February 3, 2013

Roots & Wings

Our value systems are changing. Our choices are changing. Our lifestyle is changing. OK. What are you gonna say now?! Change is inevitable? Yeap! :)

Our grandparents' generation was different. Our parents' generation was slightly different, I feel. Our generation, (sadly) is starkly different (there are exceptions, DEFINITELY). When I think of how my next generation is gonna be, it scares the hell outta me!!! (can it get worse?? :O )

The valuable info being transferred from one generation to the other is not being retained in the next generation, rather is being depleted! :P There's more disbelief, than belief. More atheists, than theists. More Pitbull fans, than MS Subbulakshmi fans! Hahaha! Just kidding! LOL! ;) ;) 

WHAT IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR? Rather, need(s)? It's not a one stop solution.

Parenting plays a major major role in the upbringing of a child. Good parents give their children roots and wings- "roots" to know where home is, what our core values are, what our traditions are, what is and what's not, what's to be done and what not; and "wings" to fly off and become independent, confident, smart, worldly wise whilst keeping in mind what has been taught to them and practice it wherever they are, home or outside, whether under supervision or in circumstances of total independence; anywhere, everywhere and then, return home, one fine day. :) :) This is the need of the hour, good parenting. Nourishment at the roots to produce beautiful shoots! :D :D  

I will always be highly indebted to my parents for making me the person I am today and what I am today is totally because of their fantastic value system and upbringing! Love ya mom and dad! <3