March 9, 2011

My Train Journey

It feels so wonderful..
To be on your own..
All by yourself..
In the train..
Swaying to the beats of the train..
I amongst the unknown crowd,
With an eye on my luggage..
And the other on my novel.. 

The solemn music of the train..
The rhythm, the pattern..
The feeling of the strong
wind on my face,
so prominent, just
like a splash of water!

I in my cozy window seat
It’s so exciting
After all it's 
My train journey after a year

Luggage stacked overhead
In a row,
Fans not working,
Tubes flickering,
No messaging! (Due to no network :-P)
The Indian railways is
Always so amazing

Ah! The smell of different eatables!
Vendors walking past by..
Other trains speeding by..

At last comes a station..
I see people searching for known faces…
Curiosity brimming.. Searching...
I as observant as ever
Listening to people talking and gossiping
Sometimes even eaves-dropping!!

Thinking about my journey
Having mixed feelings
Of the sadness of leaving my friends behind
Accompanied by
The happiness of meeting my kins..

People in the train of different
Caste, color and language
All seem to be ONE

Indeed! India has a rich culture
I could keenly sense it 
The oneness amongst US
Is so wonderful

Sometimes small journeys
Can prove to be
Great thought provokers
And we need very little inspiration
To spill our thoughts
And this great feeling
Has brought out the
Hidden writer in me :-)

Kovai Express


  1. You've described the train journey in such a sweet manner dee. :) It reminded me of those trips from Vellore to Hyderabad.. :)

    PS: Don't read books when the train is in motion. Your sight will increase :P :D

    1. Thanks Vamsi !! :-)
      Ok !! No more reading during travelling !! :-D

  2. Its been ages since I travelled by a train :( Your poem made me realise that Im missing all those kutty kutty funs..such a nice poem it is ;)

    1. Wow !! I didn't know that my scribbling will make such an impact on u !! :-P :-P
      but yeah.. its fun travelling by train !! :-D
      Thanks dear !! <3

  3. Awww..That was a really cute poem! I've been on the Kovai Express a gazillion times, yet the beauty of the travel never crossed my mind :/

  4. the nuances of a "typical" traveler's mind have been well captured....good one!!!!!

  5. It was a sheer great poem. Subject was really interesting. This actually made me remember my trip Chennai to Cochin. I had a official trip to Cochin for two months. They sent by Kingfisher. got three days leave in middle (strike + week off). Suddenly thought of see my people. so i was returning by train, unreserved compartment, no seat, sat on the entrance, seat was news paper, had a chat with many people. I was very happy compare to air journey. Divya! you made me remember all these. thank you :)

    1. That's great...It feels great recalling all these things which happened to us in the past...Often small things like this give us more pleasure than any other thing! :-)

  6. It was good. The best part is the simplicity of the writings. Thoroughly enjoyed it..

    To say on the lighter vein, tell me something.. You said you are as observant as ever. So what are you doing with the novel ??.
    But this one, like your other blogs (but for one) is really wonderful..
    PS : I'm becoming fan of your writings. I'd be really interested to read your future blogs.. Good luck. Cheers

    1. Thanks a lot! Hmmm, and i'm observant as ever as well as reading a novel and both are possible at the same time coz of a simple reason ::: i can multitask !! :D

  7. superb yaar excellent use of words . beautifully described a train journey . felt like i was in a train . carry on ur great work