August 10, 2012

((( I AM )))

I am Love
I am Young
I am Strong
I am Health
I am Wealth
I am Energy
I am Divinity
I am Creative
I am Integrity
I am Thankful
I am Goodness
I am Happiness
I am Well-being
I am Abundance
I am Enlightened


The power of I AM is incredible. It is my real identity. The presence of God in me. What I attach to myself with conviction is what I become. It's very important to realize who you are and what powers you possess. By listening to the silence and the power which lies in the energy of I AM you activate the divine love, peace and well-being which is your natural state. You are actually reclaiming who you really are! 

Be careful in what you want to be because I AM has the power to either free you or limit you.

What I think, I become
What I want, I get
What I feel, I express
What I aspire for, I achieve 

(Inspiration- The picture posted above is the sole source of inspiration for this write- up. I could see, feel and experience so much power from it that it transformed into these words! :D :D Hence proved "A picture can speak a thousand words." )

August 10th, 2012


  1. Wonderful post. Excellent food for thought. Also, strangely, as I was reading the I am... one after the other, I realized at some point that I was reading it erroneously (???) as Om... . Can't figure out why that happened. Any clue?

    1. Dad! Thanks a ton! <3 :*
      Wow really? That's great!! It's the same actually. When you say “I AM” you are proclaiming the presence of God within you. It is called “Om” in India, and many chant the word “Om” as a mantra, as we already know. In Sanskrit, the mantra means an instrument of thought. :)

    2. Ayam in sanskrit means "this". "Ayam"= "I am" is the crux of Advaita. :-)

  2. Good Job Girl :) Loved the way u started and ended the post.Yes, Everyone must find an answer for the question" Who is he?". And I just love ur ability to produce a masterpiece time and again :)

    1. I beg to differ here Vishwas. Here I'm not finding a question to who I am. I already know who I am. (I as in not literally 'I' here). My statements are such that they know about what I believe I am made of and even if I'm not that now, I soon shall become one. That's the power of I AM. There's no space for negativity or ifs and buts! It's not about discovering yourself. In nutshell, it's about knowing who you are, what you are capable of, how you see yourself in the future and the right things you need to think, say and do to ultimately accomplish that!

      Masterpiece? Hehe.. THANKS A TON!!! :) :)

    2. Understood Madam :)....It's all about knowing urself and then using ur ability to accomplish whatever u want :) Correct me if I am u are talking about the power of knowing urself as in knowing(Power source)-acting(Power utilized)-accomplishing(Power converted into positive energy which help us to achieve whatever we want).

  3. By the way, I recommend you watch/read "The secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

    1. Oh thanks! But I have seen the movie many times and read the book as well! :)I also have Rhonda's other books too! :D

  4. Nice one Divya ... Expecting some more :-)

  5. Wow, awesome work on the picture! A very motivational post..As you say, it is all about feeling the power that is within you. I think it requires a certain amount of self realization to even hear that voice inside you. As the saying goes, "Where there is a will, there is a way". Where is there is self belief, anything is possible :)

    1. Thanks a lot Divs! :*
      Some people found the picture scary! :O I found it so inspiring! :D :P
      Yes, It's all in the mind. If you think you can, YOU CAN! :D :D

  6. I too get inspired to blog based on weirdest of things. It's crazy but I guess that's how best thoughts strike the mind. :) I agree with your words completely. It reminded me of this quote.

    "God you think, God you are! Dust you think, Dust you are"

    Nice write up :)

    1. Wow!!! I have never heard this quote before. It's simply amazing!!! Such a powerful one!!
      Thank you Vamsi! :)

  7. Jeezz! Such a beautiful picture. It took me few seconds to realize it was you.
    Kudos to you !!

    Agree with your every single line. I AM -> Self realization -> Permanent happiness. What else a man needs :)

  8. Hi,Nammazhwar also expresses this same feeling in his thiruvaimozhi "KADAL GNYALAM" (5-6)as a mother worrying about his daughter (Nammazhwar himself) to Sriman Narayana.wonderful Prabandam.If possible go through it and also its meaning.Like Bhagwath Gita,Azhwargal also has raised all the feelings we come across in our dayto day life and helped us to overcome it by channelising it towards the lotus Feet of sriman Narayana.Azhwar Thiruvadigale saranam.