May 21, 2016

An Ode to Silence

Silence is the song of the soul
What seems a gracious void, 
 makes you feel whole

Au revoir, unwanted impressions
the mind, a junkyard no more
The life force, an eagle, in its upward soar
Positivity, galore

Silence is the celebration of the Self
You are The Source
The all prevailing life force

Silence is total rest
A little time to accept the worldly pests
A fiesta, when we are put to test
Producing brave beings, whilst leaving the nest

Tears roll down the cheeks
Doesn’t mean you are weak
The heart brims with joy
Gratefulness becomes your inherent nature
Strong under cover, yeah! that's our stature

Karma cleansing, in progress 
So long - farewell, depression & stress
The mind is freed from its own mess
What follows is evidently success

Silence is the journey from
the finite to the infinite
from nothingness you gain everything

Meditation is the best mid-day meal
The end of silence, instills zeal
Repose in yourself, to heal
Worries et all, for you to seal
Consider this a spiritual deal

This post is a resultant of my experience at the Art of Silence Program / Part II Course offered by the Art of Living

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April 22, 2016

Marching ahead

Sadists with burning pots
Broken hearts; in abundance - dark thoughts
Some love less, some don't at all
Coated words, they proudly utter
False promises, they effortlessly mutter
They is probably everyone I know
Enough is enough, stop this show

A yardsticks' distance, must you keep
All they want is, for you to weep
Weep, weep, weep, until you cry out a sea
See you fall, on a pile of mud
Fall on your bottom, with a great thud

Who cares about what you seek?
Oh dear lord, I still wish to be meek
Help me lord, to rise above em all
Mind my business, amidst et al

Words - some nice
the rest coated with sugar and spice
To throw you away like a dice
No no no you ain't that weak
Shove em up, with all your fury
If you must, with great decree

The situation seems really grim
Use your judgment, to trim (people)
A relationship detox, is now a must
There is really no one you can trust

Truth when spoken creates commotion
Jealousy, hatred, insecurity and dismay
How can they withstand us, being gay
These are not the traits, of a true friend
Such relationships soon come to an end

People have come and gone
No one is here, to stay
It's better to anyway keep them, at bay

Thank you world for teaching me to lie
What was once tough is now, a piece of pie

There's just one person with whom I can be myself
That person is none other than my-self
Trust yourself.
Hate none though!
For the sake of humanity!
For the sake of humanity!!
For the sake of humanity!!!

Keep some distance and shut your mouth
Keep rowing your boat, making your own way
Be grateful, come what may
Keep marching ahead
With some hope, for tomorrow to be a better day

December 3, 2015


hello, you!
yes, i'm talking to you!
you ain't your name
you ain't the owner of all that fame
this, is a different game
you ain't this 
you ain't that
stop! introspect!
before you put yourself to shame
it's time, to go inwards
and travel deep
seek a world beyond
what you can actually see
hold my hand 
be ready for the leap
what you see (now)
is only what you wish to see
broaden your vision
come with me, lad
let me show you the creek
the flow is the only constant
observe and see
nothing stops
for you and me
nobody will stop
for you and me
time is the only spectacle
we are not mere puppets
i hope you realize this
before you kick the bucket
there's much more to achieve
whilst we are here
wake up my lad
this is not a dream
neither the greens and the gold
nor the cement and the stones
will give you what you want
take refuge in knowledge
the sole heavenly abode
trust me and the take leap
for it only can protect you
from any dreadful grey-storm
be it at dusk, noon or at dawn
knowledge takes you from
the dark into the light
from ignorance to glorious sight
the only true nurturer
in whose lap we must rest
this life after all, ain't a simple test
drop it all
before it drops you
i am the soul
a free spirit
living with glee
flesh and bones
that's not me
that's not me
that's not me

September 22, 2015

Sher Ali’s Story

They were very very poor, he said.

His mother used to wash utensils in bade sahab’s house and get the remnant food for her kids. They were 4 in number, Ali being the eldest. They all had to wait for 24 more hours for their next so called meal.

Their clothes were torn and stitched in patches by their mother.

They never went to school.

But their mother taught them well, whatever little she knew, and Ali’s attitude and broad mindedness reflected the way he recited his past to me. He was not sad about his childhood, but pretty composed and neutral while talking about it.

As Ali grew older he wanted to start earning to support his family financially, seldom knowing where to start, as he had no education at all and neither knew what his skills were.

By observing he understood people and their temperaments, he said.

After several struggles (which he didn’t tell me explicitly) he got into driving autos.

But he also said that he never remembered any roads or lanes, chowks or blocks. He just drove, drove like that for the past 17 years. (yes, he did have a license.) He said that he had a huge no. of clientele as he connected with all his clients and felt responsible for them until he safely dropped them to their destination.

This attitude of his literally blew my mind! I had never heard any driver say this!!

He also said that he loved talking and hated being quiet during the rides.

Only since the past 1 year he had started driving cars. He said that once he sets his mind onto something, he would have the fire within him until he was successful. He was driving a Toyota Etios now.

His determination was commendable!

He said that now he was really rich, he could buy a meal, a dress. These were big far-fetched dreams for him back then.

While he was talking to me, I received a message on my mobile, so my attention was there, he observed promptly and apologized for his chatter.

This again put me to awe as I didn’t expect such a courteous etiquette from a driver! I was stunned! He was quiet until I signaled him to continue his talk!!!

Ali continued by speaking about music; he said that he often heard old songs and that he related them with his life and found deeper meaning in it. He also said that they don’t make such good songs anymore.

He then said that he was fluent in Kannada and Hindi, and could manage Tamil and Malayalam. He also expressed his view on the few places he had visited in South India and shared his thoughts on the people there. To my surprise, it seemed to match with my own thoughts!! He spoke about the courteousness, unity, extent of helpfulness and the attitude of the people.

He also shared an embarrassing experience he had faced 6 years ago. He had to take a train to a particular place and instead of the correct train, he boarded the train that was on the other side of the platform as he didn’t know how to read. As time progressed he realized that he was going in the opposite direction, he got down and somehow found his way home. He said that he dreamed of taking a flight to Nagpur once but was scared to make the same mistake again.

This prompted him to ask me all about flight journeys and I with pleasure explained to him in the easiest possible manner whilst giving him a lot of analogies from day to day life about it, for him to easily relate to the process. He also asked me a lot of questions, a lot of relevant and sensible ones.

Could I have been more impressed!!!

My ride was coming to an end.

He finally said that he is married and has 3 children, and his wife left him a year ago. Though he tried a lot to bring her back, it didn’t work out. 

He said that he practically lived in this car, he would sleep when he felt sleepy and he would drive after that, eat whatever he found nearby and that was his life. His brother lived in the same city and often told Ali to come and stay with them. Ali said that he didn’t want to be a burden on him and that his brother was his own but his brothers’ wife and children were strangers after all, having their own life, struggles and activities. He fit nowhere in it.

I felt that his thinking on this whole situation was one of a matured person with great clarity. And there was a lot of truth in what he said.

He said that he often felt that he couldn’t do much for his parents and that his father loved to eat chicken. And now, every time he had chicken his throat chocked thinking about his father and he could never finish his order.

His deep love and attachment to his Late father was very touching.

I reached my destination, he stopped the car and apologized for talking so much and said that he liked talking to me. I told him that he needn’t apologize for anything and that I enjoyed the ride.

And that was all. He was gone and so was I.

But the impact he left on my mind was for quite some time....