than that! ;)
Their main aim is to get into the IITs. If not, the NITs. Worst case, BITS! :-P
Any other college in their eyes is sub-standard ;-P
·         “Koi Bhi college chalega types”
“Humaari maange poori karo types :-P”
Somehow get into an Engineering college through Management/ NRI Quota! :-) ;-)
·         “I want to be atleast a professionally qualified types”
Usually sincere and hardworking, tried their best, but everyone can’t be an IITan/ NITan right!!! :-) Might deviate from their core area later on.

Why people take up commerce!!! ;-)
Again, The general notion of people! Sad! Anyways, here it goes!
(Read DISCLAIMER again ;-))

1) Not interested in studies-Will join Dad’s Business ultimately :-P (70%)
2) Good for nothing  (5%)
3) Taken because BF/GF has taken it (2%) 

    (ROFL! This classification is killing me :-P)
4) Really interested and inclined towards commerce (15%)
5) Has a history of CAs in the family! ROFLMAO! (8%)

After all the struggle of getting into a college and doing engineering…

Rahul:  “Band bajj gayi boss!!”
Rohan: “Maine B.Tech li, par B.Tech ne meri leli” :-P

It's strange that, in this rat race, hum khud apni band bajaa dete hain :-P
Aur apni jab baaraat ka waqt aata yeah sab bus ek naam ka degree bankar reh jaata hai.
For eg, Rohan Arora (B.Tech) weds Rita Aggarwal (B.A)
 (Neither would he know what he did during his engineering nor would she know what she would have done in her BA. LOL!!!)
Many parents prefer getting their daughters married to a professionally qualified person assuming that he will have more job stability etc etc. In some communities qualification dekhte hain pehle, phir chehra! LOL!!! A degree can certainly change your fate! ;-)

Indian mindsets are hard to change. Infact, CANNOT be changed.
The Indian system of education is stagnant. Changes cannot be brought in.
The system of evaluation, the way knowledge is imparted, sucks!!!!
Profs with a lotta knowledge cannot express themselves and Profs with zero knowledge blabber shit!!! Half of them are perverts, half of them lack the communication skills! Some just come to college for personal work :-P No wonder, most of the students end up doing their post-grads in foreign universities!
In this pathetic situation and scenario, what matters to people is the nature of degree they hold! Well, it’s like any other tradition in India, some think being an engineer is being a class-apart B-), some do not think so! There are some charted accountants who earn more than engineers! To top it all, people irrespective of having done B.Tech or BA or BCA , do an MBA and end up earning the same! ;-P ;-P
Again, it’s all about needs and the demands of the family and YOURSELF!!!

Pursue what you want to, but most importantly, whatever you take up, do YOUR best and be the BEST in YOUR field! ;-) :-)
Good luck!

14th December 2011 

December 10, 2011

Mind over Matter

I'm dead because I lack desire, 
I lack desire because I think I'm contented. 
I'm contented because I think I possess.
I think I possess because I don't try to give. 
I don't try because I procrastinate,
I procrastinate because I'm lazy.

I'm lazy because I'm not challenging,
Oh! Now, that I take it as a challenge,
I try.

In trying to give,  I see that I have nothing.
Seeing that I have nothing, I try again to give from self.
Trying to give from self, 
I see that I'm nothing.
Seeing that I'm nothing, 
I desire to become.
By having a desire to become, 
I begin to live.

It's all in the mind.
It's about what matters to us! :)

Mind it :-P (Rajinikanth Style)
December 10, 2011

November 30, 2011



It's an immeasurable driving force
That makes you insane
When you think about her
It’s like a dream-come-alive

She is like an uncontrollable passion
She’s a fire that burns you from within,
But with a healing power.
She’s a chill that makes you shiver,
But which warms you from within.
It’s like a jolt, a shock, an alarm, a buzz! ;-)

What you experience is
Exciting and Exhilarating  
It’s a complete state of happiness
You attain
When you talk to her
When you see her
There is no way you can describe
What she does to you
This is ecstasy, nothing less, nothing more.

She is incredible

She purifies your soul
Hijacks your mind
Clogs your brain
Tingles your heart
This is bliss!!!
This is crazy!!!!!!!

She rips you apart
From head to toe
You’d never know what’s in her mind ;-)
Her glance might bring butterflies in your stomach ;-P
And make you weak in the knees! :-P
Her smile can kill you
At the same time
She gives birth...Enduring all the pain...
She's the mother of your child

She sometimes puzzles you
And gets you thinking about her! ;-)

She will cry her eyes out
And laugh her lungs out

Whenever with you!

She means a lot to you, and so do you to her! :-)

She might cuddle you to death
All she might expect is a kiss on the neck ;-)
A slightest of surprise might make her day perfect
She cooks for you with all heart and soul
She looks forward to see you when you come back home!

You love her, She loves you more!

She takes you on a high
Comforts you when you cry
She always supports you
with all her power and might
Emotionally and physically
Even when she’s unsure of her strengths

She mesmerizes you
Hypnotizes you
Keeps you captivated
And you love this feeling
You feel complete, she completes you.

She nurtures you
With her motherly instincts
She brings out the best in you
This is the power of a woman, Beyond imagination!

Have you ever thought about a world without women?
No!!!!!!!! Right ???
Get out there!!!!!! And thank all the special women in your life! Be it your mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend or girlfriend.... :-) :-)  

Dedicated to all the wonderful women in my life <3 <3

Celebrating being a SHE! :-)

November 30, 2011

November 27, 2011

Im-mobile-ized life

Life and its complications….!!! Tell me about it…..!!! ;-P
In this fast moving pace of life…..Sometimes we ourselves add to the complications unknowingly, sometimes knowingly…sometimes the changing trends in our generation forces us to do it…!!!

It’s high time we get back to the basics…and cut the crap outta life..!!! And I mean it..!!! :-D
In this daily hush-hush we start focusing on the not-so-important-things!!!

Here, I compare our life to a mobile phone…. B-) :-D
[I know it’s a crazy idea….still :-P]

Like the good old days, where life was simple and so easy….and these days where even for a little stupid thing we have so much confusion on taking a decision! :-O :-/

The basic function of a mobile is connectivity..! Ain’t it ?? ;-)
The basic functions being messaging and calling!! :-D
Well, yes, right now I’m talking about a dabba phone( dabba- pet name for a basic phone :-P), and most of the time people using a basic mobile get a look from other people as if they were an extra-terrestrial creature! :-P (I have experienced it :-P)
But WDH!! Ain’t the purpose is served??! Ofcourse it is !!!
It’s simple, sweet n straight forward!!! :-D

Sometimes somethings which were never options for consideration become important options all of a sudden! Why? Why this shift in priority??

Addition of more functions to the basic ones most of the time end up adulterating the basic functions…Also true for our life… All these hi-tech gadgets are so useless… I just don’t get it why people are so mad about it ??!!! :-D :-O
The more the options, like in a touch screen phone, it has blah blah blah…. more is the probability of it getting hanged or whatever..!!
Same is the case with life….more options…more confusion…!!!
As I already said…. More unnecessary options imply adulteration of the very basic functions!!
(You are getting me now I guess :-P)
And this is how the whole system collapses!


Hi-tech phones….Invest more…!!...(not to forget the big hole in the pocket ;-)) Well, temporary happiness… Flaunting- shonting ;-) !! Might work initially…!! Then, the problems!!!... *buhaha*
Life, in comparison….is just the same…it should be simple like a dabba phone… "minding ones’ own business"..and not to forget…"doing ones’ own business properly and efficiently"…!!! Indulgence on unnecessary things is on the high these days…people just don’t get it…the real essence of life is not in these glam-sham things…but is with the basic things we have…!!!
Maybe comparing our life with a mobile is not a very good idea…!!! :-P
But, it’s again one of my crazy ideas which drives me to write crazy stuff…hence I thought of penning it down :-)

Infact, left to me, I would never recommend using a mobile! It’s an utter waste of time and everyone knows about the harmful effects the radiations cause! Nothing to beat meeting a person in person ;-) and saying hi! Nothing to beat playing a game with a friend rather than angry birds on an application! Or even a conference call? Why not an outing/ picnic with all those friends! With the increase in innovation, we forget our roots, get back to the basics guys! It’s worth it! :-)



And time flies! Doesn't it!!! I hope its not too late before you realize that you have lost it all. Go home, spend time with your parents, grandparents! TALK to them! Throw away your mobile for a while! Feel the real essence of the people in your life, and get down to the real mode of communication!!! :-) :-) 

P.S.  No doubt that the more options a mobile or life gives, the more is the flexibility and we have variety to choose from, but at the end of the day, simplicity is what wins the show, and no one wants a flop show!...Ummm...Do you?? ;-) ;-) :-P

27th November 2011

November 17, 2011

I am free

What is your goal in life ?
Getting your dream job?... Or.. Wooing a girl? :-P
Contribute financially to your family??
Social service?... Or.. To join the Armed Forces?

Abolish corruption???
To serve the needy?...Or...Bring about a revolutionary change in politics???
A breakthrough work in research???
Act in a movie?? .... Or.. Walk the ramp? :-P
To meet SRK or Katrina Kaif??? :-P
Leading a contented life ???
Or being a good person, doing good karma?? (that’s mine :-D)

Aren't these earthily- goals?? :-P

What is the ultimate goal of a human being…ever thought about that??  
Do you believe in eternal-liberation 
I do!!!
*I’m toking about your post-death goal! :-P*
There are other temporary goals which act as stepping stones to eternal liberation!
I guess you know what I’m talking about:

Moksha- the highest goal- liberation from the viscous birth- death- birth circle! :-)

“A drop of water in the ocean”

The soul is compared to a drop of water and liberation to its merging into the vast ocean represents the Supreme Soul (God). It is a state of unity with God! The Advaita traditions say that moksha entails annihilation of the soul’s false sense of individuality and realization of its complete non- difference from God.

“A green parrot in the green tree”

The individual soul is compared to a green bird that enters a green tree (God). It appears to have been merged but has its own identity.
The dualistic traditions claim that God remains ever distinct from the individual soul.
Union here means to the realization of one’s spiritual nature through surrender and service to the Supreme Bramhan- GOD!
Liberation involves entering God’s abode, though many schools teach those souls who have become free from material contamination are already liberated, even before leaving the material body.

Without conquering qualities such as lust, anger and greed, and without control of the mind and senses, there is no question of being liberated from the entanglement of the material world.

Moksha is when you find a deep relief in life, from miseries, sorrows, cravings and aversions. 
- Sri Sri

A Misconception…
Some people consider the desire for liberation to be selfish and advocate a “fifth goal of life” by their prema (love for God) or nitya-lila (entrance into eternal pastimes of the Lord).

In Hindu religion, self realization (atma-gyana) is considered to be the best means to achieve Moksha. The Hindu Dharma preaches the path of Karma and Bhakti. Well, there can be different ways of achieving salvation. In totality, there are four paths of attaining liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth, namely, selfless work, self dissolving love, deep meditation and total discernment. Different schools of Hinduism attach importance to different paths. 
Bhakti teaches people self realization, by raising their conscience and making them aware of the power of God lying within them.

The Hindu religion teaches people the art of self dissolving love, which paves way for harmony. You are said to be deeply in love with God, when the depth of your love cannot be measured. At that point of time, you attain total bliss, as self realization dawns upon you.

When you meditate and try to concentrate on the God, the creator and preserver of this universe, your mind becomes empty. At that moment, there are no thoughts in your mind and you can only think of the almighty God. It directs your way towards attaining salvation. Another thing of prime importance that will straightaway connect you to God is service to mankind. Be sensitive, kind and compassionate towards other living beings.

There are believed to be four Yogas (disciplines) or margas (paths) for the attainment of moksha. These are: 

  • Working for the Supreme (Karma Yoga
  • Realizing the Supreme (Jnana Yoga)
  • Meditating on the Supreme (Raja Yoga
  • Serving the Supreme in loving devotion (Bhakti Yoga). 
Different schools of Hinduism place varying emphasis on one path or other, some of the most famous being thetantric and yogic practices developed in Hinduism.
In Buddhism 
The concept of liberation is Nirvana. It is referred to as "the highest happiness" and is the goal of the Theravada-Buddhist path, while in the Mahayana it is seen as a secondary effect of becoming a fully enlightened Buddha (Samyaksambuddha).
In Jainism
Moksa and nirvana are one and the same. When a soul (atman) achieves moksa, it is released from the cycle of births and deaths, and achieves its pure self. It then becomes asiddha (literally means one who has accomplished his ultimate objective). Attaining Moksa requires annihilation of all karmas, good and bad, because if karma is left, it must bear fruit.
In Sikhism
The Sikh concept of mukti (moksha) is essentially that of jivan mukti, the one attainable in one’s lifetime itself. Sikhism rejects the idea of considering renunciation as the vesture of a jivan mukta. Contrast with it, for example, the Jain view according to which “The liberated persons… have to lead a mendicant’s life, for, otherwise, they cannot keep themselves free from karma”
The ultimate mukti is a continuation of jivan mukti, going on after the shedding away of the corporeal frame to the final absorption into the One Absolute—the blending of light with Light (joti jot samana).
Some believe that moksha can be achieved by people only after death, others claim that it can be achieved even while they are alive :) :)

Are u reconsidering changing your goal in life? ;-) ;-)
I think I got you thinking! ;-)

16th November 2011

November 2, 2011

An Absolute Theory of Relativity!!

Disclaimer: Nope, I’m not gonna talk about hi-tech Einstein stuff here!!!

Welcome to the Big Bad World..!!!**Evil music in the background** :-P

I see everything in this world as relative…!!! Something bad might be relatively good or something good enough might be relatively bad !!!
People seem to be nice...*read again* SEEM to be nice!! :-O

Well well well, are they really???
They are actually someone from inside, and someone else from outside!!!

A buddy you might be knowing since so many years one fine day turn outta be some-slutty-character !! :-/
But helllllooooooooo?? Why couldn't you see it before?? 
Simple, your friend didn't want to portray himself/ herself like that in front of the world, whereas he/she was that kinda person all the time! He could be two-timing/ double-dating..!! Anything and everything is possible..!!!! 

#You.Call.This.A.Life?? Go.Die!!!!!

I see people who say they are religious….Doing Aarti and Pooja on one hand and abusing/ swearing at the same time, while talking to a friend! What is the point of praying then? How can the heart of a person be clean if his words and thoughts aren't???
#I.Pity.U! Get.A.Life.Dude!!!!

I have also seen people, who very cleverly manage to impress people, say that they are so caring and loving….(BULLSHIT I TELL YOU)..!!!!!!!!! :-@ They are the ones, who are masters in bitching about people, even about their so-called-best-friends!!!

People of the kind, who when see elders, touch their feet and take blessings, also have often visits to brothels!!

What has this world come to ?

Are these people good or bad ?? Or is it *okay* to be like this ?? (0_O) Can we classify people on the basis of such things ?? Or not ???

Why is something relatively good or bad ??? Why isn't someone absolutely good or bad ????

Why ????? 

A concerned soul,2nd November 2011

Happy Bday SRK! :-D

October 26, 2011

We Believe

A Hindu marriage symbolizes not just coming together of two individuals, but also the bonding of understanding, commitment, mutual love, oneness and spiritual growth. It demands sacrifice, companionship, dedication, and devotion from both the partners. Each and every rituals and customs associated with marriage portrays the real essence of wedding. 

Traditionally, there are five signs of marital status of women, according to Hindu culture- Mangalsutra, Toe rings, Kumkum, Bangles and a Nose ring


Talking about Mangalsutra, the word denotes a significant meaning. While mangal means aupiscious, sutra can be deciphered as a thread.

|| Mangalyam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna 

Kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam ||

Tying the thali or the mangalsutra around the bride's neck by the groom is one of the most important rituals of a Hindu wedding.
While the groom ties three knots, the pundit chants this sloka which means; 
“This is a sacred thread. This is essential for my long life. I tie this around your neck O maiden having many auspicious attributes. May you live happily for a hundred years (with me).” 

Thaali is known in various names in India, ThiruMangalyam in Tamil; Mangalyam, Mangalya Sutram in Malayalam and Mangal Sutr in Hindi. Thaali is treated as a very sacred and it symbolizes life and strong family bonding. Towards south India, the thaali is more sentimentally preserved, divinely respected and cherished by all married women through out their life. 

Entering into a marriage relationship and sacredly preserving that bond till the end of life is one of the unique specialties of Indian family system. This thaali worn by Indian women is discarded only at the demise of their husband according to various caste rules. 

At the time of south Indian wedding, there is an important ritual called mangalya dharanam (wearing the mangalsutra), wherein the mangalsutra is tied around the bride’s neck with three knots. In some traditions the groom ties the first knot and the rest two are tied by the groom’s sister. The significance of joining of the beads in one string in the mangalsutra is that, ‘just like each and every bead makes a contribution in the aesthetic necklace, the woman has to blend and integrate into the new family’. Considered auspicious for married women, mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers. Each of the black beads in the Mangalsutra, signify protection from evil power and are believed to protect the marriage of a couple, essentially the life of the husband.

It is the prerogative of the married woman. A red dot on the forehead is an auspicious sign of marriage and guarantees the social status and sanctity of the institution of marriage. The Indian bride steps over the threshold of her husband's home, bedecked in glittering apparels and ornaments, dazzling the red bindi on her forehead that is believed to usher in prosperity, and grants her a place as the guardian of the family's welfare and progeny.
The area between the eyebrows, the sixth chakra known as the 'agna' meaning 'command', is the seat of concealed wisdom. It is the centre point wherein all experience is gathered in total concentration.The red 'kumkum' between the eyebrows is said to retain energy in the human body and control the various levels of concentration. It is also the central point of the base of the creation itself — symbolizing auspiciousness and good fortune. 


Bangles or Churi (Tamil: Valayal, MalayalamVala, Nepali: Chura) are traditional ornaments worn mostly by South Asian women, especially Hindus. They are worn after marriage to signify matrimony. 

Sindoor is traditionally applied at the beginning or completely along the arting-line of a woman’s hair (also called mang) or as a dot on the forehead. Sindoor is the mark of a married woman in Hinduism.

Is a traditional red or orange-red colored cosmetic powder from the Indian subcontinent, usually worn by married women along the parting of their hair. Usage of sindoor denotes that a woman is married in many Hindu communities, and ceasing to wear it usually implies widowhood. The main component of traditional sindoor is usually vermilion.

A version used in Hindu rituals or puja is known as Kumkum. This also lends itself to the name of a wedding ritual in some Hindu communities, known as 'Haldi-Kumkum'. The sindoor is first applied to the woman by her husband on the day of her wedding. After this time she must apply this every day herself in the parting of her hairline.

The red sindoor is significant for the married woman as she full of colour, when she becomes a widow she adopts the white dress and removes all colour from her face including the bright red sindoor. 

After widow the wife becomes vidvah and removes the sindoor. In Hindu culture, the tradition of wearing Sindoor or vermillion is thought to have been prevalent for more than 5,000 years. According to the Legends, Radha the consort of Lord Krishna turned the kumkum into a flame- like design on her forehead. In the famous epic Mahabharata, Draupadi the wife of the Pandavas wipes off her sindoor in disgust and despair at the happenings in Hastinapur. Use of Sindoor is very widely mentioned in The Puranas, Lalitha Sahasranama and Soundarya Lahari.
Sindoor expresses a woman's desire for a long life for her husband. A woman's initial experience with the sindoor is during her marriage ceremonies. The display of the sindoor is also considered very important to indicate the married statues of the bride
Adi Sankaracharya writes in Soundarya Lahari

"Tanothu kshemam nas tava vadhana-saundarya lahari. 
Parivaha-sthrotah-saraniriva seemantha-saranih. 
Vahanti sinduram prabala-kabari-bhara-thimira-. 
Dvisham brindair bandi-krtham iva navin'arka kiranam"

(Oh mother, let the line parting thine hairs, Which looks like a canal, Through which the rushing waves of your beauty ebbs, And which on both sides imprisons, Your Vermillion , which is like a rising sun, By using your hair which is dark like, The platoon of soldiers of the enemy, Protect us and give us peace)

"Toe Rings"

In India, toe rings are considered of great social significance and are regarded as an essential accessory for the married women. Wearing of toe rings is practiced in India. It is worn as a symbol of the married state by Hindu women and is called bichiya in Hindi, Mettelu in Telugu, Metti in Tamil. They are usually made of silver and worn in pairs on the second toe of both feet. 

There is a special ceremony performed for wearing toe rings at the time of marriage. Along with other symbols of marriage toe rings are also a traditional symbol of marriage. As toe rings are a symbol of married status, according to the Hindu culture and religious beliefs the unmarried girls are prohibited to wear toe rings. 
"Nose rings"
In certain Hindu sects, a nose ring is referred as ‘Nath’ is worn during marriage and is a symbol of married woman. Nose stud is widely worn in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu and in parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, by both married and unmarried young women. It is known as ‘mookkutthi.’ In some instances, women wear nose stud on both the wings of their nose. In some Hindu communities, the nose stud is not removed and it is a symbol of married women like sindoor and mangal sutra and is an essential part of Shodash Shringar or Solah sringar - the sixteen beautification processes of a bride. Piercing left side is preferable in North India and the right side is pierced in South India.The left nostril is the preferred position for the piercing as Ayurvedic medicine associates this location with the female reproductive organs. It is supposed to make childbirth easier. Nath or the nose ring completes the look of the bride, making her look traditional and ethnic. Made of gold, it is generally worn on the left nostril and is supported by a gold chain, which extends just behind left ear.

Ancient Sanskrit texts talk about the concept of Sola ShringhaarFor an Indian bride, the wedding day is the most important day of her life. Most of the girls in our country have lots of dreams for this day, since it marks the beginning of their journey into womanhood. 
Sola singhaar is sixteen items with which every woman should adorn herself as it is deemed to be important that she always looks at her best. The sixteen items adorn all parts of her body and are the bindi, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, flowers in the hair, rings, bangles, armlets, wristbands, ankle-bells, kohl, toe rings, henna, perfume, sandalwood paste, the upper garment and the lower garment.

Kajal or kohl is one of the most popular solah shringar. It is basically applied on the edges of the upper and lower eyelids, enhancing the bride's eyes and making it attractive and appealing.

After the face, next comes the neck of the bride. It is adored with beautiful haar or necklace, which is usually made of gold and embellished with diamonds, pearls or stones.

Karn Phool
Ear rings or karn phool adorn the ear of the bride. Mostly, the ear ring flaunted by the bride is made out of gold and is extremely beautiful and heavy.


Mehndi signifies the essence of love in wedlock and is essentially applied on the hands and feet of the bride, to strengthen that bond of love. It is one of the most special pre-wedding rituals in India.

Bridal Dress
Made in bright bridal colors, such as red, maroon, gold or green, bridal dress comprises of saree, lehenga and salwar kurta. It truly brings out the eternal beauty of the bride.

"The Current Scenario- Introspection & Conclusion"
The concept of wearing a mangalsutra has changed considerably. It is more of a fashion statement than a symbol of marriage, thanks to modernization. With the progressive times, the wearing of mangalsutra in working women has considerably reduced. There is also a marked change in the style and making of mangalsutra over the years. 

Bindis are not as fashionable to the younger generation and are often worn only on formal and traditional occasions now. 

Methods and styles of applying the sindoor vary from personal choice to regional customs. Recently a triangle shape on the forehead pointing to the nose has beome popular added with a diamond bindi for fashion is being worn by younger women.

In todays times, toe rings are no more used as a traditional ornaments. They are found even in the western countries and have become a great fashion accessory of the modern era. In the western culture toe rings are mainly a fashion statement to decorate the feet.

None of the five signs of a married woman are seen these days, unfortunately. Not even sindoor, mangalsootra nor bindi. The main maangalyik marks. :-|

I believe in feeling the essence of all the rituals and beliefs, unfortunately it is less seen in this generation, thanks to modernization and the changing trends. 

Be proud of being what you are and from where you belong and strive to keep up to what is being followed rather than catching up with new trends.

Born Indian? Then BE an Indian! :D

By a true Indian!

26th October 2011
Happy Diwali!:)