December 26, 2012

Atheism?!? (LOL!!)

It is difficult to see God as formless and it is difficult to see God as form. The formless is so abstract and God in a form appears to be too limited. So some people prefer to be atheists.

Atheism is not a reality, it is just a matter of convenience. When you have a spirit of enquiry, or in search of truth, atheism falls apart. With a spirit of enquiry, you cannot deny something which you have not disproved. An atheist denies God without first disproving it. In order to disprove God, you must have enormous knowledge. And when you have enormous knowledge, you cannot disprove it! 

For one to say that something does not exist, one should know about the whole universe. So you can never be one hundred percent atheist. An atheist is only a believer who is sleeping!

For a person to say, "I don't believe in anything", means he must believe in himself - so he believes in himself about whom he does not even know!

An atheist can never be sincere because sincerity needs depth - and an atheist refuses to go to his depth. Because the deeper he goes, he finds a void, a field of all possibilities - he has to accept that there are many secrets he does not know. He would then need to acknowledge his ignorance, which he refuses to do, because the moment he is sincere, he seriously starts doubting his atheism. A doubt-free atheist is next to impossible! So you can never be a sincere and doubt-free atheist.

When the atheist realizes his ignorance, what does he do? Where does he go? Does he go to a Guru? What does a Guru do to him? (Wait for next week's knowledge!)

A pure atheist is impossible to find. An atheist is one who does not believe in anything that is not concrete and tangible. Life is not all concrete and tangible. Nor is this Universe. Whether it is business, science or art, they all involve a certain amount of guesswork, assumptions, imagination and intuition. All of them are ethereal in nature and are not tangible. The moment an atheist accepts, even remotely a field that is unexplainable, he ceases to be an atheist. Any intelligent person cannot rule out the mystery in life and the universe and hence cannot honestly be an atheist! The so-called atheists are perhaps only denouncing certain concepts of God.

Question: Was Buddha an atheist?
Sri Sri: "No" in one sense because he professed emptiness which is very hard for an atheist to accept and "Yes" in another sense because he did not profess concepts of God.

Jim: An atheist believes only what he can see but Buddha said all that you see is not real.

Sri Sri: If only all present day atheists could be Buddhas.

Note- These are words of wisdom by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of Living). 


  1. Superb Gyan Divya :):), Last lines of 2nd paragraph were so true. Read ur Blog after a long gap, and felt so nice after reading this one :)You re the best and that too by a far distance:D

    1. Haha! Thanks a million Vishwas!!! :-) :-) :-)
      Yeah I love this article too very much. It's more like a slap on the faces of the people who claim to be atheists. Such ignorant fools they are! ;-)

  2. Atheist doesn't believe in anything without concrete proof :)
    The post is a bit shallow even though written by Sri^infinity.
    It is good to be spiritual but religion is whole other dimension.
    Good read though :)