February 23, 2012

Self- Destruction

SOMETIMES, you become your biggest enemy in life. Because what you do, is something no one else can. "Worrying 'constantly'". It kills! Not just kills, it paralyses you forever if you are not strong enough to get over it. And this is what you do-  Make them look even more complicated than they actually are! It taints your mind and steals your joy.

The truth is that we all are addicted to worrying. We love worrying. ;-)
Even if we don't have anything to worry about, we worry about what to worry about. :-/
When you start worrying, you are in what I call the "Automatic-Self-Destruction-Mode" !!!!

Sometimes life seems to be perfect, everything is in place, just as you wanted. I'm talking outta experience. And that's when you start worrying more, "OMG! How can my life be so perfect? Something is surely wrong! Is something bad gonna happen??" :-O Sometimes I worry about being a success in this mediocre world. ;-)

Worry is a misuse of your imagination.- Dan Zadra

Yes, life can get tough at times, but not "every" time!!! C'mon! You are not born to suffer. You are not meant to feel miserable everyday. And why blame karma? What goes around comes around. So, if you are worried more than required, it's really not gonna help. And you know what, most of the things you worry about don't even happen. :-)

You know what they say about worrying? "DON'T" !!! :)

Worrying about what people think? That's the least you should worry about. There are a very few people who really 'think'! :-P :-P Worry is like rust upon the blade. It is not movement that destroys the machinery, but friction. Think about it!

It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there's nothing you can do about them, and why worry about things you do control? The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized.- Wayne Dyer

And as George Washington rightly said, "Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble." So if you ain't a troublemaker, you do what you ought to do, then, don't worry, be happy and the rest will be taken care of on its own. :-)

Life is no less than a mystery, let each chapter unfold on it's own. Wait and watch what happens. Today's action determines tomorrow's consequences. Work on the present, if you really want tomorrow to be a 'present'. And if you are good, you'll get what is good enough! ;-) Worrying is not gonna help AT ALL. :-) 

So STOP worrying, NOW!!!!!!!!

23rd February, 2012


  1. Every word in your post is 110% true and after seeing this post I am thinking whether I am competent enough to give a compliment ...Great writing ..:):)

  2. jo bi hoga janeman deka jayega, kal ke liye aaj ko na khona , aaj yeh na kal aayega :) perefect song for this post i guess . Excellent post :)

  3. naaaiiice post...!!! :) :) :)

  4. I do worry a lot about death which is not in our hands as you said. But I don;t regret it, It drives me to get the best and be the best in life. Thoughtful post. A good read :)

  5. Self-destruction is one of the seven basic character flaws or negative personality traits. AS you said Divya we ourselves are the greatest enemey and friend as well. Day by day i see New form of divya. good work. Excellent.

  6. Vishwas :: C'mon!! Don't say that :-O And, Thanks a gazillion!! :-D

    Aloo :: I have never heard this song! lol. Anyways, sounds apt! Thanks! :))

    Anon :: Thanku! :) :) :) ;)

    Vamsi :: Taking worry in a positive stride. Awesome! You are the best, indeed :) Thanks Vam-see! :-D

    Mahalakshmi Mam :: Thanku so so so much!! You are so generous and kind! :))

  7. The human mind is a complex structure; and like a computer program that can be destroyed by a virus, it is susceptible to all kinds of destructions— be it the destruction taking shape inside an extremist’s mind or depression or self destruction resulting from imbalanced thoughts. But again there is a positive side to it. By the virtue of being most evolved and close to divinity human mind also has power to receive the spiritual message to heal. The human mind is not only capable of helping it self out of danger and destruction, it also has the power to heal other fellow beings from the all kinds of sorrows they can find themselves.

  8. Wonderful post. I do worry a lot so could completely relate with it ;)

  9. wow!dat was some really serious stuff!ur really really really good divz!
    PS:missed all the colourful pictures though!:/

  10. Saranya ParthasarathyFebruary 28, 2012 at 9:33 PM

    Easy to write and read.... Good one as usual..

  11. I used keep worrying about everything. Now tho I least bother about anything. No one really cares if we worry. It only makes us worry so much.
    Very nice post divs. :)

  12. Murali :: Yes! :)

    Divya Ravi :: We all worry dear! We ALL do! ;)

    Shwethika :: Well, sweetheart colourful pics wouldn't go with this genre! So...! :))

    Saranya :: Thanku!

    Bagya :: True! Most of them are happy to see us worried! Jerks! lol