March 20, 2012

OMG, I'm so RETRO!

Seeing all these sitcoms is the best way to kill time during your graduation course! Well, now that now-a-days EVERYONE does engineering* (yep, heard that from many…. *tell me that they are not jealous* :P :P) and anyways you don’t have much to do in engineering right?… just a few subjects which look like foreign languages even though the medium of instruction is English :P with a lotta those Greek symbols and calculus everywhere [trust me, it’s everywhere, even in theory subjects :P :P ] and square roots and cube roots and beautiful coefficients, the alpha, beta, gamma, delta….look!!! they even rhyme…so easy to remember :P :P and some crappy formulae which look like macaroni noodles :P So, no big deal, you anyway have all the time in the world one day before the exam to mug and cram and understand ;) and anyways you might forget whatever you study if you prepare way before, even though your mom keeps tellin ya to study regularly, you don’t!!! :P 

Anyways, your life, your rules right? Who’s listening anyway? Neither at home, neither in class :P [Hello, back-benchers… what’s cooking? :P ] Considering the current busy schedule of our youngsters (busy whiling away time seeing movies, head banging :P going to pubs, getting tattoos done, smoking, drinking, spending quality time with their temporary relationships [ ….duh!! ], drugs anyone? Video games? Industrial Visits [ Haha…we know what you actually do there :P ], Seminars and Library [ You just want good-DAYS sleep in the AC don’t you, big fella :P ] Learning the best things in life at the peak time of growth and development….you can add more…anything other than studies :P ] No wonder, these people call college the best days of their life! ;) 

On a serious note, the amount of time they spend on the internet and seeing sitcoms is crazy…I realized that all this that they are doing is for their own good! :P :P You know how?! :P Well everyone dreams about doing an MS after B.Tech, so these sitcoms help you learn the American culture [hahhaa…America and culture? Tell me about it! ;) :P {Do you know Indian culture, bdw}]…LOL! 

A pal of mine told me that you learn a lot from these sitcoms… So, I started seeing some of them!!! To find out what important knowledge I was missing out on!! :P :P I din wanna feel left- out, but ofcourse I was soooo000 happy to see my peers developing so fast :P :P 

So watcha learn? 

1) 10 easy steps to be a Casanova? 

2) Tricks to pick up a girl [only a hot girl] at the bar- and then- forget her the next day? :P [ Go get ‘em, tiger! :P ] 

3) How to be kewl?[…no no no no…not the Indian Cool…the American Kewl, broda :P ] 

4) How to fake the American accent to pick up chicks? :P 

5) How to do possibly everything you shouldn’t be doing? And calling doing all this “awesome-ness”/ “crazy shit” dudeeeeeee! 

How did I forget?!! 

6) The most important thing you learn is the slang!! Yep, bitches you heard me right!! [Now, that does sound kewl right :-/ :P – FYI, it sounds cool, not good :P and I’m grading you for your goodness not your coolness :P, Who's bothered about grading?, you don't care anyways!! :P ] 

7) And then you flaunt your precious knowledge in India with your Indian friends, teach them new stuff, peer –tutoring! Ah! What love! 

The dream of being the Indian- Version- Of- Barney- Stinson when you get into an MS programme…OH!!!! but you almost forgot…. The Americans might just see you as another Rajesh Koothrappali, keep the alcohol ready to get started :P :P And here, all the while you were tryin so damn hard to be the person who when is sad, stops being sad and feels awesome :P  What actually happens is that when you go there you find all the girls [even the non-Hot ones] taken :P :P All this while you were grooming yourself for the Amreeeeeecaa nonsense :P you forgot to revise the 5866 Barron's words you needed to learn to actually get in there!!...Hmmm…Looks like you went wrong somewhere :P GO FIGURE!!!!!! 

#A.Spur.Of.The.Moment.Post :-D
March 20, 2012


  1. Brilliant post; My own thinking about these people ( people who are crazy and always try to become kewl :P by acting fool) is same.Trying to emulate someone which is completely beyond your range is just foolishness ;And you know, no one can be Barney Stinson:P:P

    1. ABSOLUTELY!!! Infact, I myself am a big big bigg fan of Barney! LOL! But, I ain't runnin around tryin to be him :P :P No one can be him! Hahhaa!! :) He's my favorite casanova! ;)

  2. Divya, those are the crazy moments fast approaching like fast food not only to engineer Students, it happens to all, but still nowdays guys understood how to be steady with all these addicitons to secure good rank otherwise no futureee at all. This is the excellent post should be titled exam fever or guys for ever.

  3. whoa...!!!

    its spot on...!!!

    kudos to the lady...!!! :) :) :)

  4. Somebody please help me get up because I'm ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING !!!!! MY STOMACH HURTS !!! ITS KILLING ME !!!! :D :D :D :D...Divya, you were one of my favourite people on earth. Now, by writing this, you have become my ALL TIME FAVOURITE PERSON....LOL....AWESOMEST post you ever wrote !!!!

  5. The college students nowadays get their inspiration from sitcoms like these. Why do you think relationships go down the drain these days? They think its going to be CHO CHWEET & KEWL like in the sitcoms. LOL.

  6. You need to write more spur of the moment posts like this. :) Hilarious from top to bottom. Enjoyed it thoroughly. :D

    Although I disagree with one thing about the girls being taken. Yeah most of them might not be single but trust me, these days, it is a no big deal to woo a girl and get her (even if she is taken) :P It is a subtle art which is totally against what all these movies and TV shows project as reality ;D

  7. I agree about the part that many Indians think life abroad is full of what they see in sitcoms but I guess this is applicable to the people who come abroad for the first time and you can't really blame them for that given that the only perception they have of the foreign world is through sitcoms and the like. The one good aspect is that you do get a feel of the culture of living in a particular place by watching these sitcoms so you cant say that they are entirely worthless. As for engineering life in India, I guess what you have written applies for most VITians. I like that you wrote on this aspect, I am sure everyone can relate to it.

  8. Barney and Koothrapalli.. Waaahh :D
    Your language is soo kwellluu maa.. Fully, completely and wholly enjoyed the post!

    Awweesomme ;) :D

  9. That came like a big bang sitcom post. And that exactly how education, modernization and kwel culture drift have made life for the youngsters: aimless and turning complex at every possible way.

  10. Absolutely awesome article.. although i m reading after ages :-P