October 2, 2011

Sweet Surrender

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna grow old with you...
I wish you’d know
I want to walk with you
Hand in hand
On the silvery sand
On the beach seeing the
Sun-rise and the sun-set!
Feeling our feet sink in the sand
While we walk
And feel the salty water 
Wash away the silt 
As we get into the water

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna grow old with you...
I wish you’d know
The way I feel for you
On those gloomy days
On those hazy evenings
And those starry nights

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna grow old with you...
Tip toeing through the sugarcane field
Living our passionate dream
Playing hide and seek
Beneath the sugary delight
And oh! Suddenly
You held me tight
I hope no one would have seen
All that would have followed that night... ;-)

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna grow old with you...
When we get drenched in the rain
Feeling every drop trickling down our face
The splashes of water I want to feel
As you take me along with you
And run your hands through my spine
O' beloved, forever be mine

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna grow old with you...
In the lush green fields
Where only the wind whispers to you and me
It’s a solemn secret that it shares with us
And it will always remain with the three of us
Lying on the grass
Feeling the breeze
Feeling the grass beneath us
In natures' cradle, we will be
All by ourselves
Baby, Just you and me

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna grow old with you...
As we dive into the sea
Amongst the star fishes and sea urchins
We swirl in the sea, dancing
Making patterns in the blue abode
We dive past by the coral reefs
A spectacular sight, we'd got to see
As we swim in the Persian Gulf
What we create is the whirlpool of love...

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna grow old with you...
I just want you to know
I wanna spend the rest of my life with you :-)

P.S.- Dedicated to "the chosen one" for me! ;-)


  1. Hmm I don't know what to say. Extremely romantic. Will dedicate this poem to my future life partner if any :D beautifully written yaar. Srk king of romance means u r queen if romance when it comes to romantic lyrics he he

  2. Nice write up DM :) I guess something's wrong me. I am so indifferent to love stories/posts like this these days. :P Guess the romantic in me is dead. One reason why there are no more posts on love on my blog these days. Hehehe. Anyways glad that you are still able to write on love :P

  3. You must have experienced at least a pinch of romanticism to write about romance ;P Tum Toh.. ahem ahem :D

    Hope you find someone like that <3

    Awesome divs :)

  4. ehhhh... someone stole my lines, already... :( :(

    so EID Parry, keeps your sugarcane fields ready... for my BFF is considering to start her love-story in there... of course with a newly recruited dude... no older bunch, please... cuz she wanna "grow old" with him...!!! ;) :P :P :P

  5. oh honey.. i too wanna grow old with ya..!!!

    loads of <3,
    your silent-and-looking-at-you-always-from-a-distance-and-not-a-stalker-:P admirer..

  6. very nice divya..excellent effort..:)keep on writing this kind of poem..great..!

  7. too good jus loved it divs....:D

  8. dis is sooo amazin.....an xact message i wanna giv t a someone..u kno who......u write tooo awsommeee....

  9. err..embarrassingly passionate..!;) Nice work Divs..n am sure all these moments will come soon in your life..;) ;)

  10. wow..!!! never read such a poem in my life...the guy in your life will be damn lucky...!!! :-D :-D
    the choice of words...photos..is superb..!!! everything is just fucking-perfect..!!!!!
    you are Shakespeare-in-the-making..!!!
    keep it up mam...!!

  11. DIVSSSS....WOW !!!!
    I know u since so many years...!!!
    You have been single forever...just waiting for ur perfect guy..!!
    School mein single...College mein single..!!! Abb toh direct shaadi !!!! :P :P (I know ur gonna kill meee for writing this, hence commenting as Anonymous )
    The Iyengar guy whoz gonna marry u will be a lucky- ass...!!! :P :P
    LOVED the poem !!! n i know its dedicated to him.... :P :P :P :P

    Guess who ?? ;-) :-P

    1. OMG thanks!
      I'm done with the guessing game now! :P

  12. yayyy... good to see your growing no of fans... divs...

  13. iyengar vadgalai to be specific i think :nice work on blog settings loved it

    1. yes ofcourse! an arranged marriage! n defo a vadakalai iyengar! :D this poem is for 'him' :D

  14. Whoa! Easy gal! Such a firey poem! Good one. I go with grandpa on this though, even I am saturated with write ups on romance.

  15. Aloo :: :-) :-)

    VeeKay :: Haha! :-)

    Bagya :: Aiyo! Never experienced it re! Hope to, in future, in the right way! ;-)

    Anon1 :: Kunaaaaaaal...It's you! :D

    Anon2 :: Whaaaat? Newly recruited dude? Are you kidding me? LOL!

    Abhishek :: Thanks yaar!

    Unknown1 :: Thanks!

    Unknown2 :: Oh! I am not able to figure out who u are! Anyways, Thanks!!!

    Shruti :: :-) :-) Thanks yaar!

    Anon4 :: Err, Thanks!!

    Anon5 :: :-) :-) Am done with the guessing game now!! :-/

    Tripti :: Thanks :))

    Aloo :: Ofcourse, it will be a vadagalai iyengar for sure!! :) Thanks!

    Anon6 :: Thanks!

    Divya Ravi :: Hehe!! :-)

  16. Very nice. words free flowing. with this blog, you've actually created a whirlpool of love.. You've covered the life's emotions and feelings right from the Sun-Rise to Sun-Set; and at one particular instance, after the sun-set ( that's where you wink )

    So here's my contribution..

    Tell me no secrets, tell me some lies…give me no reasons, give me alibis…tell me you care for me, and don't make me cry…say anything, but don't say goodbye..

    Very soothing blog

  17. M a great fan of ur writing Divya.. u are just so thoughtful... keep going... :)