September 22, 2013


The whole world seems to be living with a blurry definition of friendship. Knowing someone for a long time doesn't really make them a friend. There are associations we make in various stages of life. There are acquaintances. Loads of em. People you know, 'just know'! But how well? How deep? And how truly? It's popularly said that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.... 

Irrespective of the phase of life you are in, the most important thing is keeping that person involved and informed about the important happenings in your life, however busy you get. It's crazy seeing everyone calling everyone a friend these days. I often feel sad about the illusion in which people live in.... 

  • I know my neighbor since 18 years, I can in no way call the lady my friend. 
  • You attend grad school with so many people. How on earth can you call all of them your friends? Does their posting "Happy Birthday!" once in a year on your Facebook wall make them your friend? :-O 

It's not about approving or rejecting people. It's more about the people you really connect with and wanna associate yourself with. Not everyone that comes in your life should be a friend nor will be worthy of being one! One true friend is enough for life... in all probability you'll living in different states...or even worse... different countries.... distance never is a barrier with such close friends..!!! :) 

Everyone is not a friend, neither an enemy, many frenemies though ;) but that one person who becomes a true friend becomes nothing less than family! So quit calling everyone a friend because they really ain't :-P :-P