April 11, 2011

The Pain Chronicles

How does it feel
To sleep in pain
When all your efforts
Have gone in vain

Lying in the darkness
Listening to the rain
Trying to figure out
How to live with this pain

What has gone wrong
Why is this suffering
Destined for poor li’l o’ me !!

Not even gifted with a sound sleep
Having lost the will to laugh or weep

Life has become a sea of pain
And every moment agony
At this time
I must endure again, again!
It is a curse to have to be
And every moment agony
And every longing fixed on death
Why can’t I have a sound sleep
Like that of a new born baby ?

I lay on my bed
Trembling and shivering
Trying to distract myself
From the pain

I keep fighting for every breath
Unable to do anything at a stretch!

Eyes burn…
Hands shiver… Body aches…
Feels like I break a bone
Whenever I turn (On my bed)

Here comes the worst part
The medicines
Tastes even worse than poison

My veins have gone numb
Due to the needles
Poked cruelly
Every time
By the doctor

If death is better than suffering
Then why cannot I die. .
I want to die. . . now. . .
This very moment, this very instant. .
Can’t handle this pain any more
This weakness
This dependency on everyone
It is killing me every second
Burning me from within

Oh pain! Please go away !
Go away!
And come back never again!
Never again !
Never again !!
Never again !!!

April 6, 2011

Isabella Rose

Isabella Rose

This is a story…
About a girl called
Isabella Rose…
So…here it goes!

Isabella Rose !
Is her parents pet !
She grew up like a princess
In their protective net ! :P
Every evening,
She visits her granny
Granny in her eighties..
Loves baking chocolate chip cookies! :D

Every Sunday morn,
Isabella goes to the church.
And in the eve..
To the orphanage to visit the kids!
Isabella Rose,
Has a heart of gold !!

Her hair so curly,
Like a delicate tendril.
Her skin so radiant,
Like the glowing sun.
So perfect! her smile..
With all her teeth in line. :P
So perfect her eyes,
A glance for which
Every guy would die!
So tender her lips,
Like the petals of a rose !
Her face
So chiseled
Sculpted to shape
Isabella Rose
The dream girl of every guy
Isabella Rose
Oh! Isabella Rose !!

There she goes..
Isabella Rose !
Stepping outta her pearl white palace.. :O
In a red gown…looking like a dazzling diamond !
Steps into her black limo…
Making the other girls go green
And all the guys pink ;-)
There she goes
Isabella Rose !

The most talked about girl
In the town of Rome
Isabella Rose !
In her stilettos ;-)
As mentioned before :P
Tip toes into her limo…
In her flaring red gown :D
Goes to the ball into the dance hall
Dances with joy and elegance !
Angels descend from heaven..
To see this alluring sight
Oh! Isabella Rose!!
Whose heart hasn’t she stolen!!

She has the looks to crave for :O
Wisdom to talk about !!
She is a deadly combination
Of both beauty and brains
Isabella Rose
Her charm, ah !
The laurels she’s brought to Rome
Oh! Isabella !
Hails from the richest family
In Rome
But the most down-to-earth person
Isabella Rose !!
Hats off to you !!

Isabella Rose
So calm and serene
Would she be
An incarnation of a fairy ??!!
People often ask…
“Is she real?? “
Oh!! Isabella
You manage to amaze us aaallll the time!  :)

4th April 2011