March 26, 2017

A glorious decade with the Art of Living

The air has never been so fresh for me to breathe
I have all the tools to empower myself and fulfill my needs

The Art of Living has enriched me with a new lease of life
The same situations, I see in a new light

If not for this, I would have by now been rotten
Peace and happiness, for sure forgotten

A rebirth and a second chance at life, I get
Living life in the present, I will not forget

This grace, inner-expansion and freedom give me a high
For receiving all this abundance, I will not ask why

I know I’m the chosen one and here for a higher purpose
Guided by the divine with the highest purpose

Throwing away all the baggage of the past
Re-starting again and again and again…at-last!!!

Not getting caught in the mental chatter
Focusing on things that really matter

The Art of Living programs make you the way
God intended to make man (or woman)
Humility, happiness and gratefulness become your core
You appreciate life and lives attached, more and more

The Art of Living, guides and gives you a lot
Life is a celebration, believe it or not

It makes you stronger and a true achiever
And most importantly, a giver and a believer

This year marks a decade of my association with The Art of Living.  
I feel on top of the world.

This post is a result of my experience in the DSN Program (a highly transformational course offered by the Art of Living) with Anand Rajendran Ji in March 2017.

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  1. Congratulations for being in the path of Guru Joy for 10 years... Best wishes to spread your joy and happiness wherever get in touch with you.

  2. I could feel the purity in you through your writing ❤️
    So blessed and lucky you are to be in this path, happy soul !! 😊

    1. Thanks a ton dearest Bhagya. Happy to receive your warm wishes! :)

  3. Superb.... Keep rocking... Jai Guru Dev....

  4. Dear Divya,
    After reading your blog, I was amazed... And I had this "Vismaya Mudra" expression on my face.
    Awesome piece of creative writing... I liked the depth of your feelings put into simple terminology... It is very thoughtful of you to be so related to Gurudev... And this association is a way long process... And you and me are lucky to be in this path.. Keep up the good work...
    Lots of love and light

    1. Dear Mam, thanks a ton for all your appreciation!!! We are lucky indeed!! :)