March 24, 2013

the thing called life!

the clock keeps ticking,
changing things in it's stride,
playing it's tricky part
err, drifting people apart!!!!!
[the worst part]

to attach & detach
has become 'the' way of life.
to do things and then to undo it;
retracing the traversed path;
what be the point, i ask!!

in the fight of right against wrong
we learn & realize so many things
what we see; is not what is!!

an envelope of what is not
clouds our vision
which we 'think' we clearly see

illusions engulf us
bind us to the past.
which makes us feel,
that the future is dark!

living in the present
is the best thing to do
not thinking about the future
is the easiest thing to do! :P

well, you know what they say?
life goes on!
yes, it does.
what else do they say?
go with the flow!
yes, that too.
life is amusing, in it's own way.
whatever it is
this is our life
we are living it,
the thing called life!