October 20, 2011

Heart vs Brain

We all have conflicts with our family, friends and strangers. But the worst kinda conflict is the one within us. Especially the conflict between our BRAIN and HEART, when it comes to taking decisions!

Sometimes don’t you feel that the heart holds answers the brain refuses to see?

Or sometimes the heart really messes up situations?

The brain has a logical step wise evaluation of the problem but the heart uses an empathetic way of handling things, which in turn, most of the time complicates the situation, especially when its about "love"! LOL!!

Heart- “I want, I want!”
Brain- “NO! Don't you remember? Last time you got hurt!”

Heart- “You never listen to me!!!” :(
Brain- “Sometimes you gotta listen to me to save yourself!”

Heart- “Awww! That's so cool! :O”
Brain- “Oh man, that’s crap!!! :-|”

Heart- “I lub u!” <3
Brain- "Lub?? What on earth is that?"
Heart- "That's the rhythm of my life...lubb dubb.. lubb dubb...she's a part of my life <3 "
Brain- “Argh!!! Gimme a break!!!!”

Heart- “I melt when I see her! Awww!!”
Brain- “She’s just okay! Ah! I have better stuff to do!!!”
Heart- "When I see her...I..."
Brain- "Close your eyes, heart, you'll come crying to me later on...Argh!"

Heart- "In my honest opinion....."
Brain- "Please! I don't need your opinion. Your only job is to pump blood. Get down to business!"
Heart- " :-/ "

Heart- "I feel like talking to her!"
Brain- "No!"
Heart- "I gotta!"
Brain- "NO!!!!"
Heart- "To hell with you, i'm calling her right now!"
Brain- "Oh boy! When will he learn!! :-/"

I feel that, within ourselves, we have a counselor and that’s the brain, to every decision our heart takes, we must consult our brain too! The brain gives the heart its sight. But the heart gives the brain its vision.

You might say, "If my heart could do my thinking, would my brain begin to feel?"

Always go with your brain. A lot of people get into trouble when their emotions over power their intellect. 

Your heart may show the roads in life you can take. 
Your brain, however, tells you the roads worth taking.

Falling in love is like falling from a really tall building. 
The brain tells you its not a good idea. Whereas the heart tells you, you can fly! LOL!! That's why you should never let emotions take decisions...!!! :-D 

(For your own good) ;-)

P.S- Wherever you go, follow your heart, don’t forget to take your brain too. :-) :-) 
P.P.S- Dil pe haath rakhke bol, "Aal izz well" :-P

Heart-Break-er-Brain-Storm-er :-P


  1. Okay that's a brilliant write up div!

    The heart showing of the roads and the brain judging the best path to choose is probably one of THE best lines I've read on your blog. (Took it purely in philosophical context. 0% to do with falling in love) :D

    Yes, it is rather amusing a battle between heart and the brain. We just have to know the when to listen what among the two and yes this even applies to falling in love that you are talking about :)

  2. Heart- “I melt when I see her! Awww!!”
    Brain- “She’s just okay! Ah! I have better stuff to do!!!”

    ok understood

    tall building fly fly :P good point, again understood :P

    excellent blog . one of best not because of creativity (its really good creative wise too, as usual amazing work drama queen ) but this blog would be like a bible to me every time i think about falling in love :P also cleared few confusion i had .was asking its opinion on community and i got it here . can i get a doc version of it plz :D:D

  3. only problem i guess is eyes are directly connected to heart . so when u try to go against heart, eyes cry .

  4. VeeKay :: Yeah Vamsi..!! Since a long time i wanted to write about this, found time only now to do so!! Elated to get ur comment and happy to know that u liked it..!!
    Thanks a ton..!! <3 :-D :-D

    Aloo :: Haha wow...Bible for u!! Great :-P Thanks a lot!!

    Vishakha :: Thankuuuuuuuuuuu :D

  5. Too too good divs!
    Whenever my brain dominates my heart, everything seems Perfect!

    Post is awesome and your writing is of first-class <3
    And those pics are soo damn cute :D

    With love,
    Your fan ;)

  6. Bhagya :: Yaayyyyyy...Thankuu :-D <3

  7. OMG... seriously, its a scripture from the holy bible [of love and emotions] for the people who think with heart and feel with brain...!!!

    good JAAB divs...!!! ;) :P :P

    kaafi DENSE material hai... :P :P :P

  8. Loved it Divs! I liked it especially coz you brought in humor! I guess its just a hard fact that the brain is the radical one and the heart is the maudlin one. :)

  9. that really provoked some serious thought process.....sure my brain loved it...:)....i am not sure i can truely agree with your thoughts,that was a good read(my brain and heart together said that)...

  10. MSK :: Whoa!! Thank you! Elated to know that! :-D :-D Thanks for dropping by! Good day!

  11. awesome yaar outstanding....keep them coming....great comparison..

  12. this is a wonderful article div
    u rock

  13. This one is fantabulous divya,It was my kinda article ....will luv to see more of ur views of these kinds of topic ...:):)

  14. Shivankar :: thanks yaar!

    Vishwas :: Hehe... :):)

  15. Both funny and true. You are a brainy person i feel. i WILL AGREE wid u that perhaps it is best to listen to the bran than to fly from a tall building.After reading, i was very curios to know what happens if both the stupid heart & the intelligent brain are in sync ???. I guess, ALLL WILL be WELLL. :-)
    PS : i appreciate the choice of font for this blog.

  16. Anonymous :: R!! This is your second comment on my blog! Thanks!! :) I guess my heart and brain are in sync, and most of my decisions are made based on broader outlooks, long term plannings and feasible and practical plans. But yes, as you said i am a brain dominated person! I love the font too! Thanks a ton!!! :))

  17. heart is not rational....
    love is not rational either...
    life at some point never gives you no rational explanation.... especially when you are deciding about love.....

    if enough liberty is given to heart... you ll weep a lot... if heart has to make a decision, its always better to consult the brain for guidance....

    i am not saying that brain should win over heart.... but heart has to listen to brain sometimes....

    take care


  18. Awesome! Can I repost your pictures please? :)