November 18, 2012

Stressing on Stress? Stop!

Stress. Tension. Pressure. Work load. Angry bosses. Pending work. Missed, golden opportunities. Impossible targets. Working on holidays. Exceeding man-hours. What else?  


This is really not the kinda life you wished for right? 

Schooling. Graduation. Post graduation. Job

YES! Time flies. 

Maybe the next time you read this post, you might be married! :P

~Points to Ponder~

1) Being a Workaholic- Boon or Bane? 
Only a workaholic might explain this correctly. Allow me to. :) Well, now I think it's a bane. Because people literally take you for granted and dump even their share of work on you which is totally not fair. Hey! You have a life too. Remember? And you ain't getting any Nobel prize for this work! (well, unless you are :P) Cut yourself some slack! :P

2) Employee or the Employer?
Okay man. IMHO, this is very simple. If you are the employee. Just chill. You ain't running the company. You are just a tiny winy part of the company. You have your own personal life. Family, friends, facebook etc. :P So much to catch up with. You don't have to slog so much and literally die for this job. People who are dedicated and sincere will anyways work in any situation. I would say, work. Work hard. Work smart. But don't work as if you've gone bonkers! :O

3) Seriously?
The retirement age of a man is, say 60. And you sure are gonna work till 60 and even after that. My point is, why take stress? What's the point? You aren't meant to lead most of your life under stressful conditions. What is this kinda life in which you feel like you are born once and are dying everyday? Shouldn't it be the other way around? It's better not to have a life, than have such a life. No, really! think about it. :) :) 

4) If you can't control the situation- control yourself! 
You are already doing your job. You are in control of what you are doing. You don't have to worry if you can't control the situation around you. Because, you can't. SO, stay cool and wait for things to settle and make sure that you are helping the situation improve than engage in negative talks about it. :)

5) Your contribution- It matters! :)
By taking the problem as a challenge you automatically become a part of the solution. If you see the problem as a problem, it will remain a problem and it will remain one forever! It's how you perceive it and cope with it.

6) Job Satisfaction!
Everyone talks about it. Infact, it is often said that a person has either a 'job' or just 'satisfaction'. But never 'job satisfaction'. Haha! But this ain't true. Well, prove this to be wrong. It's all up to you! :)

7) Effective use of travel time!
If your workplace is near home, I think you are the luckiest person on earth! :P If it ain't, no hassles. All you need to do is effectively plan the time you spend during travel in how you can have fun. If you self drive, you better just drive. But if you use public transport and if the ride ain't very shaky then you can read the newspaper or a novel or listen to music or even take a small nap so that you are rejuvenated by the time you reach home! :D Try to make the most of it! :)


Alright! How do we de-stress ourselves after a maddening day at work or before you anticipate a grueling day at work? 

1) Attitude
Change your attitude and your life is sure to change. All you need is a positive attitude and an outlook even during the most pathetic situations and trust me guys, I have seen miracles taking place just because of the right attitude! 

2) Music
This helps! It really does. Music on, world off! \m/

3) Exercise/ Yoga/ Sports
Put on your favorite pair of shoes, do some cardio and get your heart pumpin! The best way to beat the stress is exercising! Whether you hit the gym or exercise at home! Do it! How about a game of badminton? Anything will do. But please, do it! :)

4) Working hours/ Non working hours
Okay. This is very simple. After work hours, when you reach home, forget about office. Don't be mentally present in the office or be pre- occupied about office work when you come home to your family. It's family time and let it purely be you, your body, mind and soul with your family. :) Don't attend office phone calls unless urgent! :P


1) Smoking  2) Boozing  3) Drugs  4) Abusive language  5) Negative talks

All of the above. EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Yeah, you heard me right. Loud and clear.

Smoking. Boozing. Drugs. First of all none of it is good for health. Now don't gimme the lame old reason of I just had a few shots, it ain't gonna harm me. I smoke rarely it ain't gonna do me any harm. Well, who are you fooling? 

Some people quote the alcohol content in their drinks and say its just 6% or its just 10%. LOL. Who are you fooling, again? :P :P

You do it once, you do it thrice or you do it a million times. It doesn't matter. The fact is that, "YOU DID IT!".

What happened to self- control? Staying away from bad- habits? When someone offers you a drink or a cigar how difficult is it to say, "No thank you!"? Well, these habits reflect on how strong you are and these ain't any signs of manliness as many, I'm sorry, most men think! Haha bullshit!  

Negative talks and Abusive language- These go hand in hand. It ain't kewl to abuse and it ain't good to vent out your stress with foul language. Using the F word has become so common these days. We'll I think it's something you shouldn't flaunt thinking that "this is so in these days". You are soon to be out, in that case! :P If you wanna show-off your good, clean and refined English vocab, kindly refrain from using such words atleast! :P I think this is quite simple to understand. Just because you are stressed, you don't just do anything and say anything. Be sensible. Is this too much to ask for? LOL.

Well, hope that this post makes sense and a difference to atleast a few people who read it!

Thanks for reading!
And, folks!! Work hard and don't forget to chill out and enjoy life too! :)

Published in interest of my readers! :P

18th November, 2012