December 25, 2012


Why do we believe in God?
Why do we pray?
Why do we go to temples?
Why do we worship idols?
Why do we have so many rituals/ traditions?
Why shouldn't I do anything auspicious during Rahukalam/ Yamakandam?
Who has seen God/ Heaven/ Hell ? Why do we have to believe in them?
Why is Friday deemed auspicious? Why not any other day?
Why shouldn't I buy a black car? :-P
Why do we match horoscopes for marriages?
Why do women keep away from temples when they are menstruating?
Why this?
Why that?
Why what not ?!?

Questions are great! No, really. Questions are great!!! It shows that you are in search of some answers. Questioning with a willingness to learn is encouraging! But questioning with disbelief is atrocious!!!! Not acceptable! Did u hear what I just said. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

If you seek for answers with belief and with an attitude to learn and grow, you'll get all answers and not a single question of yours will go unanswered! It's just that, you have to make an effort to find out! Read as much as you can! Ask people! Google will also be glad to help you :-P , but only if you want to help yourselves

Call it blind faith! Call it superstition! Call it foolishness! We don't care what you think about us!!! If you question us and our faith with disbelief, sarcasm and derogatory comments, all I would like to say is, "Go to hell!!!" :-P :-P ( Well, if you believe that one exists! ;-) ) LOL!

Its pretty sad to see that many people these days think they are atheists just because of ignorance! The worst part is that, neither are they willing to grow nor do they let others' to! 

It ain't cool to talk crap about someone else's beliefs' just because you are ignorant. You lack the knowledge. You! you!! you!!!. And if your ignorance leads to disbelief, its a real pity! 

Referring to religious scriptures is the least you can do and the most you can do is ofcourse "believing"!! :) :) :)

"Seeing is always not believing! 
Sometimes, it's good to believe what you haven't seen!"

Here's a small yet powerful example!

Its just that you have to resist whatever we say right? Rebel every time. Honestly, I have nothing else to say to you beacuse this picture has said it all! 

Well, this is a sad sad way to end my post but this is just what you deserve! :-P

P.S.- This is for the believers! This is the link to some great great stuff blogged by a friend of mine, Vamsi Emani. ( )

P.P.S- This is for the rebels! It's never too late to know whys and whats and hows! Take a break from your dysfunctional sitcoms and read things that really enrich you! ;-)

25th December 2012


  1. Wat to say on this... u ve a very good n deep insight, worth it of ur time spent in wrting n my time in reading..

    -s r i n i

  2. Good one :)Someday we will discuss about this one :):)