January 27, 2012

The Invitation

Now, when I say invitation, what comes to your mind?
What have you been “inviting” of-lately? ;-)

'Inviting' people, and in-turn 'inviting' problems?
Not 'inviting' people, and in-turn 'inviting' problems?

It’s pretty simple, when you talk about a wedding invitation, you can find the app for both the above mentioned situations. Coz boss, you gotta understand one thing, there are all kindsa people out there and you have to cater to their needs at times (well, another class of people will say, “why should I cater to others’ needs, when they aren’t to mine?’ Fine, Agreed!) But when it comes to a wedding invitation, things get really really serious, what we are talking about here is a wedding, and that’s no child's play!

The following is a guide to, 
“How YOU invite problems, with/ without inviting people” 
Okay, now, assume that your daughter Andrea is getting married. And you gotta invite a coupla people for the wedding.  What you have to understand is that, you know a lotta people who vary in the degrees of closeness, and if you don’t make them feel that appropriately close as a consequence of your actions, then, here you go, you have already invited a tiny winy problem, by not even doing anything! 
(I’m sure your thinking, “Holy Crap!!”) ;-)

Well, everyone has their own expectations from you and c’mon you didn’t intend to make them mad! 
Didn’t you! ;-)
Here are some situational examples, in decreasing order of closeness of people you are inviting!

A & B (family) talking, “Andrea was this small when she was born, and look she’s getting married now, oh how time flies!! I’m sure they’ll come home this weekend to invite us.”
What did you do? Invited them over the phone! :-/

C & D (family friends) talking, “Hey did you hear Andrea is getting married, strange we didn’t get a call for the wedding yet!!”
And what did you do? Posted them just a card, inviting them.

E & F (Distant Relatives, living away) talking, “Hey did you hear the great news, our Andrea….. we should have got the card by now”.
And you? Forgot to invite them!!!!!

K, L & M (your best friends) talking, “Hey guys Andrea’s getting married…and they didn’t invite us  :-(”
And what were you thinking??? You mentioned to them once that Andrea is getting married, as soon as it got fixed!! So that’s not actually an invitation is it? 

When K calls you up to ask you why you didn’t, you’d be like (there are two ways to handle this) 
“Oh C’mon!!!!! You’re my best buddies!!! Why do I need to invite you, it’s OUR family function, do I have to be so formal about the invitation?? Now, since when did we get formal??”
“Hey I didn’t invite you because I knew you’d be busy and you anyway wouldn’t make it to the wedding” :-/

This is what I hate about people…when they ASSUME things!!! As if you are accurate in your assumptions!!! 
I don’t get people who assume things about you (which is 95% of the time a wrong assumption!!), and on their wrongly assumed basis, they act, which adds to the mess!!!

Your business is to invite them properly, in the appropriate manner according to the priority, whether they make it to the wedding or what is their wish!! Make sure that you give them no chance to complain. By doing something that is not expected from you or by not doing anything at all. Because that's what people do, expect, complain and comment (generously).  This is how simple it is to invite trouble!!! 

So, know your priorities, act accordingly, express generously, don't assume things,and hey!! don't forget to enjoy the wedding! ;-) ;-)

27th January 2012


  1. Uff..I know right?..Too many formalities...LOL

  2. okay okay... i get that... i will give you a proper grand invitation... ;) :P :P :P

    with a grand guy accompanying it, if you have him... every time... ;) :P :P :P

    just joking da...!!

    the bottom line is that... i will never assume... <3

  3. Shwethika :: Thanks :)

    Sachin :: Haha...I think its okay, to see that everything goes on well and accomplishing it successfully is an achievement, then it's fun I guess, and its worth the experience! :) :)
    Too many formalities eh?? Your getting married only once na!! So whats the problem?? :P :P

    Procras.... Tripti :: GOOD! :)

  4. Kuch to log kahenge , logo ka kaam hain kehna .

  5. Hehe nice one. Enjoyed reading it! :D

  6. Funny as well as a thoughtful post :)

    Nice one divs :)

  7. Aloo :: :-)

    Divya, Bhagya :: Thankuuu! <3

  8. Nice post....loved the part where u talked about people making assumptions.....I have seen lot of ppl who say o so sorry I thought and then BLAH BLAH.....and will again read this post before my marriage for proper revision...:):):)

  9. Vishwas :: Hehe.. :)) Par sahi baat hai...Ppl assume a lot :-/ :))