January 13, 2013


She loved him,
With all her might.
Her belief & hope,
She held tight.
She loved,
the unseen
the unknown
Neither knowing
Who he was,
Where he was...
Sometimes with God she did fight
for a lifelong partnership
a monogamous bond
and prayed for him
at times, shedding tears
of pain & happiness
day & night
For what she had was
unconditional commitment
endless devotion
Ever since she knew
 that he existed,
She loved him
from that moment,
emotionally, spiritually
mentally, physically

That's loyalty... 
My feeble understanding of something that is much more than a seven letter word. :)
Loyalty- THE way of living life.... THE very essence of life :)

13th January, 2013


  1. costly thing in the world now.. short n sweet

  2. Expected something more feminist from a female blogger..in particular, lines like

    For what she had was
    unconditional commitment
    endless devotion

    make it sound like a male-dominated version.Anyway I just thought of mentioning this and commented.I think I do understand the real subject of this .so I should not be dragging chauvinistic aspects into this and should simply enjoy the poem instead:)


    1. Ah! The idea is always to have a fair neutral approach in poems so that it caters to all :)
      Regardless of that I think that feelings and characteristics are not, and should not be classified as that of a female or a male based one. :) Traits like loyalty are seen in both men and women at same or varying intensities and should be not seen as pertaining to one gender as you mentioned quoting those lines. :))

      Well, nonetheless the idea behind the whole poem was a feeble attempt to pen down the real essence of loyalty! And as you said, without thinking of other aspects just enjoy the poem as it just is one or more than that?! :-P ;-)

      Haha, thanks for dropping by and commenting.
      Appreciate it!

      :) :)