June 10, 2016

The Dilapidated Dustbin

A dustbin is probably the most ignored and ill-treated object placed at some corner of any place. We hardly even look at it, often just aim and throw stuff into it. Seldom do we realize the importance of it. It encompasses all the dirt and dust from all the other parts of the place. It is because of it that the other parts of the place are in the limelight.

Imagine a day without a dustbin, you can't just throw dirt outside the house, it is ill-mannered and unethical to do so and you can't indefinitely continue living in a dirty place!! This is something to think about.

The role that every object plays is important and it is not our prerogative to demean it.

Stretching this thought a little more, I would like to say that we must all keep a dustbin in our minds. If the mind is the floor, unwanted thoughts are the dirt, with the help of the broom of spiritual knowledge we need to cleanse it and remove those unwanted thoughts and put them in a dustbin.

A dustbin always says 'use me'! That should be our take-away from it. If you are able to say "I'm available for you. How can I help you?", I assure you that you are doing great in life by all means.

The dignified dustbin knows it's worth, but sadly to the world, it is a dilapidated one.

May 21, 2016

An Ode to Silence

Silence is the song of the soul
What seems a gracious void, 
 makes you feel whole

Au revoir, unwanted impressions
the mind, a junkyard no more
The life force, an eagle, in its upward soar
Positivity, galore

Silence is the celebration of the Self
You are The Source
The all prevailing life force

Silence is total rest
A little time to accept the worldly pests
A fiesta, when we are put to test
Producing brave beings, whilst leaving the nest

Tears roll down the cheeks
Doesn’t mean you are weak
The heart brims with joy
Gratefulness becomes your inherent nature
Strong under cover, yeah! that's our stature

Karma cleansing, in progress 
So long - farewell, depression & stress
The mind is freed from its own mess
What follows is evidently success

Silence is the journey from
the finite to the infinite
from nothingness you gain everything

Meditation is the best mid-day meal
The end of silence, instills zeal
Repose in yourself, to heal
Worries et all, for you to seal
Consider this a spiritual deal

This post is a resultant of my experience at the Art of Silence Program / Part II Course offered by the Art of Living

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April 22, 2016

Marching ahead

Sadists with burning pots
Broken hearts; in abundance - dark thoughts
Some love less, some don't at all
Coated words, they proudly utter
False promises, they effortlessly mutter
They is probably everyone I know
Enough is enough, stop this show

A yardsticks' distance, must you keep
All they want is, for you to weep
Weep, weep, weep, until you cry out a sea
See you fall, on a pile of mud
Fall on your bottom, with a great thud

Who cares about what you seek?
Oh dear lord, I still wish to be meek
Help me lord, to rise above em all
Mind my business, amidst et al

Words - some nice
the rest coated with sugar and spice
To throw you away like a dice
No no no you ain't that weak
Shove em up, with all your fury
If you must, with great decree

The situation seems really grim
Use your judgment, to trim (people)
A relationship detox, is now a must
There is really no one you can trust

Truth when spoken creates commotion
Jealousy, hatred, insecurity and dismay
How can they withstand us, being gay
These are not the traits, of a true friend
Such relationships soon come to an end

People have come and gone
No one is here, to stay
It's better to anyway keep them, at bay

Thank you world for teaching me to lie
What was once tough is now, a piece of pie

There's just one person with whom I can be myself
That person is none other than my-self
Trust yourself.
Hate none though!
For the sake of humanity!
For the sake of humanity!!
For the sake of humanity!!!

Keep some distance and shut your mouth
Keep rowing your boat, making your own way
Be grateful, come what may
Keep marching ahead
With some hope, for tomorrow to be a better day