June 15, 2013

When Ignorance Becomes Idiotic!

OK. This is it. Things have gone over the top for me! :-P

Noted and agreed, everyone is made fun of. The favorite targets being Bengalis, South Indians, Biharis & Gujjus. But to an ignorant man, what is projected is imprinted in his grey matter and often wrongly assumed and accepted. It's just so sad seeing the pre-conceived notions that most North Indians have about South Indians. And today, I'm gonna clear it! Jaago graahak jaago! :-P

1) The Definition of South India
This is first and foremost concept that has to be cleared to the concerned people :-P There are 4 States namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu. (Also UTs Pondicherry and Lakshadweep) :-P

2) We all are not MADRAASEES !!!
Chennai was Madras before. But long ago. Not now. People from TN are Tamilians. From Kerala are Keralites/ Malayalees. From Andhra Pradesh are Andhraites. and the ones from Karnataka are Kannadigas. Kindly get this right. So in future, don't call ANY South Indian a Madraasi!

3) We all don't speak the same language!! Even though it sounds all the same to you! :-P
Andhraites speak Telugu.
Kannadigas speak Kannada.
Keralites speak Malayalam.
Tamilians speak Tamil.

It's like saying Marathi and Gujarati are same! Is it? LOL!

Two languages might be similar, but not same. If they all sound the same to you, then it is your inability to distinguish between them! ;-P

4) Idli Dosa Vada Sambar!!!
Oh my gosh! We all don't keep eating Idli Dosa Vada Uthapam & Sambar all the time!!! There are other delicacies as well. That too different ones in all the four states. Plus, making the batter for dosa and idli is a tedious task so the next time when you see a South Indian friend don't pester him for big home-made idli sambar treat for your whole group! :-P Mind it! ;-) Romba Khastam! ;-)

5) Bharatanatyam...
It's not the only dance form we know!! That typical neck movement. That typical hand mudra and that typical eye movement. ;-) For the sweet love of God, believe me when I say this. This is not the only way we dance. Because in any Hindi Film or Serial this is what is portrayed! SO LAME! *facepalm*
FYI- Kerala is famous for its dance form called Kathakali.
Karnataka for Dollu Kunitha and Veeragaase Dance.
Andhra Pradesh for Kuchipudi & Kolattam.

6) All South Indians are not DARK SKINNED!
In many places, a South Indian is depicted often as a person with dark skin. This is totally wrong. And it's not at all true. I can give you several examples. Sridevi. Hema Malini. Rekha. Vidya Balan. Me. :-P
So kindly remove such inappropriate notions from your mind! North India has their own share of dark skinned people so why this racism for South Indians?

7) All South Indians are Intelligent. Ofcourse........not!
All states have people with all kinds of intellects. So when people say that all South Indians are brainy or intelligent I don't fully agree! But feels good while hearing that and there might be a good reason why people feel so! ;-)

8) South Indian women don't wear Silk Kanjeevaram Sarees everyday! :-P
Often this is how a South Indian woman is depicted but she surely is decked up so for an occasion but not daily!! You think that in the horrible weather that Chennai has one could wear a heavy silk saree everyday!? No way!

9) South Indian Festivals!
A dear friend of mine always used to wish me on Onam! And, I always used to tell her that I don't celebrate Onam. Well she hasn't got that till now! :-P
Onam is celebrated by Malayalees.
Pongal by Tamilians.
Ugadi by Andhraites and Kannadigas.
Well, is this so hard to remember? ;-)

I dunno what's with the big fuss about representing South Indians in a horribly derogatory way in Hindi Films. Well, it's funny upto a certain extent but it surely doesn't make sense if it's over-done and most importantly wrongly-done. And do pray tell me, how many of you North Indians are willing to learn Tamil or Malayalam and survive & settle in South India? You'll atleast find a handful of South Indians in North India who have picked up Hindi and are managing excellently!

Bollywood movies/ serials and ADs portray South Indians in a stereotyped way, which really hurts their sentiments. Seen that Voltas AD with Murthy & Meenakshi? :-P SRKs awful portrayal of a South Indian in Ra.One as Shekar Subramanium wherein he eats Maggi & Curd (Ewww) and the way he speaks Hindi in a dialect. Mehmood Ali's role as Master Pillai in Padosan (Ek Chatur Naar Badi Hoshiyaar). Haha! And so many more!

Well, I have perhaps taken all these and so many more in a lighter vein but the credit for this write up will totally go to Deepika Padukone for ANYONE'S WORST EVER portrayal of a South Indian in Hindi Cinema (Chennai Express)! This is the effect of just the TRAILER on me.
Awful. Terrible. The Agony. So Insulting and Lame! Being a Kannadiga yourself, you should have done a better job! Next time, you step into Tamil Nadu be careful you might be welcomed by rotten tomatoes! :-P :-P This time, your good looks ain't gonna save you as you have surely disappointed even your biggest South Indian Fan, I BET!! Hah!


  1. Divyaji on fire :P. I agree with you to some extent. Making fun of someone is cool only if it doesn't hurt their sentiments. You can't disrepect a particular culture, language and then claim it to be frolic. But why should we bother divya. Many people make fun of my state too but I don't care :P. Screw them boss, they are pathetic and lame souls. Deepika has done what she has been told by director, so tomato attack on her will not be good. Leave the poor gal da, she is very beautiful :P ;-)

    1. Ya ya :P Poor girl she is! :P
      Vishwas, the harm has already been done! I'm just concerned about the wrong impact that's gonna be made on the ignorant people. That's the only intent in my post and plus, a little gyan about SIs in general. Trust me, most NIs don't know this! :P Everyone is not like you na! :P