May 22, 2012

The Brain Game!

Why do I think so much?
Why do I observe so much?
And then, I try and create analogies based on what I see, feel and observe!
Gosh! I guess this is something I can't do anything about! 

This is something I have observed in people and thought about, A LOT, the last four years, during my grad course. Here are my conclusions!

"People who rock at math, suck at drawing!"
Which gets me thinking, when they can do math, the complex stuff, why can't they do something that is so simple- drawing?? Drawing a straight line, a curve or a circle is so difficult?? Why???
You don't have to remember a formula to draw a circle! I mean, just take a pencil and draw the damn circle! :-P Why is it so difficult? Maybe, it is so difficult because it doesn't involve a formula! :-P Math freaks deal with complication with ease? Hmmm....I can't say that! ;)

"People who love math, hate biology!!!!!"
Yes, hate is the word! They hate memorizing the long words in biology, and drawings- they would gladly run away from those!!! I wonder why, when they can remember crappy formulae in math with so much ease, which looks impossible to remember! Why is it that biology is something they just can't do? Is it a mental block?  Or is it that they just can’t do it?

"People who ace theoretical subjects, suck at mathematical ones!!" 
Trust me, this one is a biggie! 90% of the people are in this category! If you are not, you are lucky! Why is that so?? You remember paras and paras of something so boring and reproduce the same thing in an exam but you can’t solve a simple set of equations which is logical?? I have friends who love maths, but when it comes to a theoretical subject you should see the look on their face! BUSTED! It's no less than a nightmare!

"People who manage to do fairly well in both, at the same time having a upper- hand in being either creative or mathematical!"
These are the people who I feel are gifted, because they can lay their hands comfortably both here and there. They might not be the best at it but they manage to pull it off well! 

·         Acing at a particular thing and (not- wantingly) giving your worst at another?
·         Doing fairly well in both?

All this made me want to know the reason why people are like this? Why can't people be great at both? I'm sure there are, but why is it a rarity? Is this to do with their genetic make- up? Or is it some kind of inability? The same logic can be applied to the way these different set of people react to different situations! Or even when they try to figure out a solution to a problem? Is it an intuitive thinking or a methodological way to tackling the problem? 

People often use their strengths everywhere they can! A creative person comes up with a colourful, exciting and a fun plan! A mathematical person may come up with something that has a lot of logic and something that has a higher probability of being successful which is absolute fun for him/ her. A creative one might say, it’s not about being successful, it’s about enjoying the journey or the way things are done! Some agree with both. Some apply both creativity and logic in their plans, and I happen to be one of them and maybe hence, I am thinking about all this in the first place! :)

 Scientists have explored theories about the two hemispheres of the brain and the ways that they differ in function and control of the body. According to the research, people who are right brain dominant and those who are left brain dominant process information and respond in different ways. And that is the reason for all this!

Have you ever been accused of being too analytical or do people say you're dreamy? Typically, dominant left brain students will be more organized, analyze information and process it sequentially, often cautious, follow rules and schedules, are strong in math and science, and can answer questions quickly.

On the other hand, right-brain students are the dreamers. They can be very intelligent and very deep thinkers—so much so that they can get lost in their own little worlds. They make great students of the social sciences and the arts, are more spontaneous than the cautious left-brainers, and they are likely to follow their own gut feelings. They are very intuitive and have great skill when it comes to seeing through lies or tricks.

What about people who are right in the middle? Students who are middle brain oriented can have strong qualities from either hemisphere. Those students can benefit from logic from the left and intuition from the right. That sounds like a great recipe for success, doesn't it? ;)

So which category do you fall in? Left, Right or Middle? :-D

May 22, 2012


  1. Good observation :) and a nice post :)I think I fall in the category of people who are right in middle :P

  2. Sis u r getting all scientific now a days!! i think dere shud b another set of people for whom both the hemispheres r dormant!!! i sure come under dat category!!!

    1. Don't be so modest Kunal! Tu toh child prodigy hai! I mean it! And above everything, your my bro, so ought to be the best at everything you do :D

  3. Very interesting post Divya. This right and left brainy topic has always fascinated me.

    Very humbly speaking, I am good at math that involves logic and reasoning, also at theory that involves remembering things, also at analysis and judgement of people, life events, etc, at creative skills which includes my writings and also at deep thinking of course, which is the basis for my spiritual endeavour :P :D

    Since I've been silent for majority of my life, I have done a complete analysis of my thought process, my likes and dislikes, tastes and interests, et al. In the process I've come to a conclusion that I use both parts of my brain pretty well except that I am not 100% perfect at anything. :)

    Thanks for the post. It was an ego booster :P

  4. Wonderful topic to write on. Whether our brains are wired a certain way from birth itself is something to think about. Although I would contemplate that experience is a major factor in determining which category you fit in, it is difficult to not attribute it equally to something which is innate. So, when I say experience I am thinking on the lines of which part of the brain were you 'required' to use the most? It might be a good bet to conclude that one would be a left/right brain person depending on which part of their brain they have had to most frequently exploit. Spilt out my perspective here. Very well written! :)

    1. Very True! Loved ur comment! :) Thanks DR! :)

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    1. Yes, I have an email subscription option.
      There's a box on the top RHS (right hand side) of my blog page. Enter your email address there and submit. You'll get my post in your mail as soon as there's a new one! :)

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      Anyways, thanks for reading my post and commenting! Good day to you!