December 13, 2013

A Note to Self

A smooth ascent is all we need,
A sorrow-less life to the Almighty, I plead!
Good deeds, we all must do
Yes, without any further ado!!!!

Intentions good, we must keep
To help out people, that we can reach (to)
Doing right, when not being noted
Is the way in the Supreme's eye, we’d be doted

Peace of mind, we crave for
God has always blessed us; 
with way more than we have asked for

I humbly address the Divine,
To give me foresight,
So that I can lead a life that is
Simple, fulfilling and bright!

He helps us throw away these rotten slices
Greed, jealously, avarice and the other vices
The unseen Force enriches our living
Keeps us away from materialistic cravings

Up we go, in the ladder of life
Keeping in mind what’s wrong and right
Uplifting others, with gaiety & might
To the Lord from up above,
wouldn't this be a wonderful sight?