April 27, 2012

A Spectacular Illusion- Life

Everyone lives in an illusion about most things these days. Life is not as easy as it seems to be. As kids maybe we were too innocent or naive to understand, but as we grow up, we start realizing the true nature of this very world! It's not as goody- goody as it looks like! Sometimes we are made to believe somethings but with time we realize that what we yearn for is actually something impossible because that's not the way things work here!

Take a simple example, everyone talks about finding their soul-mate in life. Katy Perry’s song “Teenage Dream”, goes like this, “I finally found you, my missing puzzle piece, I'm complete!”. Okay... So what were you till now, incomplete?? :-P
Blame it on the movies! Blame it on the damn romantic songs! SRK and Kajol share a great on- screen chemistry, but really? Running around the sarson ke keth? Is that really happening, Senorita? :P Blame it on all drama kings and the queens for creating a hazy cloud of fantasy around us! :P Blame it on the girl and the guy circumambulating the peepal tree! *You spin my head right round....right round....
It is said that when you are in love, violins and saxophones start playing in the background score. Who are you kidding? There's one reason why movies show these hypothetical things and I'm gonna tell you the reason now- BECAUSE- They are MOVIES :P Its REEL life, not REAL life. They are made for entertaining people, to give them a break from their realistic monotonous not- so- dreamy life! Duh!!! 
You really think Prince Charming is gonna come riding a horse and swipe you off your feet? :-| Well, even a slippery floor or a banana peel can do that! :P :P  
To the oranges rolling down the grass ;-) C'mon life is not as smooth as Silk ;-) *Oh la la* and the hope that you'll get the perfect girl next door, Jessie? :P Ahh...IN YOUR DREAMS!!! *Ek Deewana Tha
Neither are you an actor, nor is she. 
*Unless you are in that profession ;-)....* 

Life in a nutshell- An illusion!

I would like to quote William Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." Life is not a play inside a play! So, the sooner you realize that you are not living in a movie, the better for you! 

*....Roll, Camera... Action!!: Sun rising, Birds chirping, Squirrels running around, Kids going to school and the adults to their workplace....*

What is actually happening =>> 

Sun rising? Hmm... Happens everyday right? Its' not really in your control to make the sun rise or set. :P

Birds chirping? Yeah it's early in the morning and they are screeching for food! Maybe the early bird got the worm and they missed it :P And you thought they were singing their early morning chorus :P

Squirrels running around? What else do you expect them to do? :P Talk Spanish? :P

Kids going to school? As if they have an option. Who loves taking weekly, monthly, half-yearly and term end examinations? Movies show the school gates opening and the kids just running in with beaming smiles...LOL.. that doesn't happen in reality! ;) Unless you are Rancho and you are the whizkid in thirst of knowledge! :P

Adults to their workplace? Maybe it's just the greed of money that makes them go? Who will pay their bills and taxes?

This is reality, boss! Good Morrrnnninggggggg!!! *Time to wake up from your deep slumber, Rip Van Winkle..* ;-) 

Here's another thing, there's nothing called "FOREVER"... What can you have forever? Nothing!! You yourself are on Earth for a short span and in that short span you make bade bade vaade/ big big promises of being best friends forever with some people? Someone phuuleezzeeee justify this word first! You are not immortal, nothing is forever! :) Life is an illusion, death is the ultimate truth. We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone. Accept it! :)  

Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal.”- Jean-Paul Sartre

“What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists? In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet”-  Woody Allen

Well, realizing the truth might make us have a negative take on this world. The only thing is not to lose hope. Anyways, that's how it is. It's all an illusion: the people and their promises; their fake love and the superficial attachment; the society dwells on the concept of use- and- throw of people and admit it, that's the ugly truth. People just need a valid reason to hang out with you and when that sole reason is over they disappear. Yes, they do. You will understand that if someone is good to you then they might probably want that back from you in some form or the other, and that's the reason why they are doing that for you in the first place. Nasty ain't it! That's life. A bitter sweet thing. It's no movie after all. It's not sugar, spice and everything nice unless you are the power puff gals! :P :P It's all a mystery which keeps unfolding one after the other. The best thing is to be practical, accept reality and act accordingly, make sure that no one uses you for the heck of it and make sure to set some of them right, for the ones who belong to Smartass Ville, show them that you are from Smarter-ass Ville! LOL! :D 

27th April, 2012


  1. Yes,Life is an illusion. We always think with the help of love, friendship, we can remain happy forever. But in reality it never happens, everything come to an end....and on that day we are again alone, battling the life in our own way with no one to support.Then, why we don't want to accept this fact, I think the prime reason is we want to be happy, happy forever. A very good post indeed, deep one.

  2. I agree with some of the things said in this and disagree with some others. Yeah, what you said is true in cases where a guy starts up a friendship with a girl expecting only one thing in return - he wants her to be his girlfriend. LOL. All the artifical crap and doing 'sacrifices' expecting something in return. That's not so good. I mean, we didn't ask them to do all that for us, did we? But your first section...Isn't that totally contradictory to two of your other posts "Sweet surrender" & "Secret admirer"? Everyone has dreams. I don't think any human being is devoid of those. No matter how much they deny it or how "tough" they look. And yes, reality sometimes sucks. Deal with it. I guess this is the reason 'Ek Deewana Tha' flopped (among other reasons)...LOL..People who are used to happy endings may have found it depressing. Ha! And not ALL of them show superficial attachment. I used to be too cynical before but I've changed. Few instances recently have restored my faith in humanity. lol. And they are genuine and I know nothing will go wrong. But I am sure you didn't mean ALL. But yes, reality is something people find hard to adjust with it. But they've got to. Some people think if all their problems disappear, only THEN can they remain happy. If they think like that, they can NEVER be happy. Ok, I'm out :D

  3. wow .... amazing ... music to ears ... :) .... very well expressed

  4. Love the way you deal with deep issues with a tinge of sense of humor. I mean doing that is difficult! Keep it up, Divya Mohan!

  5. I agree with you about how people get obsessed with movies so much so that they think everything in the real world works that way. It cannot be denied that life is an illusion after all but there is some amount of truth among all the other illusions that exist and I guess the ultimate goal in life of every person is to find those that exist :)

  6. But we do need this hope, and maybe that's why we make up all the illusion around us.. to keep the most boring things in life, interesting.. =) anyways, nicely written..

  7. Agree with you. Life is certainly an illusion. The strength of illusion is strengthened further more by films and movies. lol :D

    There were times when I laughed my ass off when love in real life was thought as that of love in reel life, by some. Strange as I see all this. Illusion. Illusion. Illusion. That word keeps haunting me :)

    Anyway, nice write up DM :)

    1. Wow. What a statement!! "The strength of illusion is strengthened further more by films and movies!" :) :) :) Thanks Vamsi :)

  8. nicely written :)
    my take on the whole thing

    life isnt illusion .. its an experience where u keep learning all the time .. just to live the next day better.. its a repetitive thing
    love is just one phase of live which varies from start to the end .. one cant just compare life to movie as movie runs only for 2hrs-3hrs .. in those 2-3hrs they have to capture all the facets of life ,and emphasis on the love section more
    the forever part is kind of a drag and not something that can be promised any time .. what one can say is that the feelings as such wont change.. love is a fidgety concept and is put to test time and again.. what stands through the time stands for long enough till life lasts.. now tht wud be forever

  9. I can't believe that something so deep can also be expressed in a funny way. This post was so entertaining!!! And you are right, this is how the world is but there are a few people who are good and true, we have to stick to them and make sure we never lose them, I have read your other blogs, you seem to one of those rare gems. Lucky are the people who are in your life. Looking fwd to reading more from you Divya!!!!

  10. you write awesome... about things which generally people don't think about...!!! :)

    i loved the post...!!! <3

    and you are right dear, everything is illusionary... but its also relative... think about it...!!!

    also i'd like to say that i love the way you write... it is very deep... but it never goes down the philosophical lane... which makes us, the laymen [and women ;) too, understand it so well...!!!

    kudos *seƱorita* :)

  11. I agree with everything you ve said!

    Nice piece of work DM :)

  12. You are my aspiration , I have few web logs and very sporadically run out from to post .