November 27, 2011

Im-mobile-ized life

Life and its complications….!!! Tell me about it…..!!! ;-P
In this fast moving pace of life…..Sometimes we ourselves add to the complications unknowingly, sometimes knowingly…sometimes the changing trends in our generation forces us to do it…!!!

It’s high time we get back to the basics…and cut the crap outta life..!!! And I mean it..!!! :-D
In this daily hush-hush we start focusing on the not-so-important-things!!!

Here, I compare our life to a mobile phone…. B-) :-D
[I know it’s a crazy idea….still :-P]

Like the good old days, where life was simple and so easy….and these days where even for a little stupid thing we have so much confusion on taking a decision! :-O :-/

The basic function of a mobile is connectivity..! Ain’t it ?? ;-)
The basic functions being messaging and calling!! :-D
Well, yes, right now I’m talking about a dabba phone( dabba- pet name for a basic phone :-P), and most of the time people using a basic mobile get a look from other people as if they were an extra-terrestrial creature! :-P (I have experienced it :-P)
But WDH!! Ain’t the purpose is served??! Ofcourse it is !!!
It’s simple, sweet n straight forward!!! :-D

Sometimes somethings which were never options for consideration become important options all of a sudden! Why? Why this shift in priority??

Addition of more functions to the basic ones most of the time end up adulterating the basic functions…Also true for our life… All these hi-tech gadgets are so useless… I just don’t get it why people are so mad about it ??!!! :-D :-O
The more the options, like in a touch screen phone, it has blah blah blah…. more is the probability of it getting hanged or whatever..!!
Same is the case with life….more options…more confusion…!!!
As I already said…. More unnecessary options imply adulteration of the very basic functions!!
(You are getting me now I guess :-P)
And this is how the whole system collapses!


Hi-tech phones….Invest more…!!...(not to forget the big hole in the pocket ;-)) Well, temporary happiness… Flaunting- shonting ;-) !! Might work initially…!! Then, the problems!!!... *buhaha*
Life, in comparison….is just the same…it should be simple like a dabba phone… "minding ones’ own business"..and not to forget…"doing ones’ own business properly and efficiently"…!!! Indulgence on unnecessary things is on the high these days…people just don’t get it…the real essence of life is not in these glam-sham things…but is with the basic things we have…!!!
Maybe comparing our life with a mobile is not a very good idea…!!! :-P
But, it’s again one of my crazy ideas which drives me to write crazy stuff…hence I thought of penning it down :-)

Infact, left to me, I would never recommend using a mobile! It’s an utter waste of time and everyone knows about the harmful effects the radiations cause! Nothing to beat meeting a person in person ;-) and saying hi! Nothing to beat playing a game with a friend rather than angry birds on an application! Or even a conference call? Why not an outing/ picnic with all those friends! With the increase in innovation, we forget our roots, get back to the basics guys! It’s worth it! :-)



And time flies! Doesn't it!!! I hope its not too late before you realize that you have lost it all. Go home, spend time with your parents, grandparents! TALK to them! Throw away your mobile for a while! Feel the real essence of the people in your life, and get down to the real mode of communication!!! :-) :-) 

P.S.  No doubt that the more options a mobile or life gives, the more is the flexibility and we have variety to choose from, but at the end of the day, simplicity is what wins the show, and no one wants a flop show!...Ummm...Do you?? ;-) ;-) :-P

27th November 2011


  1. More unnecessary options imply adulteration of the very basic functions loved this lineeeeeee

  2. excellent :D i read how mobile has effected ur social life in not so good way before . but ur comparison it to simple ,complicated life of humans is amazinggg . lovely post mam . keep it up :)

  3. I am not much of a talker in the basic 'REAL' mode your talkibt about as much as I am in the virtual mode. no wonder I really like gadgets :D anyways nice post :)

  4. whos whoa whoa...

    i will kill my phone now... cuz the biblical blog has forbidden us to use them... ;) :P :P

    anyway... its an awesome post... with a nice philosophical touch and a comical bend in it... :) :) :)

  5. Aloo :: Thanks for the prompt response! :)

    Vamsi :: Yeah! No wonder!! ;-) Thanks!! :-)

    Tripti :: Thanks a lot yaar! <3 <3

  6. Umm.. Agreed! Talking in person can't even be compared to talking over a mobile! The feel completely differs :P

    Anyways, nice post divs.. :)

  7. Very apt post given the extent to which technology has literally taken over our lives. For some, the use of mobile phones and other gadgets falls more on the lines of mandatory evils due to the nature of their jobs etc. As for other, they really need to get a life! :)

  8. Each of the illustrations in your posts have a story to tell!
    Speaks a lot about the amount of effort you put!
    Kudos to you!

  9. Shwethika(Anonymous) :: Hey...Thanks a ton!!! :) :)*elated* :) :)