August 7, 2011

Integro-differential Crap !

Disclaimer: I shall summarize in bullet points!
·         This isn’t a guy-biased or a gal-biased post!!
·         Just an eye-opener for Generation-X !!! :-P
·         The following ‘gyan’ I have gained due to my efficient observing and counseling skills! :-D :-P
·         And No, as you suspect, I’m not in love! Nor am I against it !! :-P 

“ I heard you’re good in algebra!
Can you substitute my ‘X’ without asking ‘Y’ ??!! ”  ;-)

“ Love is like ‘π’, natural, irrational and very important ” ;-)

A says to B, “I want you to be a CONSTANT(k) in my life !!! ” :-P

“ A disappointed love life = Expectation/ Reality "

Well well well !! You must be wondering what this post is all about!! Not to worry I have a hell lot to offer here !!

I fail to understand why people in “louuvveee” put up their relationship status as “In a relationship”(ok, understood) or “It’s complicated”( ??? )

Why is it complicated ? Whhhyyyyyyy ???

When you fall in love. You are happy. You meet daily, text daily, talk daily!
Texts like “Baby....You’re the only one for me…My life is incomplete without you” :-P
This is roz ka drama !! :-P

Movies, Malls, Masti, Magic- That becomes your life! Sad, your months’ salary gets dissolved in these things!

She wouldn’t watch action movies! So, that’s ruled out buddy! He might be forced to watch a chick-flick after getting a huge hole burnt in his pocket!
Guys aren’t even allowed to LOOK at a hot “Maal” standing beside! :-P

(Tch tch tch!! I pity you guys, seriously :-P )
I’m sure you might be thinking, “Kaash! Kaaassshhh ! Mai single hota !! Chudale ne jeena haram kar diya
And ofcourse, she might be on a “house arrest” ( big deal I tell you) on any India-Pakistan Final Cricket Match! :-P

Nevertheless, everything is "happy happy" and "nice nice" !!!! 
Dreamy, rosy and sugary!!
(this is all temporary happiness, I say)
Valentines day, Teddy Day, Chocolate day! :-/
Exchange of teddy bears, chocolates, cute-cute cards!!
Yes yes yes, we know it aaaall !!
There is give and take and (blah)^3 !!


But, what makes things worsen ?? Why does this ‘roothna’ ‘jagadna’ ‘manaanaa’ thingy come up ??!!
All the love stories we see in a film is until where a guy and a girl are in love, the same old family caste problem! With all the hungama and ofcourse a duet song and an item number in between at the end everyone is convinced! And it’s happily ever after!

Whoa whoa whoa!! “STOP !!! ”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking ? Is it really happily ever after ??

I see “LOVE” as a very, very “OVER-RATED EMOTION” these days.
It has become more of a thing to flaunt and show-off! :-(
It’s something like a big status, I tell you! “I have a boyfriend!.... Ohhhh!! You are STILL single?? :-O” [You get a look as if you are an extraterrestrial creature!!! :-/ ]

And the way I see it, it’s a very complex function!!! 

And it can severely complicate your life!
A never-ending, unsolvable, recurring, non-terminating, tending towards infinity problem!!! :-P

It is said add your happiness, minus your pain, divide your problems and multiply your love!

But is that really happening ??
It ain’t like the good old days anymore!
Where love was just a true deep meaningful devoted sacred emotion!

I’m sorry, but I’m not here to solve your problems, my friends! The root cause(cube root or square root :-P) of such problems may be many, but let us not get into it!
And as I perceive things I have come to a conclusion that


And hence now you might get hold of ‘why’ this post and why the ‘name’ of the post!


Does every PROBLEM have a SOLUTION ??

Yes, you got me right! Its maths and all calculations I tell you. This is the CONCEPT behind love!
Every concept in love can be expressed in a mathematical form!
Exponentially! Parabolically ! Elliptically! :-P :-P
And please, lets not even get talking about integration and differentiation!

M.A.T.H- Most Awful Thing from Hell !!!!!!

I have seen people manipulate feelings! And trust me, that’s the worst part!

Manipulate mathematical outputs, not feelings!!
It’s like adjusting the decimals to get the right output! Sheeshh ! :-/

Everyone is a trained player these days. Experienced, knowledgeable, shrewd and clever!

I would conclude by saying:
> Life is very short! (Education takes up half of it :-/)
> Get your calculations right, rather don’t calculate at all !
> Your partner is a human being, not an experimental setup!
> Never get into time- pass/ short- term relationships!! => Reflects on your character! 
   [I'm sure you wouldn't want yourself to be tagged as "Dheela Character"]
> It's your life- Be crystal clear about your priorities!
> Be a one-woman guy/ one-man gal !!
> If you are not serious, don’t get into it !!
> Playing with a persons’ life is not cool !
> Never manipulate feelings!
> Don’t be too demanding!
> Keep that EGO and ATTITUDE aside willya! Phhuuleezzeee !!!
> Be honest, loyal and committed!
> Materialistic pleasures don’t last long!
>>> And keep it simple silly! :-)

It’s your life! Make it or break it! Its up to you!
Put your future in good hands, “YOUR OWN” !

P.S. - At the end of writing all this I feel as if I have done a Ph.D on Love, Life and Relationships! Life is a great teacher. I guess I have been an ideal student, and have done my bit, by learning a lot from what i see and feel ! LOL !!! :-D ;-D

P.P.S - Don't call me Dr.Love! :-P

07- 08-11
[ Happy Friendship Day 2 u all] :-)

August 6, 2011

Colliding Cogitations

Disclaimer: Given below are random and crazy thoughts of my hyper-active mind and is purely food for thought. Proceed only if you have an appetite for intellectual nourishment :-P

Will keep updating this post. So, keep yourself updated ;-D

1. Marriage is not just the union of two people. Its the union of two families.

2. Restrictions, we all have em, the sooner we accept em and start living with em, the better.

3. Rejection and dejection are a part and parcel of life, so if you ain’t faced it yet, you ain’t faced life yet.

4. Morals make a man! 

5. Any relationship is just like a chemical reaction. If it is feasible only then go ahead with it otherwise stop. As optimum pressure and temperature conditions are required for a reaction, so are the people concerned with you be willing for the change. Balance yourself and reach equilibrium with all conditions. :-P

6. Being extremely ambitious about achieving something in a short span of time brings nothing but disappointment, if the task is completed well and good, if not it feels pathetic!

7. Welcome to the big bad world. Yes, its full of morons and selfish beings! Argh!!

8. Ego ruins everything. EVERYTHING. :-/

9. When i say 'family', I just mean mom and dad. PERIOD.

10. Adjust, Adapt. But never compromise on your morals.

11. Possessiveness is a lovely virtue a man can have and the feeling you get, when you know that you are, taken care of, and are thought about is simply great.

12. Compromise on quantity, but never on quality.

13. Value people, their feelings, their time, their worth. Thats called "Being Human". #Straight.From.The.Heart

14. I strongly feel, sometimes chameleons are better than people, they change colour at a lower rate!

15. Smile! You'd never know whose falling for it!

16. Flirting is healthy, though i'd never prescribe it! :-P

17. When one wall is blocked, another is unblocked! #wrt.FB :-P

18. Life is short. Education takes up half of it ! #Truestory

19. You'd say i'm beautiful. I'd say, I'm genetically blessed! :-P 

20. I don't need you. You need me.

21. When you fall in love, you bloody forget all the crappy rules you'd set in your mind. #hate-mind-heart-games

22. All I need is a warm smile from you, for you to make my day. #heartbreak

23. Thank you for teaching me how to ignore people. #pissed

24. When you get something after too long a wait, it's like having an aerated drink without the fizz !!! #Rcvd.Bday.Gift.After(1.5)Months :-| :-|

25. I need my own space. Don't waste others' time for pointless chitchats. #Serious.Me.Speaking

26. Value others' time.

27. Time and Trust once lost, cannot be got back! #True.Story

28. Be courteous. Say "Thank you" or "Sorry" or "Excuse Me". It feels good. It doesn't mean that you are being formal.

29. My priorities keep evolving for good. #Sensible.Me.Speaks

30. Do not underestimate or overestimate me.

31. Don't act smart with me. You are sure to be in trouble after that!

32. When i think 32, I think serendipity! #The.Least.Interested.Will.Understand

33. Sometimes i feel numb. Saves a lotta trouble !

34. I think my heart is made of "Viscoelastic" material; it melts fast; but gets back to original state faster. #Never.Play.With.My.Feelings

35. Good Girl Gone Bad. #Doesn't.Apply.4.Me #Sorry.Rihanna

36. I'm down to earth but above all !! #That's.Me

37. Brainstorming. That's a part of my daily routine. #Power.Of.Thinking

38. When I mean it, I say it. #Expressive.Me

39. I cannot fake a smile or an emotion. #Genuine.Me.Speaks

40. Gosh! I love writing #Twitter.Style ;-) ;-) :-D :-D

41. If you love someone, make them felt loved. It's just one damn life and a short life span. Make the best of it.

42. You'd say i'm sarcastic or possess faltoo attitude. Yes! That's for people who are of the same kind and deserve that! ;-) #Evil.Laugh

43. I believe in customs, rituals, traditions. Never hurt the sentiments of people. Especially elderly people.

44. I'd like to have the last laugh.

45. Solitude gives me time and space to retrospect my life.

46. I avoid group-ism. It overshadows "my" presence in the group. #I'm.A.One.Woman.Army

47. With so much intellectual property. I feel stinking rich!! #WooHoo

48. You can remove a friend from Facebook, Twitter etc. But you can never remove her/ him from your heart. #Cannot.Format.Your.Heart

49. An awesome location, My canon, Solitude. #That's.Heaven

50. A hug from Dad. #That's.Heaven

51. A sound sleep on Mom's lap. #That's.Heaven

52. Exams. Assignments. Quizzes. Viva voice.#Hell ;-) :-P

53. My BFFs. #My.Guardian.Angels  

54. My BF. #Syntax.Error 
               #Function.Does.Not.Exist.In.Database ;-O ;-D  
               #Autorun/ Trojan.Horse- Scan system for virus :-P :-P

55. Love having a scintillating social life! #Celeb.In.Me.Speaks

56. You don't need a BF, when you have a BFF! #True.Story! :-D :-D

57. All you need is a word of support and comfort, during chaos and panic, after which everything seems to be jusssssssssssstt fine. #Feel.Good.Factors

58. If I marry a politician, I will be both, his internal and external affair ;-) #don' :P :P :P :P

59. Feelings change....Thinking changes.....Priorities change....Ideology changes....Goals in life change.....Driving force in life changes.....but most importantly, People change....Change...that's the only thing constant in life....What an irony!

#Thinking.About.The.Changes.In.My.Life :)

60. Life is actually simple if you do what you are ought to do and mind your own business....It's just the people who complicate it.... Its all about your priorities and perspective.

61. Money can buy you a house, not a home. #Thinking.About.Money

62. It's okay if you have a culture shock when you go to a new place, but what will be more shocking is if you became a part of it 

#Shock.Laga.Laga.Laga!!! #College.Culture.Sucks.

63. Android smileys remind me of Shrek!!! #True.Factu! :P ;)

64. I believe in Love. Not in Love Marriages. #Making.It.Loud.&.Clear

65. Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves! #This.Is.My.Life.NOW!!

66. I hate money. :O I wish I could buy stuff with other things! :( #THE.Necessary.Evil

67. My husband will be hand picked, not henpecked! #Being.ME! ;)

68. People are just people. Let them be the way they wanna be. You be the one you wanna be. It's simple. You get it? :-)
to be continued :-) :-)

#a-growing-deep-thinker :-)