April 27, 2013

Temple Run

Heyy Tasty Explorers!!! What be up? ;) Ever wondered what TEMPLE RUN teaches you? Have a look...
  1. When a monster is after you, run for your life! :P
  2. You gotta jump, turn, watch your head and "keep running"! 
  3. There's no stopping in life! :D Keep moving in the forward direction! 
  4. There's no option of even running (backwards) on the path you've already traversed in, in Temple Run. Because it's not possible to go back in time and redo what you did; moreover even if you go back there's this monstrous beast (even in the form of thoughts) which will eat you away! *nom nom nom* ;) :) :O
  5. While running if you have your eyes only on the money, you'll lose sight of your path; fall off a cliff and eventually die! :P Mind the gap! ;)
  6. Life offers you sudden and sharp turns and bends. Watch it pal! B-)
  7. You always gotta stick to the path, and get rid of the distractions in order to run an effective maximum distance.
  8. Life sometimes appreciates you when you do a commendable job! Collecting power-ups and other spawns is like getting compliments, perks and the "pat-on-the-backs" when you do a good job! :D
  9. There are daily challenges, there are weekly challenges! But hey, everyday is a challenge right? :)
  10. SOS! SOS!! SOS!!!! When you are in trouble, do ask for help! Green diamonds serve the same purpose!
  11. When you get a magnet you attract all the coins effortlessly! Well, in life, make sure you attract the good stuff effortlessly! :) :) Money is good. Use it in a good way for worthwhile stuff! :D
  12. And most importantly; now, the next time you play Temple Run, relate to my findings but don't forget to enjoyyyy the game!
  13. Last, but not the least; the idea is to break your previous highest score right? Similarly, you always gotta try and be better than your previous self, everyday! :) :) :)

    Cheers! :) Keep running, you tasty explorer!!!! :D :D