April 11, 2011

The Pain Chronicles

How does it feel
To sleep in pain
When all your efforts
Have gone in vain

Lying in the darkness
Listening to the rain
Trying to figure out
How to live with this pain

What has gone wrong
Why is this suffering
Destined for poor li’l o’ me !!

Not even gifted with a sound sleep
Having lost the will to laugh or weep

Life has become a sea of pain
And every moment agony
At this time
I must endure again, again!
It is a curse to have to be
And every moment agony
And every longing fixed on death
Why can’t I have a sound sleep
Like that of a new born baby ?

I lay on my bed
Trembling and shivering
Trying to distract myself
From the pain

I keep fighting for every breath
Unable to do anything at a stretch!

Eyes burn…
Hands shiver… Body aches…
Feels like I break a bone
Whenever I turn (On my bed)

Here comes the worst part
The medicines
Tastes even worse than poison

My veins have gone numb
Due to the needles
Poked cruelly
Every time
By the doctor

If death is better than suffering
Then why cannot I die. .
I want to die. . . now. . .
This very moment, this very instant. .
Can’t handle this pain any more
This weakness
This dependency on everyone
It is killing me every second
Burning me from within

Oh pain! Please go away !
Go away!
And come back never again!
Never again !
Never again !!
Never again !!!


  1. If I am not wrong, you must be talking about the pain faced on death bed right during old age?

    Well, I thought so. :) The feelings experienced at that time, very well described. Well, did I ever tell you that I've a phobia of death? :D I do :)

    1. Well..Yes :) Related to the agony faced during old age. But the lines, "My veins have gone numb, Due to the needles..."..relate to me, had to take 2 pokes per day for 15 days during 12th grade...was hellish !..The other stuff surely relate to a person on a death bed...Hmmm..Phobia for death...Well, everyone fears death..most of us do :):)

  2. I believe everyone of us goes through such kind of suffering and pain atleast once in our lifetime. But penning down the way we suffer,is really difficult. You've given tongue to everyones agony through your poem :)
    *kudos* to divs :)

  3. nice work,divya:-)good portrayal of the feeling of pain !!

  4. I like the way you have expressed every intricate aspect of "pain". This post drew in my rapt attention!

  5. 1ce again..gr8 hit...
    Urs feel seems like our..evry 1
    Gud wrk..
    Gud lck fr d nxt 1..

  6. OMG!!!!!
    u hv lft me speechless..bt i must say..ur blog is beautiful..everything just perfect..keep up!!! <3 <3

  7. Made me ponder for a while
    then left behind a silent smile
    Cos reading this would make the pain
    fade away and leave no stain.

    1. Wow!! You should start blogging too! Thanks for dropping by ! :) :)

  8. Little melancholic. But a nice read nonetheless.. Personally, I did not fancy reading The Pain Chronicles that much. Probably could relate myself to it. But that being said, your other blogs are good. I like An Acquaintance, No More.
    I like to add a caveat, YOU REALLY WRITE WELL..Cheers!!!

  9. A nice lucid blog
    this one's pretty good :-)

  10. Have you experienced some of it? Wondering how you have brought it out so well.

    1. Oh no ! Not at all !! Maybe just a little; every thing else is written purely owing to my imagination !! Thanks a lot !!

  11. Replies
    1. Mr. Sudarshan Iyengar- Thanks a lot. Kindly refrain from using symbols like <3 in your comments as you are nothing more than a stranger to me.
      Good day!

  12. Great work :) its been a long time ...heard one gud poem .... :) ... it reminds me of "Carlos Andrés Gómez""Never Again"(Rwanda poem)thats all different but still shares the agony as it is in this poem too ... :) if death brings end to pain then its gud to die but death only "transfers" the pain :) ... it never goes away ... some forget it , some bury it , some hide it ..it remains and takes form when our heart is weak ...gud to see one more flower blossom in ur exotic garden called blog :)