July 8, 2018


Burnt in blaze of thoughts
Tarnished, scarred, charred 
Blown away to an island afar
Restructure the existing matter
Refuge in the big mind
Forget the brutality
Rise from the gutter
Make way for the empty space
This is where you belong
Come back to what is
Again and again and again
Come back home again, again
This is where you belong
At the end of this journey, nothing matters
Come back, brave one
Survive, fight
Come back
To the lap of peace and love
Surround yourself with the good
Let the light flow through you
Embrace the divinity within
Let there be peace
Let there be peace
Let there be peace

June 7, 2018


How does it feel when you lose a part of yourself into an unknown space?

How does it feel to live in-between hope and hopelessness?

How does it feel to live at a big loss and look forward to a bigger loss?

How does it feel when you yearn for something which you cannot have?

How does it feel to constantly think about someone closest to you, not anymore?

How does it feel to remember the good old times - feel happy and sad at the same time?

How does it feel to wait for the call you'll never receive?

How does it feel to erase the most memorable memories?

How does it feel to feel abandoned and stripped?

How does it feel to be challenged by love?

How does it feel to become at peace with the internal chaos?

How does it feel to not feel anything anymore ?

April 24, 2018

Learnings from a Rangoon Creeper

(A) Happy in our comfort zones, aren't we?

(B) Learning to co-exist. Yes, it is possible! 

(C) Will you bee my friend? It's good to socialize. :)

(D) We all are made up of the same elements. Deep down there are no differences.

(E) Be grateful to the support which you continuously get from your parents / siblings / spouse. This takes you up in life. But never go up to succeed in life by crushing others down.

(F) The circle of life - A bud, full-blooms and withering beauties. 

(G) Saviour the silence and alone time. It's necessary. 

(H) Sometimes you might look stuck. Well, at those times just enjoy the view from up there.  

(I) Make new beginnings with budding energy.

(J) Enjoy the limelight, love and attention. Don't forget to be grateful.

(K) Always see the bigger picture. Life is beautiful.  

July 5, 2017

The Dancing Dandelion

Oh golden glory
My dear slender tender
Your gracious swaying
Brims me with wonder
Like a ballerina in the ballroom
You, in your dainty way
Make me adore you more, day after day

The little lad comes and rubs his cheeks
against your furry golden delight
The brook stops to get a sneak
of your delicate rhythmic dance
Travelers, artists and poets are astounded
by your intense calmness

By representing the sun, moon and stars
you connect with the celestial bodies
making us ponder about the gross and the subtle
rekindling the thoughts of questioning our own existence

By depicting withering as a beautiful process
You strengthen people invoking hope
You shine along with the blazing sun
and show the way for a brighter perspective
yet to the chosen few, who have an eye to see this glory

Note to the reader: The dandelion is the only flower that represents the 3 celestial bodies of the sun, moon and stars. The yellow flower resembles the sun, the puff ball resembles the moon and the dispersing seeds resemble the stars.