February 21, 2012

The Expensive Taste

Hmmmm. Being a creative person since birth and also pertaining to the literary intelligentsia, makes me very choosy when it comes to taking decisions for myself. About what I eat, drink, wear, talk, feel and with whom I spend time with. A hug, a smile, the tiniest gesture, a word of appreciation, acknowledgment, gratitude, love, care, concern, trust, commitment is really what I yearn for. I believe in enjoying the small things in life. The rain, the sun and its warmth, the chilly weather, the sky, the clouds, the patterns made by clouds, shadows, reflections, mirror images, the symmetry in nature, the sunrise and the sunset, the texture of the grass, the sand, the waves, food, the wind on my face when i'm travelling by an auto, the trees, the shapes of the leaves, the birds, the flowers, the colours, the solitary electric pole, all the stupid- little-things around!! I make it a point to take out time and STOP for a moment to feel the things around me. Don’t be shocked if you find me admiring some inanimate object somewhere, I do it pretty often. ;-)

You know why I call this taste of mine EXPENSIVE?

That’s because, well, ask yourself, how many of you do it? 

Stop running. Take a break. Pause. Look around. Everything is so beautiful. Life is short, when are you gonna enjoy?   

Hard to believe that right? :-)

This is the kinda happiness that money can't buy, that’s why I call it The Expensive Taste. :-D

So stop being cheap! Have an expensive taste! ;-)

[And phuleezzeee!! I’m not a person on a champagne diet, with a beer budget! Sarcasm, intended ;-P]

Cheers!(to life)
21st February, 2012


  1. My favourite line " I believe in enjoying the small things in life"!!!really thought provoking article

  2. Yes divya this is very true...enjoy,full masti,dhamal yahi sab to hai life ka asli maja.
    it's a perfect note..:)

  3. Enjoying small things..hmm..so true ....But enjoying small things is a great art itself...u re lucky "u have that quality" ..:):)

  4. Firstly, texture of the grass, the sand, waves, and trees? We are not living in a meadow dear :P

    Hehe. Jokes apart! Yes, I do agree more with this post, coz "how many of you do it?".. I do it all the time :P So much that I ignore this world to dwell in that alternate reality Ask DR if you want! :P :D

    As always, I like the well put thoughts. And I like them more when they echo qualities that intersect my nature ;D Naaishhhh DM :)

  5. Ankita (Anon) :: Good to know. Thanks!! :))

    Abhishek :: :) Yeah!! Thanks yaar!

    Vishwas :: I'm just more- conscious about my surroundings! ;) Thanks!! :))

    Vam-seeee :: I meant "feeling the grass" during my morning walk! :-P "the sand and the waves" when I visit the beach; and "trees" it's all around. Open ur eyes and see, Vam-see :P :P

    :) :) :)

  6. rich post as always...!!!
    and babeeee, you do have an expensive taste...!!! :) :)

  7. well, rightly said divs.. !! its become uncommon now, to really notice and appreciate the small things in life..
    But i am not a part of the uncommon-crowd.. i am glad to have these small things around me.. it does add some perspective in my not-so-interesting life!
    And once again, thank you for this awesome piece! :-)
    Keep it going!

    P.S: your blogs are really a mood-lifter for me! Thank you! :-)

  8. The smallest things in life surprisingly give us much more happiness than the materialistic things in life. I do agree that it is an expensive taste for us people living in this time of humongous demands.

  9. yes divya, it is really expensive,i totally agree with you.

  10. Wow! That is a very nice way of expressing all your kutti kutti likings. I am really happy with myself for doing half the things you have mentioned there ;)

    Loved it DM <3

  11. procrastinatingdevilsworkshop :: Thanks!

    Ranj :: So happy to hear that. THANK YOU!!! :))

    DR :: Yes :)

    Mahalakshmi :: Thank you soo much!

    Bagya :: Thanks dear :)