December 15, 2012

The Joy of Writing

Who is a real writer?

Is it someone who writes for himself? Definitely.

Or is it someone who writes for others. Yes, that too.

It depends on the purpose of writing. But both types have one thing in common. PASSION. The spontaneity. The sudden flow of thoughts. That fire from within. The sudden cut-off from the surroundings. Peace and tranquility. The craving for a 'pen and a paper' or a 'new word document'! ;) 

Just you and your thoughts. That's it!!!!!

Sharing brings joy. Whether it's good news or good articles. ;) What is also important is compliments for a good article for the writer to feel motivated to write the next one (but also, irrespective of that the writer should be self-motivated to keep going on!!) and also criticism, as there is always scope for improvement and well, a clash of views and opinions makes it interesting. ;) 

But at some point of time the person becomes so passionate about writing, that he doesn't even care whether people love or like or hate the stuff he is writing. He doesn't even care if people even read what he writes. He writes for the joy of writing

He is totally bindaas in his world, the world which comprises of beautiful vowels and consonants; puns and metaphors; alliterations and what not and ofcourse the subject of interest? ;) The English language is just so so beautiful and there's a plethora of things one can get to know. So much to know and so much to learn. You just don't get enough of it. :)

A good writer is detail-oriented. He might adore the curve of a question mark and the straightness of an exclamation. Conscious about space. The font used. The font size used. Alignment of the body of the article. Placement of pictures. Everything counts. Everything is important to him. A real writer derives joy from each and every aspect of his article. Sounds crazy? Well, I am one such crazy writer!! :D

I feel that everyone who has a passion for writing, is a real writer. And also, only a good reader becomes a good writer because getting into the writer's shoes and understanding the essence of an article is more important than just reading it! ;) 

Well, I think I haven't been this happy while writing any other article! Such is the joy of writing! Ah! :')

Dec 15, 2012


  1. all de best for ur passion towards writing..

    1. Hey thanks a lot! And thanks for subscribing to my blog posts! :-) :-)

  2. At some point I felt like I was reading about myself. Well done DM. Really liked it :)

    1. Wow! That was a big compliment. :-D
      Thanks a ton Vamsi. :-) :-)

  3. i read fully......gr8.........keep going ...:)

  4. Correct, For me writing is all about sudden flow of emotions or thoughts. Either u write for urself or public it doesn't matter, what matters is whether u re enjoying ur writing or not :) And I know u surely enjoy writing :)