April 22, 2016

Marching ahead

Sadists with burning pots
Broken hearts; in abundance - dark thoughts
Some love less, some don't at all
Coated words, they proudly utter
False promises, they effortlessly mutter
They is probably everyone I know
Enough is enough, stop this show

A yardsticks' distance, must you keep
All they want is, for you to weep
Weep, weep, weep, until you cry out a sea
See you fall, on a pile of mud
Fall on your bottom, with a great thud

Who cares about what you seek?
Oh dear lord, I still wish to be meek
Help me lord, to rise above em all
Mind my business, amidst et al

Words - some nice
the rest coated with sugar and spice
To throw you away like a dice
No no no you ain't that weak
Shove em up, with all your fury
If you must, with great decree

The situation seems really grim
Use your judgment, to trim (people)
A relationship detox, is now a must
There is really no one you can trust

Truth when spoken creates commotion
Jealousy, hatred, insecurity and dismay
How can they withstand us, being gay
These are not the traits, of a true friend
Such relationships soon come to an end

People have come and gone
No one is here, to stay
It's better to anyway keep them, at bay

Thank you world for teaching me to lie
What was once tough is now, a piece of pie

There's just one person with whom I can be myself
That person is none other than my-self
Trust yourself.
Hate none though!
For the sake of humanity!
For the sake of humanity!!
For the sake of humanity!!!

Keep some distance and shut your mouth
Keep rowing your boat, making your own way
Be grateful, come what may
Keep marching ahead
With some hope, for tomorrow to be a better day