November 15, 2013

Situational Musing


so cheer up, as the God's have sent
challenges and opportunities for you on rent
even if for something, you are hell-bent
only those things happen, that are for you meant

refrain from indulging in anything in the present
that'll make you & your tomorrow repent
analyzing the time till now you've spent
cannot change already the incurred dents

confusion persists at most times
all I'm doing now is whine :-|
the time now is not all that fine
hence sat down, to type a poem that rhymes :P

hopeless as i can get
riding a low tide now, you bet
its not hard as it now seems
life looks like an unfinished dream

having loads to achieve in life
where problems are a rife
its just as if at my neck, pointed a knife
why does success come only after strife?

crucial decisions for me await
how much of me is this gonna take?
body mind & soul, this does consume
all will be good thereafter, i presume


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