May 4, 2013

Cancer - The Zodiac

1.                 Cancer is known as the peacemaker of the zodiac.
2.                 Cancer females are domestic goddesses who bond easily and separate with great difficulty.
3.                 Cancer signs can be summed up in two words: Family People
4.                 Cancer females are about the 3 Ms : Money, Marriage & Motherhood
5.                 Cancer: Emotional, Cautious & Reliable.
6.                 Cancer qualities: Fertility, Domesticity and Maternal instinct.
7.                 A cancer is very protective of their loved ones & act without a second thought for defense.
8.                 Cancer's have a personality that's magnetic on so many levels.
9.                 Cancer ladies are wifey material. Why? They're loving, caring, affectionate & sensual.
10.              Cancer women are here to remind us of the sanctity of family and the home.
11.              Cancer feels every emotion 100 times deeper than anyone else.
12.              If  Cancer were a thing, they would be the home, a shelter from the storm.
13.              If  Cancer believe in something they live up to it.
14.              Cancer hates crowds
15.              A  Cancer woman values family above everything else in her life.
16.              Cancer kids are those mature kids who act like a kid in a grown up way.
17.              Cancer will always choose family over ANYTHING & are very protective.
18.              Cancer remembers everything.
19.              Cancer appreciates the small things
20.              Cancer women are very loving. They want to hold you all day if they can. We love to hug.
21.              Cancer mothers make people without kids want to have kids
22.              Cancers are thinkers! No matter where we are, we are thinking, thinking, thinking..
23.              Cancer's love attention. They just want to be loved.
24.              Cancers are talented and creative which is why whatever they do will most likely turn heads. We put thought into our actions.
25.              A Cancer is good at listening and making others feel good.
26.              The best thing you could ever do is tell a Cancer how much you want and need them in your life.
27.              If you're having issues or simple problems, Cancer is the sign to go to for advice.
28.              Cancer thinks of their home as “nest” and believes it is the safest place for them.
29.              Cancer are shy and sweet. So sweet, they never see the bad in people.
30.              A  Cancer will try to save you from something even if you dont need saving. It's their nurturing nature!
31.              The  Cancer sign when in a relationship are loyal and find it hard to understand why people cheat.
32.              If  Cancer open up to you, then you're probably special.
33.              It scares everyone how much  Cancer care about you.
34.              Cancer are wonderful storytellers. Once they loosen up you'll enjoy listening to their funny anecdotes.
35.              Cancer females are very alluring. If you are lucky enough to catch a crab, you'll be hooked. There is a reason why 69 is their sign.
36.              Cancer, know the world is a fun place if you are brave enough to step outside your home!
37.              Cancer takes love and friendship seriously
38.              Cancers want to be able to depend on you.
39.              Nevertheless, listen to a  Cancers criticisms they are often accurate and will allow you to better yourself.
40.              The more  Cancer can count on you, the greater your reward.
41.              Cancers are upbeat, friendly, and devoted to creating meaningful friendships.
42.              Cancer value their family life more than any professional success.
43.              Cancers have a dynamic charm and are usually quiet and unassuming.
44.              Cancer is not ruled by a planet but rather by a satellite: the moon. It's responsible for their many mood swings!
45.              Cancer feels everything very deeply.
46.              Cancer love their home & will spend delightful hours furnishing it to their taste.
47.              Cancers are not afraid to fight for whatever they want.
48.              A  Cancer: Key phrase: “I Feel.”
49.              As a Cancer you are all about family, whether the one you were born into or the one you created over time.
50.              Make a wish near a Cancer that trusts you and you bet they'll try their hardest to make it happen.
51.              A  Cancer will not only meet your expectations, but we'll also exceed your expectations.
52.              Cancer woman love being protected by a strong male.
53.              Cancer is all about love, love, love.
54.              For a Cancer, security is a top priority. They are definitely strong and protective of home turf.
55.              Cancer is the warmest people you'll meet, always cracking jokes, complimenting you and always bringing a smile to your face.
56.              Cancers have very high expectations for ourselves and everyone else around us.
57.              Take care of Cancer, and they will take even more care of you.
58.              Cancer never allow anybody to disrespect their loved ones.
59.              What bestfriends love about Cancer are their trustworthy and honesty.
60.              Cancer are sensitive, they over think very little thing and they care more than they should, but that's what makes their love so strong.
61.              A  Cancer has no interest in making shallow, meaningless connections with people.
62.              Cancer likes a person who will take initiative and take the first step.
63.              Family will always be #1 to a  Cancer and that's something you just gonna have to respect.
64.              Sometimes Cancer fall too fast, crash too hard, forgive too easily, and care too much.
65.              Cancer's listen carefully and then decide.
66.              Because Cancer's are such emotional thinkers they often find themselves questioning their motives even if their intentions were right.
67.              A Cancer will not stay where they are not needed.
68.              Cancer doesn't care if it's 1am, 2am 3am, or 4am. If you call and they care about you... They will answer.
69.              Cancer try not to miss you, they try to let go, but in the end, you're always on their mind.
70.              Cancer's tend to not be very selfish as they put others before themselves.
71.              Cancers are willing to help in any situation
72.              Cancer are more attracted to interesting people rather than hot people.
73.              Being observant and clever goes a long way with a  Cancer.
74.              A  Cancer can make you happy without even trying.
75.              When  Cancer is mad, expect one word responses.
76.              Cancer can be very picky about few things. They have high standards.
77.              Cancer signs would rather stay in and be cozy rather than go out drinking.
78.              Cancer is happy at home, just spending time with the one they care about.
79.              Cancer are the type to stay by your side through the toughest of times when everyone else has walked away.
80.              Cancer need to make sure that the important people in their lives know they are important before it's too late.
81.              Cancer is not much of a follower. They accomplish more when they go solo. They just need the freedom.
82.              Cancer express their emotions in actions more than words. They can look completely annoyed and still will tell you they're fine.
83.              Never underestimate Cancer ability to find things out.
84.              Cancer builds a hard shell around their soft heart.
85.              Cancer are hard to fool. They are very good at picking up on what is really going on and putting together clues.
86.              As a Cancer your true drive is to provide something of real value.
87.              If Cancer text "K", it actually mean "I'm done talking to you."
88.              Cancer's can get caught up in the chase for finer things.
89.              Cancer's remember everything good and bad that you've done to them.
90.              Cancer could stay up all night just by letting their thoughts take over.
91.              When a Cancer is upset, our silence tells it all.
92.              Cancer deeply emotional. They use their instincts to sense the feelings and needs of others.
93.              Cancer would rather go through hell with you, than start over with someone else.
94.              Cancer get hurt more than they deserve because they love more than their partners deserve.
95.              As a Cancer you will sacrifice anything and everything for your family and partner.
96.              Cancer can go from loving you deeply to wanting absolutely nothing to do with you in just a matter of seconds
97.              If a Cancer gives you attention, respond to it. Don't ever take them for granted, and never ignore them.
98.              Cancer always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.
99.              Cancer are naturally free spirited people. Entertained and honest.
100.          Cancer want to know you'll choose them over others.
101.          Cancer forgive some people even if they don't deserve it, just so they'll continue to have them in their life.
102.          A  Cancer will refuse to part with anything which has any kind of sentimental value.
103.          Cancer needs a stable partner they can hold on to.
104.          All Cancer speak at least five languages : English, Profanity, Sarcasm, Truth and Love.
105.          A  Cancer like surprises, but only if they are pleasant ones and the timing is right.
106.          A Cancer will know a person better than they know themselves.
107.          Late night conversations are usually the ones that Cancer mean the most.
108.          Cancer truly respect the people who stay strong, even when they have every right to break down.
109.          Be supportive and give compliments to a Cancer. They need it terribly.
110.          Cancer's tend to not be very selfish as they think of others before them.
111.          It's not that Cancer are extremely emotional, it's that their emotions are deep and fragile and shouldn't be messed with.
112.          Cancer girls don't dress to impress boys, they dress to "out-dress" other girls.
113.          Cancer start where they are, use what they have, do what they can
114.          Cancer is driven by the need to look after things.
115.          Sometimes people will think a Cancer is holding a grudge when we've actually just lost interest.
116.          Cancer biggest mistake is that they avoid the faults of people they love.
117.          Cancer don't wish it were easier. They wish if they were even better.
118.          Cancer can't stand looking at people who break their trust.
119.          Cancer have too much pride to let you walk all over them. If they feel like they're not getting the respect they deserve, they're gone.
120.          Cancer girls can be sensitive but they are stronger than you think.
121.          Ignoring Cancer will get you nowhere but erased and replaced.
122.          As a Cancer, Your beauty comes from your generosity, your sympathetic nature and your realistic self-image.
123.          It takes a lot for Cancer to let someone it takes a lot for  Cancer to let them out.
124.          Cancer speak only when it is true, it is kind and it is necessary.
125.          To sooth a moody  Cancer, a slight touch on their shoulder or a concerned look is enough
126.          Cancer can be very nice, but they will never allow someone to disrespect them and get away with it.
127.          As a Cancer, in relationships you are affectionate, sensitive and loyal. You can capture the heart of many with so little time.
128.          Cancer always think of more clever things they should have said after an argument is over.
129.          Cancer hate leaving a bad argument without fixing anything. They want to be happy with the person.
130.          Cancer are never attached unless they truly love that person.
131.          Cancer will avoid conversation with you if they don't like you, but may still be polite to you, because they have class.
132.          Cancer can turn their heart cold as ice and be careless after having the reason to.
133.          Cancer’s are generous givers and humble and grateful receivers.
134.          Cancer hates hanging around waiting for things to happen.
135.          You miss  Cancer? But you're not doing anything about it...Sounds convincing.
136.          When a Cancer feels that something is going to happen, or instinctively "knows" what decision to make chances are they're always right.
137.          Sometimes Cancer wish they could hurt you the way you hurt them. But they know, if they had the chance to, they wouldn't.
138.          Taking a Cancer's kindness as weakness is the biggest mistake any person can make.
139.          Cancer are always silently correcting people's grammar...
140.          Cancer are probably the most quick witted, quick actioned, sarcastic people of the zodiac.
141.          Cancer can be tenacious, persistent and unyielding. What they want they tend to get
142.          Cancer observes everything but trusts only their gut feelings.
143.          Cancer seems to have two personalities. One is very outgoing, funny and quirky. The other is shy, moody and antisocial.
144.          Cancers like to be in control at all times.
145.          Cancer never responds to negativity or ignorance, they are not even worth their time.
146.          Appreciate everything a Cancer does for you. Even the little things. If its 1thing that irritates us it’s an unappreciative person.
147.          Cancer are nice people just trying to live life the best that they can
148.          Sometimes Cancer fear getting close to people because they think everyone will eventually walk out of their life no matter how close.
149.          Cancer are attracted by looks, but personality makes them stay.
150.          A  Cancer can always be seen standing by people in their time of need.
151.          Cancer waste no time with people who doubt their honesty.
152.          Not many people will win the heart of a  Cancer. When a Cancer picks a lover, it's a special moment.
153.          When Cancer texts you, it means they miss you.
154.          Cancers are constantly thinking about a million things at once
155.          Cancer are always the first one to make a move and last one to leave.
156.          Cancer gets irritated when they feel ignored and unappreciated.
157.          Best Relationship for Cancer: Talk like bestfriends, play like children, argue like husband-wife, protect like brother-sister.
158.          Cancer's cares deeply what other people think and feel about them.
159.          Love waits for one thing for Cancer : The right moment.
160.          Cancers have the ability to conform to circumstances better than most signs.
161.          Cancer funniness goes up 100% when they are around with their best friends.
162.          You will never regret loving a Cancer.
163.          Cancer are attached to the serious side of life, thinking it will help them accomplish their goals.
164.          A  Cancer needs constant caring, reassurance, and family support.
165.          Cancer are protective of their privacy that's why they double check every settings before sharing anything personal on the internet.
166.          Every man needs a  Cancer woman when his life is a mess.
167.          Don't cheat on  Cancer that give you their entire world.  

NOTE- This is a compilation of facts about Cancerians from various sources!


  1. Everything here that was said about cancerians is true

  2. Alright DM what about CANCER MALES? :) and how have you been ?

    1. I think most of em apply to both Males and Females! :-)

  3. It will be helpful if you specify which period refers to Cancer. I know I am a Gemini. I don't remember the period of other zodiac signs.

    1. 21 June - 22 July :)

    2. Awesome one divya....We are described perfectly in it....Cheers girl..!

  4. Same themes repeated over and over. This list could be decreased to 10ish. Waste of time reading the same thing every 11th point.

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