December 2, 2012

Making room for More!

Whether it's junk from your room, dirt from your house, papers from your office or even if it is people from your life, clearance is very important

This also implies that we are willing to take big step. We are ready for a change. And changes are never easy. We are ready to welcome better things in life as we have now, made space for it. It is only the brave who voluntarily initiate changes in their life, big or small. It is something commendable because we all are habituated to routine and usually resist change. Moreover,  we don't accept them quickly.

Every bit of unnecessary 'entity' in your life adds to negativity. So why hold on to something that doesn't matter and is depreciating you or your value? Associate yourself with the good things in life and certainly better things will come in, from where or how you wouldn't know, but yeah, it somehow will! :)

Because 'if' it's gotta go, IT'S GOTTA GO! Outta your you room, home or life. However big the picture maybe! :) :)

The same is the case with people. Release friends and people who no longer serve in your best interest because of their limited mindset or negativity, to make room for new and better ones that do. When you release or leave the lesser, you’ll find that the better thing or person you've been waiting for will be able to show up.

Also, wanting more and better doesn't necessarily imply that you are greedy. It's just a l'll arrangement of things from one place to another (room --> dustbin :P ) and voila! you feel good about it because you knew that it's association with you was for a limited time.

The usual Indian mentality says, "Don't throw that away, it might be useful later on!" I used to think so too many times. Not any more!!!!

So get down to work my friends! Buy a new dustbin (buy your favorite colour :-P) and don't forget to show people the way to the door! ;) ;)

Let the clearance begin! ;-D 

Feels good, indeed! :)

25th November, 2012


  1. We clog our lives with unnecessary stuff. good post, keep it up.

  2. Interesting Concept, but throwing people outta your life is very difficult sometimes. you will always find some people who would not be perfect and whose thinking will be negative but still u will somehow get charmed by them :).Liked the two pics of the post :).Good one DIVZ :):)

    1. Yes ofcourse vishwas. I'm talking about mainly acquaintances n friends. Not close friends. Well, sometimes when they don't serve u in the best possible way, its better to say goodbye. As you said its not easy and one comes to such a conclusion only after trying hard to adjust n adapt n accept. I know it's tough, but sometimes we gotta do it for our own good. It's more of a person to person changing thing. Most of my close friends are generally negative but that doesn't make me love them less. Hope u got the point I'm trying to make here.
      Thanks vishwas :-)

  3. Hold on to what matters. Leave out all the rest. Very much echoes my thoughts. Nice post DM :)

  4. masst hai yaar...!!!

    and as i have said... you say things politically correct... and present them with a panache that rocks... totally...!!! :) :) :)