October 10, 2013

Life - As we know it!

Living life in totality
Is nothing but acceptance
of the magnanimity of life
The tiniest of our actions
that ripple repercussions
The realization of the Self
Belief in the Formless
Enjoying the everyday Chaos
Knowing that it will all eventually settle
Accepting death
Knowing that we make an impact on
every single person we meet
Acceptance of Life of every form
The Evolution of our Mind
The flowering of our thoughts
To Love, To be loved
Overcoming laziness
Liking being busy
Taking a stand in this slippery world
And marking a place for ourselves
In-spite of knowing that nothing is forever
The realization that some people are more fortunate than the others
And that everyone is running a race, one of a kind
Stop judging people
Knowing that bad things don't last, it never does!
Facing hardships head-on
Breaking down; Gearing up again!!
Living life in totality is being grateful
For everything
This Life
This very moment
Being still from within despite all the commotion and the madness
Life is amusing....
Life is amazing...
When we live life in totality
As a spectator of all events
With acceptance
With great courage
We survive, We live, We thrive!!!!

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