May 21, 2016

An Ode to Silence

Silence is the song of the soul
What seems a gracious void, 
 makes you feel whole

Au revoir, unwanted impressions
the mind, a junkyard no more
The life force, an eagle, in its upward soar
Positivity, galore

Silence is the celebration of the Self
You are The Source
The all prevailing life force

Silence is total rest
A little time to accept the worldly pests
A fiesta, when we are put to test
Producing brave beings, whilst leaving the nest

Tears roll down the cheeks
Doesn’t mean you are weak
The heart brims with joy
Gratefulness becomes your inherent nature
Strong under cover, yeah! that's our stature

Karma cleansing, in progress 
So long - farewell, depression & stress
The mind is freed from its own mess
What follows is evidently success

Silence is the journey from
the finite to the infinite
from nothingness you gain everything

Meditation is the best mid-day meal
The end of silence, instills zeal
Repose in yourself, to heal
Worries et all, for you to seal
Consider this a spiritual deal

This post is a resultant of my experience at the Art of Silence Program / Part II Course offered by the Art of Living

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  1. Captured the silence in poem! Divya, Nice
    - Mouna

  2. :) :) :)
    Divs, I am smiling. And you know why :)
    The word silence gives me so much peace and pleasure.
    And every word of this poem gives me happiness. I could totally relate <3

    "What seems a gracious void
    makes you feel whole " Wow!

    Superb Divya!

    1. Bhagya! I'm so happy for you! Wishing you tremendous growth spiritually and lots of bliss! Thank you dear! <3

  3. Great topic to write on. Silence is like an oxymoron. One can speak so much about it. Your experience seems inspiring:) Super!

    1. Thanks Divya! Check out AOL Dresden Center. Would love You and Deepak to get a taste of this! Thanks! :)

  4. Now that's profound girl. I always believe silence is must for self- realization. And the three most important "S" of life i.e. Silence, Self-Realization and Success are interdependent.

    Divs...You are defying the old age logic that knowledge comes with age. :-)

    1. Yayy!! Thank you yaar! :-)
      Yes very true silence is essential for self realisation, the 3S you have mentioned are interdependent, I agree!
      I can tell you one thing for sure, knowledge comes to those who seek for it. Knowledge comes with thirst, and I'm always thirsty for it :-)
      We need The right source and I have found it. Unfortunately, there are too many unreliable sources these days.
      One fine day, I will share it with all, and make a difference to other seekers! :-D

  5. Divya...Your poem is an inspiration to me....because i have found that Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything.... it has a deeper meaning which is well expressed in your thoughts...
    You know...i discovered a feeling...while doing meditation... Silence is the most powerful scream....i realized it

    1. Thanks a lot Mam! That's really wonderful, keep up the practice and reach greater heights! :) Its our silent celebration :D

  6. Dear Divs...Like all other writings of yours, this one is brilliant, thought provoking, incisive and captivating. In addition, because of the choice of topic and your masterly treatment of it, it is inspirational. It urges the reader to do something to nourish the soul rather than nourish just the body. Reading it is both a literary and spiritual treat. More strength to your pen! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks a gazillion dad! I'm indebted to you and mom for my excellent grooming since childhood :D Thanks once again, I'm elated that you liked my piece of art :D