November 2, 2011

An Absolute Theory of Relativity!!

Disclaimer: Nope, I’m not gonna talk about hi-tech Einstein stuff here!!!

Welcome to the Big Bad World..!!!**Evil music in the background** :-P

I see everything in this world as relative…!!! Something bad might be relatively good or something good enough might be relatively bad !!!
People seem to be nice...*read again* SEEM to be nice!! :-O

Well well well, are they really???
They are actually someone from inside, and someone else from outside!!!

A buddy you might be knowing since so many years one fine day turn outta be some-slutty-character !! :-/
But helllllooooooooo?? Why couldn't you see it before?? 
Simple, your friend didn't want to portray himself/ herself like that in front of the world, whereas he/she was that kinda person all the time! He could be two-timing/ double-dating..!! Anything and everything is possible..!!!! 

#You.Call.This.A.Life?? Go.Die!!!!!

I see people who say they are religious….Doing Aarti and Pooja on one hand and abusing/ swearing at the same time, while talking to a friend! What is the point of praying then? How can the heart of a person be clean if his words and thoughts aren't???
#I.Pity.U! Get.A.Life.Dude!!!!

I have also seen people, who very cleverly manage to impress people, say that they are so caring and loving….(BULLSHIT I TELL YOU)..!!!!!!!!! :-@ They are the ones, who are masters in bitching about people, even about their so-called-best-friends!!!

People of the kind, who when see elders, touch their feet and take blessings, also have often visits to brothels!!

What has this world come to ?

Are these people good or bad ?? Or is it *okay* to be like this ?? (0_O) Can we classify people on the basis of such things ?? Or not ???

Why is something relatively good or bad ??? Why isn't someone absolutely good or bad ????

Why ????? 

A concerned soul,2nd November 2011

Happy Bday SRK! :-D


  1. i dont know what to say . but again wen u show urself as what u are, ppl do get disappointed right? a person says he not interested in temple frankly becomes bad guy and guy who talks about culture religion becomes a good one . society is to be blamed for it . but again no one except ur parents will be true to u . at some point ppl will change . important is do we change outself and become like them or we still be good to all and make our own identity . :)

  2. Nice topic to write about. Mostly no one is a complete manifestation of total good or total bad. People say it is perspective. Yes, there is perspective too. A guy visiting a brothel would not really think it is bad when an other fellow around him does it. Good and Bad are relative as you said. Whenever I get lost in this relativity failing to understand is-this-good or is-this-bad, I'd simply turn to god and question my conscience, Will god appreciate me doing this? If yes, I will go ahead, If no, I will dump it then and there whatever the task be.

  3. its very practical observation...:)
    its a second kind of E=M*C^2..
    very difficult to understand it..!

  4. and divya how u know person talking to u is telling all the truth about himself?one can never find out . and by time one finds out its tooooo late .... well lets say a person has a past but because u dont like a person who has a past, why would he/she ever disclose it to u ? not all r idiots right :P one some times crave for acceptance so he or she always will keep changing his views and lie about themself to be in good books of society they live in :)

  5. mind over matter...!!! :)

  6. I am just speechless, I have asked the same question to me for n... number of times, My heart pounds. I donno where the society is heading towards, But one thing is sure, Its not going on a right track. I am seeing this like a Child's Outcry. You are not a Child, But (heart and soul)and of course Each and every human's sub (cons)) soul is a child. May dharma/Ethics saves this world.
    Peace peace peace !!!

  7. I really like this topic! I completely agree. The world is exactly how Shakesphere's Seven Ages portrays it to be "All worlds a stage and all men and women merely players"

  8. You are a clean observer and well written :)

  9. I totally agree with every line.
    "SEEM to be nice".. How true! How they act as if they are soo sweet, caring and understanding in the beginning .. but they walk around with fake feelings inside and fake smile outside. Its better to show the true face beforehand than to show at last.

    Everyone has their own right and wrongs. We may seem perfect to ourself but from other persons view..we may not! Everyone has their own good and bad, likes and dislikes! Our life, Our rules! Do what seems good to you!

    At my wits end today because of those "Sly.Double.Faced.People" .
    And your post is like adding fuel to my anger .. ;-P

    Too good divs! :-)

  10. Well..u made me speechless...
    gHosh dunno wat to say...i just lovd it!!

  11. VeeKay :: Yes! Absolutely! Well said! :)

    Abhishek :: Hehe...Yeah yaar! <3

    procrastinatingdevilsworkshop :: :) :)

    sri :: Yes srinath..!! True yaar!! :) Its kalyugam afterall!

    Aloo :: thanku!

    Divya Ravi :: Yes dear..very true!

    Santhosh :: Thankuuuuuuuu :D

    Bhagya :: thanku thanku!! <3 <3

    Vishakha :: Hehehe...thanks a ton! muaah!

  12. sensational revelations!!;) ;)
    follow up with another expose soon!

  13. Divya you clearly jotted ma thoughts so well :)

  14. very nice article...loved it to the core :)

  15. Shwethika :: Hehe! Yep :-P Sensational comment! I muss say! :*

    Annapoorani :: Hey..! Thanks a million for the appreciation! :))

  16. This one was super cool gal....People are like that....bitchy mean and vicious:P:P...According to me ( you know this also ) that we can't find any one absolutely perfect ,so we should try to be in company of guys who are relatively good :):) Special mention :: Whatever u have written about double faced people is 200% perfect...:):)and this was one of the posts which just provoked a smile on my face ..:):)

  17. Vishwas :: Your awesome comment also provoked a smile on my face! THANKS!! :) :) :)