May 1, 2012

Love: A Deep Insight

Disclaimer: This post does not pertain to any specific kind of love; i.e. the love b/w parents- child/ husband- wife. It is about love in general. Love here is not synonymous to attraction/ infatuation. :)

Why do we start hating people?
Because we loved them, in the first place!
Why do we get angry at people?
Because we love them, in the first place!
Why do we get jealous when we see someone else replacing our place in their life?
Because we love them, in the first place!
Why do we fear losing a person?
Because we love them, in the first place!
Why do we get greedy for a persons' time?
Because we love them, in the first place!

Look around you, there is love everywhere. Love is in abundance. Feel the warmth inside yourself and embrace it. Hate, greed, jealousy and anger are nothing but distorted forms of love. 

Here are some questions on love I can think of! :)
  • What is love? 
  • Why do we love? 
  • How do we start loving? 
  • Can we stop loving a person? 
  • Why do we sometimes hate a person as much as we love them? 
  • Is it necessary for the people we love, to love us back? 
  • If they don't, does our love for them decrease? 
  • What if someone doesn't love you back?
  • What if people don't acknowledge your love?
  • Do you ask people whether they love you or not? 
  • Is it good to ask or not? 
  • Does love have to be expressed every time
  • Love, Expressibility and Masculinity- The Link?
  • Does love die, when a person dies? 

Here are my answers :)

  • Love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection. It is the unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another. 
  • We love because love is our very nature. Love cannot be known or understood. It can only be felt. It's a wonderful feeling- It nurtures you and the person you love. [It's like garam garam samosae on a rainy day ;)] Just like our body is made up of carbohydrates and proteins, we are made up of this substance called love. 
  • We can never tell when we start loving a person. It's an inbuilt auto- start thing. It's  something we cannot control and shouldn't even control, because it is best to be in our natural state. 
  • We can never stop loving a person, when something unfortunate happens our love for them distorts depending on the circumstances like- hate/ anger/ jealousy/ greed. 
  • Everyone fears rejection. Fear itself is the absence of love and rejection is a form of fear. It is very evident that because we care, we are concerned and we love them so much, and for whatever reasons, if things don't work out as per our wishes we start hating them because of dissatisfaction and sadness. We deviate from our natural state and no one likes turbulence when one expects a clear sunny day!
  • If we truly love someone our love for them will never decrease! NEVER! :) Though there are chances of it getting distorted to the other forms.
  • If those people don't love you back. It's okay. Life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs and there is always unpredictability. Give your best and be prepared for the worst. Anyways, you can always be sure of yourself and what you feel and in no way control what/ when/ how others should feel. Come to a truce with it and learn to let go. Accept reality instead of building castles in the air.
  • If people don't acknowledge your love, it is either because of their 'ignorance' or lack of expressibility. Well, such situations are hard to handle. Make sure that in such a situation your love for them does not distort to another form. Forgive and forget, be the bigger person. :)
  • It is not necessary that the people we love have to love us back. What is the essence of the love that is not pure and self- initiated? What is the point in forcing people to love us? If then, that is not the purest form of love.     
  • Don’t ask anyone if they love you – only fools ask this. Even if someone is angry, he is demonstrating love. Emotions like anger, jealousy, and greed are because of love. 
  • We cannot say whether it's good to ask whether they love you or not. Let me put it this way; If someone is sleeping, do you ask the person are you sleeping? If you do, then you have already woken them up!
  • Love if expressed everytime is excellent, but if not it doesn't mean it is absent. Again, expressing love is a capability that everyone is not blessed with. It varies from person to person. Some people are very vocal about it, some are not. Some want to express it, but they can't. Some don't want to because, they feel it's their private thing. Some express it like as if they are living in a fairy-tale. Haha! Well, it's everyones' own thing but one cannot question the intensity or the credibility of love just because of the lack of expression. Presence of an expression is like a confirmation but the absence of expression doesn't imply absence of love. 
  • It might be a common notion that women are more expressive than men. True. But men being expressive about their love/ being emotional doesn't make them any less masculine.  
  • Now, that's a trick question. ;) If the relation of love is from the soul then love exists beyond the boundaries of having a body which is dead or alive; it doesn't really matter. :) :) :)

      "All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name."- Andre Breton

      When you dive into the ocean of love; It's just bliss, bliss, bliss...
       May 1st, 2012


  1. Yesterday, I was thinking about relationship and love and many questions were there in my mind.Most of them were same as u have mentioned in this post.I guess, this post had cleared all my doubts :).Our views on love and relationship are almost same:).This post will surely increase ur fan following:D.You are always at your best when u talk about these aspect of life :D:D

  2. Divya your post on love is really touching to the heart...i am so surprised that at this young age u have a deep knowledge about is really amazing.. this post will help many people.. keep up the good work.. god bless u
    usha willy

  3. This post was like something straight out of a Woody Allen film (the ones he did back in the 70's):D This is what I thought when I first read this. :D Deep insight indeed. I've often thought about all these. It is one hell of a complex emotion.

  4. I agree to most of what you've written about expression of love, etc. However, I don't believe that love is tainted by malicious emotions like greed, selfishness, hate, etc, atleast that is the way I see true love as.

    I believe that love is an underlying divine quality that can be exhibited by all towards all but people fail to do so because above the pure love we taint our minds with other emotions like anger, hatred etc. I know as humans, all these emotions might seem so natural and intertwined with each other. However, I believe that (true) love exists independently of all the other emotions.

    As what is written in my Who am I post, I think upon elimination of the idea of all complex thoughts, emotions etc, I think the only thing that remains at last is the Self which can be synonymous with pure or divine love, which is universal between created(humans) and the uncreated (God), between mother and child, man and woman, and between all forms.

    So I think that people should yearn to seek that divine love trapped within the depths of their hearts.

    Nice write up DM :) Got me thinking again. :)

    1. Vamsi, glad to know your take on it. Thanks a lot. :)

  5. i luv dis one ... u r quite articulate in expressing .... very touching and straight frm heart

  6. Loved reading this lovely article on love written so lovingly. Keep writing...

  7. Love this theme / blog of yours divya.. Youse covered most of the questions and youse answered all of em'. I don't know if I said it before, but your style of writing reminds me of a great writer. :. As for love, you know as much as I do, it's the best thing to have,to it's best thing to be in. I read this o, will share it with ya...
    "A relationship is like a rose,
    How long it lasts, no one knows;
    Love can erase an awful past,
    Love can be yours, you'll see at last;
    To feel that love, it makes you sigh,
    To have it leave, you'd rather die;
    You hope you've found that special rose,
    'Cause you love and care for the one you chose."

  8. Nice One about Love .. keep up the good work..:-)

  9. Wow wow wow!!!! Such mature thoughts at such a young age!! You must be in your 20s I suppose??? Shows your mental stability, maturity and inner dynamism!!!! SO pure..Bravo girl! Bravo!!!!!

  10. 'Love'd it DM :D. I certainly agree that love is expressed in the strangest ways. It is not always being nice to the other person to show that you love them.

  11. Once we feel/experience the unconditional pure form of love, then living becomes a bliss bliss bliss everyday :)

    Love you and love your post on love <3

  12. :: 'L'ove :: A four letter word that gives 'L'ife to the wor'L'd..!!