March 20, 2011

From Dilemma ~ To Decision

The little Indian girl
She sees her life...
Molded by traditions,
Governed by priorities,
Restricted by thought.

She, is in search of her soul mate..
With her eyes closed
Yet wide awake
What people need
Is an insight
Of her plight!

What is considered, bad, is not actually bad !
And what is good, is not all that good !
How it is to kill
Her feelings for the one she loves,
Because of some damn rule
Hindu, Christian and Muslim!!
OMG !!!
An ever changing opinion!
Always a hot topic for discussion!
Sometimes is said, we all are one!
LOL !!
But when it comes our own life!
One is considered superior, over the other..

As she stands on a cross-road
Always having to choose
A different path

What kind of indifference is this?
Where she has to think twice
Before loving a person
Of a different caste or religion
She always has to think
About the consequences
No! This is not a sin, neither a crime!
But, she will lose her kins
Due to the totally unexpected and
alarming situation

To love someone, is just to love someone
Have you ever had the feeling of
Falling head over heals for someone ;-)
It’s only about
Following your heart
There HE comes
In a flash!
And swipes you off your feet! (Woohoo!!! :-P)

But who’ll understand her grief
She is torn between two sides
Unable to decide
Her wish just remains a wish,
An unheeded wish

It’s when she sees him, and just him,
Just as an individual, a great soul
In want to share her life with him
She is blind to differentiate
Between a Hindu/ Muslim/ Christian!
It’s easy to say...
Dreams are free, so free your dreams!
I’d rather say!
Stop dreaming, wake up!!!

People are not ready to move on
And don’t let others too!
India’s specialty also
Remarks the prevalence of
Narrow minded and stubborn people

Tortured and tormented
By the very thought
Of betraying her kins
Saddens her
She decides to go with her family
The unconditional love from her parents
Is something she’ll never forget
So finally this little Indian girl
Does what she’s "supposed" to do
Gets married to the “CHOSEN ONE”
Lives happily ever after
But resolves in her mind
To give this freedom to her children
Love is a universal feeling
Love sees no caste or religion
Love has no restrictions
Of course, some rules are meant to be broken ;-)
Life goes on
And she lives with a hope that
At least this dream of hers comes true.

February 2010

March 9, 2011

My Train Journey

It feels so wonderful..
To be on your own..
All by yourself..
In the train..
Swaying to the beats of the train..
I amongst the unknown crowd,
With an eye on my luggage..
And the other on my novel.. 

The solemn music of the train..
The rhythm, the pattern..
The feeling of the strong
wind on my face,
so prominent, just
like a splash of water!

I in my cozy window seat
It’s so exciting
After all it's 
My train journey after a year

Luggage stacked overhead
In a row,
Fans not working,
Tubes flickering,
No messaging! (Due to no network :-P)
The Indian railways is
Always so amazing

Ah! The smell of different eatables!
Vendors walking past by..
Other trains speeding by..

At last comes a station..
I see people searching for known faces…
Curiosity brimming.. Searching...
I as observant as ever
Listening to people talking and gossiping
Sometimes even eaves-dropping!!

Thinking about my journey
Having mixed feelings
Of the sadness of leaving my friends behind
Accompanied by
The happiness of meeting my kins..

People in the train of different
Caste, color and language
All seem to be ONE

Indeed! India has a rich culture
I could keenly sense it 
The oneness amongst US
Is so wonderful

Sometimes small journeys
Can prove to be
Great thought provokers
And we need very little inspiration
To spill our thoughts
And this great feeling
Has brought out the
Hidden writer in me :-)

Kovai Express