April 3, 2012

Holy Crap!

I have been thinking about sitcoms a lot off- late and the impact they have on our lives. :P Intense research paves way to the fact that sitcoms play a major role in the jam- packed- procrastinating- schedule of a youngster who is simply clueless about his responsibilities and duties towards his whatever :P. No surprises there!!!! :P

There are these never-ending gamut of feelings we undergo when we advance from season to season in any sitcom :P It’s nothing less than a spiritual transformation, I tell you! It just grows within you :P [And, seasons are not just 4 anymore! Can you believe that? It can go up to 9 or 10!!! :P] The more the better. Who’s anyway bothered about the ice- caps melting or the next elections or tigers getting extinct or the exams coming up? :P  And, as we progress little by little a sense of achievement sinks in, herculean task right? :P Juggling between “Facebook” and “VLC Media Player” is really a tough job! :P I think with timeline on Facebook now, it really has become more difficult!! :P :P An occasional peek-a-boo in LinkedIn too! Hey what would I do for a living if I don’t get a job!?? Jeezaloo!!! ””Creating”” a LinkedIn account is not gonna fetch you a job!! :-/ Looks like you believe in miracles! GOOD!! :P

It’s amazing how the mind works, at some point of time, we even start thinking and believing that we are a part of the family in a sitcom, coz of many reasons and seasons :P Especially if it’s a one with family drama or any character that we wanna relate to! With time we get familiarized with all the characters and we know them in and out and we all have our personal favorites, even though it might be a one starkly different from ours!!! :) :) :) 

A friend calls you up and asks, “Wassup!” and you say “I’m seeing so- and-so sitcom and on season 4”, and your friend says, “I’m on season 3”. And thaaaaaaaaat’s it!!!  

AHHH!!! THE JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’) :’) :’)

[Tears of joy rolling down my cheeks! :P :P Is this what they call “ecstasy”??]

The happiness you get when you know you are ahead of your friend by “so many” episodes! Yep, this stuff happens! :D  Meanwhile, newsflash!!!!! “First Indian to achieve….. blah blah blah….Has made the nation proud” AND, you (indifferent) think SO WHAT??! Lemme tell you something!! Back in the good old days, the definition of achievement was SLIGHTLY different! :P LOL!

Many a time, we start aping our favorite character in real life. Phases I tell you! It really doesn’t sound as cool as you think it sounds. Hmmm, hearing impairment is what you should get yourself treated for. :P Because what you say is not really superimposing with how it’s originally being said :P  It’s supposed to be in an “American accent” NOT the “fake-American- actually-Indian-local-party-accent”. *facepalm*
[Never ever ever ever give up…..OK??] :P

And at last, the feeling you get when you finish seeing a series is when a sudden realization dawns on you and you start thinking, “OMG! What am I gonna do with my life now??????!!”…LOL… :D


Hearty Congratulations to youuuuu!!!! :D :D

Time to explore the other planets! ;) ;) ;)

A spur of the moment doodling!
(Redefining procrastination! :P)

April 3, 2012


  1. Another one on EFFECTS OF SITCOMS :D. Loved 2nd paragraph,specially the line " It’s nothing less than a spiritual transformation, I tell you! It just grows within you :P".

  2. So true !! Especially the seasons part !! very well written :)

  3. Agreed. :) With every passing season we feel as if every character in the show is like one of our family member. :D This happened with me while watching FRIENDS. :) Aah! And when the show concludes, that feeling of void :P OMG! So painful to even write about it. :D Nevertheless, life goes on.. :)

    Nice write up DM :)

  4. Oma! This has happened to me. Especially when "Friends" got over. With eyes brimming over with tears and with a tender ache in heart.. I was left with no other option other than going back to Season 1 episode 1 :D
    Loved the way you ve framed it divs.. :)