July 3, 2011

Express It, I Say !!

“They do not love that do not show their love” - William Shakespeare

Relationship management is the need of the hour! Be it for your parents, friends or girlfriends! Whether you’re in a relationship or whether you are married! Expressing your love is equally important as being committed, loyal and truthful to that person! Coming to the moot point, I think love can be expressed in many forms, by our words, our actions, our gestures, our body language etc, but the important thing is to express it

If you love her, tell her that as many times as u want to, make life exciting; plan a surprise; if it’s her birthday, make her a hand made card, order a cake, buy her a gift, light up the house with candles! She's upto some work? Take her by surprise, hug her, kiss her, cuddle her! Make that person feel special! Make that someone know how much they are loved, being cared for and are being thought of every second! Of course we are talking about true emotions and feelings here! We are not doing anything for the heck of doing it! Pour it out! Its high time you vent out your feelings!

What are we living for after all; it is these small things that make life exciting! But the important thing is to express it! Isn’t life too short? Why waste time hating someone or having grudges! And only the people who love/ care for us will tell us what is good/bad for us! Definitely you need to be yourself but, in a new relationship, we have to adjust and adapt and give it our best :-) :-) Be flexible, welcome changes and accept the situation! Its more important to think what is good for US rather what is good for ME ! :-) Being selfish isn’t going to help at all!
And I do not say that only buying a gift or giving your sweetheart a surprise will make him/her happy, the intention behind the action is important, the gesture is what counts! :-) It's just about the way you express it!!! It’s not about being materialistic or being a spendthrift! 
Be a bit protective, show that you care! :-)
Give her a map which says, "I can never be lost with you around." Or give her a pocket dictionary and write "You" as the meaning next to the word "Life", mark the page and give it to her "Without you, life would have no meaning." Be creative, be unique, but whatever you do, express it, I say! :-D

It is said that the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart, then why not tell that special person how much they mean to you!
But as powerful as words can get, they also can become tarnished, weakened and crumble unless they are backed up with actions that prove you mean what you say!
Even if you are saying the right words to your better half, if they are not said in the right way, they will be useless. 

Life is very short guys, education takes up half of it! Enjoy the other half with your better half in a wholesome way!

I conclude by saying, give your relationships your best, be expressive guys, its worth it!  :-)
2nd July 2011


  1. Agreed. But then, the person receiving love must also be grateful, and not shun you for loving at the first place. :)

    Just my experience! Opinions can wary!

    1. What you are talking about might happen when you are trying to get into a *new relationship*, and maybe the other person cannot reciprocate their feelings for you in the same manner for various reasons! My post refers to people who are already in a stable relationship! Thanks for your comment :)

  2. :-) I agree with you! Similar kind of thoughts we both share!

    Well written dear :)

  3. Clearly your blog is addressed to boys or biased towards girls. why only boys have to express the love ? why can't girls to do it?. Maybe you wrote this blog thinking about yourself and probably waiting for someone to express it ( that someone could either be known person or an unknown person,that I'm not sure of. Hope it an is unknown person so that guys reading the blog have a chance to express their feeling ). Beig said, I'd be happy if your blog was generic.
    Nonetheless, you did it again!!! Awesome writing and very realistic and though provoking. Definitely this will give lot of motivation to boys and girls alike to express their feeling, be it for your parents, friends,girlfriends or boyfriends.

    I completely agree expressing your love is must. Right now, I can only think of 2 reasons.
    1- As you rightly said, "this will definitely make that person feel special! Make that someone know how much they are loved, being cared for and are being thought of every second "

    2- If we don't express our feeling or love now, then we will never express it and end up being lonely.

    So here I'm, expressing what I think of ya, You are awesome !!! Cheers...

    1. Haha! Firstly, Being a girl, I put fwd a girls point of view! Ain't that fair enough?! :) Doesn't mean that i'm biased ! Of course it applies to both girls and boys! As it is said in hindi, *Taali do haat se hi bajti hai*, it is important for contribution from both sides for harmony in a relationship!
      Secondly, All this was not written for someone, to express it to me! Its everyone's personal thing! Its just a general post for everyone, an advice from me! You can also say that this post is all about me and what i think, but trust me i have no hidden message for anyone there! :)
      Thirdly, Really nice of you, you took out time to comment, that too such a long one! Thanks a ton yaar!!! :) :) :)

  4. Awww, such a sweet post. I could not agree more Divs! "Life is very short guys, education takes up half of it!", very well said! :D

  5. I have seen you go that extra mile just to make someone feel special many-a-time!It definitely is one of your most endearing qualities!
    I loved the post!:D

    1. Awww! That's so sweet of ya!! Well, yes i like, rather love doing that, and hence my post on this! I think you are one of the lucky ones who gotta see me doing that! Everyone ain't as lucky as you! Hehe !! Thanks a lot dearie !! :)

  6. Very true..I agree with you,Divya Mohan!! (I feel the same)

    1. You feel the same! That's great! Your wife will be a lucky one! Great !! Thanks for the comment !! :) :)

  7. :')
    Love the article :)

    1. Is that tears of happiness i see in your smiley ?? :') ???
      If it is so, WOW !!
      Thanks a lot for dropping by and commenting :) :)

  8. My view is totally different. IMHO, as per spirituality too, greatest is the love between two people when they don't have to express any love explicitly.

    In krita yuga, people used to express using 'para' i.e only with mind and thoughts (no expression). In thretha yuga, expression was with pasyanthi, with eyes alone they could express all. Dwapara yuga, with madhyama, I don;t abt know this correctly. And lastly, the stupidest of all ages we use vaikhari, the worst way of expression, i.e using mouth and gestures.

    As I go by spirituality always, I believe that love needs no expression. Expression is not needed for people who know how to love unconditionally. :)

    Just dropped my views, a mini blog post again :P :D

    1. Hmmmm! Interesting! That was very informative! Bdw which yuga would you like to belong to ? ;-)
      If u don't express it, how will the other person come to know ? Is it like dil se dil ka konnection ? And the soulmate will come to know ? I dont think that happens in this yuga! You are in a different level of existence i will say, hehe :) :)
      So you are against saying all this, 'I love you' or ' You are the one for me' or 'I miss you', I sense trouble mister, if you don't do that! ;) Unless you find a gal who is existing at your level of existence :P :P

  9. its so sweeet...i loved it so much divya..!

  10. realli gud1 specifically fr guys!!! :)

  11. girls love to be cared and they want men to show love and make them feel special and they really do expect, but guys think that its too damn sissy...

    do you know something.... we guys hate to admit, how much love we have for the girl we love(there are exceptions), but when a girl comes really close to hear something nice and romantic, we just usually skip the topic or just answer back "don't you know that i love you"

    and again,
    just as you have said i agree to the fact that to make a girl happy, a guy don't need to turn the world around for her.
    just on her birthday, a simple rose and a few beautiful words would turn her world around....
    you express things well, i think its "awesome". hehe...
    take care..........

    1. Hi Anon!! Thanks for giving your personal take on this post !! Thanks a lot !! :-) I would be happy if u reveal your identity!! (if u would like to)!

  12. sorry.... i didnt mention my name...
    i am kiran devarajan....
    a friend of mine asked me to read this blog.... i dont know whether you know her... her name is Uma... she told that i would find this blog much interesting...
    take care...

    1. Oh okay. Wow. I don't know any Uma. She might have got my link somehow!
      Thanks, again! :)

  13. Hi Divya,

    Came across your blog while searching aimlessly on the net for blogs.

    Loved the passion in your blogs, esp. this one on expressing. Coming from a conservative telugu brahmin family, I never understood the meaning of intimacy and hardly saw my parents being expressive in their love towards each other. Naturally, children imitate their parents in most behavioural aspects. And as a result my only relationship ran into rough weather. Never understood what my X meant when she said 'Express more!'
    Probably, it is culture thing, esp. with south indian families.

    So, let me express my appreciation for your writing skills now :)
    You write very well. Well done!
    Looking forward to many more from you.

    1. Wanderer!!!
      THANKS A LOT!!! :):):)
      I also hail from a Tamil Bramhin Family! Its about our personal perspective towards relationships and life I guess!
      Glad to know to that you liked it!!
      Cheers!! :)

  14. Romba nalla irukey..blog that is..
    Thou though appear quintessential iyengar gal..:) maami dan

    No offence meant :)...

    Stating that you have brilliant writing skills is stating the obvious. But nonetheless I say it, even if it sounds rhetorical.

    But I am more amazed at your maturity at your age..Knew gals mature early but you seem very well read...commend ur parents ..

    Loved evry post of urs...Awesome!!

    Keep going!

    1. Wanderer!!!!
      I can't thank you enough for the compliments!!!! :) :) :)
      So *voka pedda thanks to u andi*
      who doesn't love getting compliments!!! ;-)
      thanku for all ur awesome comments! keep em coming as well! such comments motivate me to write more n better!!! :)

  15. My concepts about expression of love is exactly the same; I have seen many people who can't express their love.If you are not expressive your loved one's will always feel insecure; truly so how on the earth can anyone understand your feeling if u re urself incapable of expressing it.On a lighter note after reading ur posts I always feel that there is someone mature out there and I am not alone :P