July 2, 2013

Hi; Hi | Hru; Gud. U? | Gud. Ttyl | Bye

In the good old days keeping in contact demanded a lot of effort because of the modes of communication that existed; writing letters, post cards and then going to the post office buying stamps and posting them, making calls from a phone booth... Long distance communication took effort. And, people were willing to go an extra mile (literally) for it! :)

But these days in-spite of having so many modes of communication, the whole process doesn't seem to have substance... the content is really crap... it isn't serving any purpose. On a single click (rather touch ;)) we can make a call...send a sms... and now most of us use applications like WhatsApp which is a great tool for being in contact... We send Emails, use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. The internet has really been a boon to all of us. But still the quality of communication has decreased. Grammatically incorrect English is being used. There are brief conversations with actually no content. Example- the title of the post. :-P which is the sole motivation for me to write this post. That's the kinda conversations people have these days. 

The main reason for this I think is the surplus availability of modes of communication and the over-availability of people in these places. Always online. Ready to chat. But about what? Nothing. And then, to top everything these days we can even find out when the person was last online. This is total invasion of these modes on our privacy. :-P  

On a concluding note, I just want to say that I hope that even if people talk once in a while its fine but they should have something substantial to talk about and share rather than giving replies like "good"/ "fine"/"ok" for every question!

Go ahead guys and let me see you have a real conversation! ;-)