December 30, 2020

Now I am Awake

For years I have been in slumber
But now I am awake
The clock ticks slowly and I hear it now
For goodness' sake, now I am awake

Pop! Goes the bubble
At the onset of trouble
What is it that we seek?
Yes it is, yes it is...
Another bubble to fall asleep.

But the churning mind causes agony
With that how can I, be at ease?
With spiritual knowledge residing inside
The shambles cease to exist
For now, my long long nap is done
For goodness' sake, now I am awake!

When pain shakes you and wakes you up
The deceitful hibernation ends
And then you realize, what a game it was
It's time to make the mends

Validation, I shall never seek
Into infinity, I got to peek
What an amazing day it was
The most amazing of all feelings
The purest of all emotions experienced
This is what I was craving for
For goodness' sake, now I am awake

Now that the fog has cleared
The road ahead is seen
I'm no more gripped by fear
I unfold quests, as I steer
On experiencing life, I'm keen
Serenity is clearly felt and seen

Searching here and there for bliss
But it was never found
Until that day, when I found my way
To a place within, deep down
The best place to live is in my core
And now I lie torpid no more