January 20, 2012

Man vs Machine

Greetings, Slaves of Technology!!
How do you do? ;-)

Well, IF the alarm clock woke you up, the coffee- maker made you coffee, the toaster made you breakfast, the vacuum cleaner kept your house tidy, the dishwasher did your dirty dishes, the washing machine cleaned your clothes, the car took you to work, you worked out at the gym and then the microwave made you your dinner, I guess, you had a great day! [The routine- That's what they call it ;-)]

In this world everything has become mechanical, electrical and, now digital! :-/ Which I find is good in some ways and bad in many. With the passage of time, man is becoming more and more dependent on machines! I dont see anyone striking a balance between being self-dependent and being machine- dependent. No doubt, in this world, luxury has become more of a necessity but if you are in a situation wherein you feel that, 
Oh, the gyms closed today, how the hell am I gonna exercise?? or Ohh! The microwave is not working, let’s order Chinese food from outsidethen youre in for some serious trouble mister!!

What do you think in the good old days people used to run on the treadmill to burn that extra fat? Theres a freaking park outside, AND LOOK!, complimentary fresh air, run for your life!!! :-P And what do you have a stove for, to complete the look of your kitchen?? I am sure that you started thinking of the stove in the kitchen as the vermiform appendix- the vestigial organ in your body! LOL! So what if youre a working woman? You wouldn't die if you yourself cooked with your own hands on the stove for your family!!!

What you dont realize is that you have started to believe that you cannot manage without these aids! Whereas you can, honey. :-)
Machines earlier used to be present only in factories and now, there
s a machine for every simple job you can do on your own, and trust me its all at your home, for no good reason, and it is, in all ways influencing your lifestyle in all aspects! 

After a whole day of sedentary work in the office, well, it
s kinda the same at home, aint it? Coz you aint doing anything! :-P But do make sure to oil the joints, tighten up the screws of those machines and make sure that the wires have their insulation intact. What you dont realize is that, just the way you take care of your machines well being (yes, it has become as important as your family member), it is important to take care of your own health.

Sedentary life is like slow poisoning, it kills you ultimately and for free, you get a whole range of diseases, well, everything you get for free is not good. ;-)

Machines have of course helped mankind save time on so many things, but a machine for everything? SERIOUSLY?

"Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three - and paradise is when you have none."- Doug Larson

A classic example is a vending machine! I know it
s awesome-technology, but really, if you had those stuff in a shop, probably you could have a few people employed and make them earn for their bread and butter. And you talk about charity, donating stuff to the poor? Yeah right, whos even thinking about them? I am sure you are so concerned!!! :-O

Our lives begin with the help of machines and end with the help of them, they arent really gonna let go of you that easily. Electrical cremation, yes, a machine is gonna help you become ashes even after you die, you should be sooo grateful to it, right?  :-O 

Oh yeah, then there
s a power cut!! Its like a nightmare right? Think about this, take two situations:
Uncle George passed away in Santa Cruz, and youre like Awww Ohh,
The power is off since three hours, and youre like OMG really??? Life is so unfair!! Why does this happen to me. For what is God taking revenge on me??
Hmph, justified arent you?

People used to live without fans, and you are crying because you are dying without the AC because of a power-cut! BRAVO!!!

"War destroys men, but luxury destroys mankind; at once corrupts the body and the mind."- John Crowne
Technology has saved so many lives, has made life so easier, you save a lotta time and get the job done. I'm not questioning the power of technology, here, I dare not. But, everything has its pros and cons. A pair of arms and legs used to be mans closest friends and assistants to perform his errands. But as the time passed by, man used his wit and power and invented various easygoing gadgets to perform his work without putting any pressure on his shoulders. Invention of machines and gadgets has made his life so easy that at a very slow pace he started becoming dependent of machines for everything.

Sounds like the invasion of aliens on earthlings. Geez!!
Dont become a victim to these machines, do your work as much as you can on your own, its for your own good, for whatever you cant you always have a machine to help you out :-)

Dont make using a machine your default option is what I wanna to convey to my readers :-)

Note-  When I mean machine, I mean anything that is invented by man that works on electricity, or any other mechanism. You might call it a gadget. Or a subset of what technology has gifted you, which in-turn was developed my man.  
20th January, 2012
(This article was typed on MS Word, and why didnt I use a paper and a pen to write it down initially? Well, typing is more convenient!!


  1. Funny...And TRUE !!! ;)

  2. machine is anything that makes your life simpler :) says aamirkhan:P nice post :)

  3. true. We take devices for granted!:)

  4. Very Nice one ...:):)

  5. Sachin :: I think only you found it funny! ;-) Atleast you acknowledged it!! Thanks!! :D

    Aloo, Ajay :: :) Thanks guys!

    Vishwas :: Thanks a lot!! :D :D

  6. there is nither a microwave at my home nor do I hit the gym or use tread mills. nevertheless gadgets and computers excite me. inventions are cool and they can be embraced if they make a task simpler but certainly not when they make us entirely dependent on them. like the ac example u quoted. liked that. nice post dm. :)

  7. that was really fun to read!i loved the whole look of this post!awesome!

    P.S:17833 and still going strong!;)

  8. Nice.. the best thing in it is dat, itz a fact concerned with evryone of us bt none of us dare to change.. too lazy nah..lol..:P

  9. wel said.... bt sadly truely nothin wil improve.... cheers 4 u.... n cheers to machines...!!!

  10. what can I say. Its brilliant..DM i will quit going to gym from today :P
    and guess what I feel weird to use my laptop to post this comment. I should have told you my comment to actually prove that you motivated me to be less machine dependent. and that 'gym is closed' wala line, i bet melwyn says that everytime gym is closed. Thanx da.. now there is a small assignment for you. Guess who m I :P :P

  11. World has started running behind money 24*7. So no other go for the 'low-level' sapiens than to be 'machine-dependent' ;)

    I am #GooglingNow how a dishwasher works.I have not seen one :P

    Nice post :D

  12. Vamsi :: Thanxx!! :)

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    Bhagya :: :) :) :) Thanks dear!!

  13. I certainly agree with most of what you have mentioned. I think that although the advent of modern gadgets and technology have made man lazier and more dependent, they have also made our difficult lives much easier. In the olden days, people were not in pressurizing jobs that kept you in office for the whole day so people could manually do daily chores but it is just not possible in today's world. Love the picture you've chosen for this post! :)

  14. Superb posting, I share the same views. I wonder why this particular world truly does not picture for a moment like me and also the blog site creator :D

  15. Divya Ravi :: True... :) :) Thanks!

    Anonymous :: THANKS!! :-D