August 7, 2011

Integro-differential Crap !

Disclaimer: I shall summarize in bullet points!
·         This isn’t a guy-biased or a gal-biased post!!
·         Just an eye-opener for Generation-X !!! :-P
·         The following ‘gyan’ I have gained due to my efficient observing and counseling skills! :-D :-P
·         And No, as you suspect, I’m not in love! Nor am I against it !! :-P 

“ I heard you’re good in algebra!
Can you substitute my ‘X’ without asking ‘Y’ ??!! ”  ;-)

“ Love is like ‘π’, natural, irrational and very important ” ;-)

A says to B, “I want you to be a CONSTANT(k) in my life !!! ” :-P

“ A disappointed love life = Expectation/ Reality "

Well well well !! You must be wondering what this post is all about!! Not to worry I have a hell lot to offer here !!

I fail to understand why people in “louuvveee” put up their relationship status as “In a relationship”(ok, understood) or “It’s complicated”( ??? )

Why is it complicated ? Whhhyyyyyyy ???

When you fall in love. You are happy. You meet daily, text daily, talk daily!
Texts like “Baby....You’re the only one for me…My life is incomplete without you” :-P
This is roz ka drama !! :-P

Movies, Malls, Masti, Magic- That becomes your life! Sad, your months’ salary gets dissolved in these things!

She wouldn’t watch action movies! So, that’s ruled out buddy! He might be forced to watch a chick-flick after getting a huge hole burnt in his pocket!
Guys aren’t even allowed to LOOK at a hot “Maal” standing beside! :-P

(Tch tch tch!! I pity you guys, seriously :-P )
I’m sure you might be thinking, “Kaash! Kaaassshhh ! Mai single hota !! Chudale ne jeena haram kar diya
And ofcourse, she might be on a “house arrest” ( big deal I tell you) on any India-Pakistan Final Cricket Match! :-P

Nevertheless, everything is "happy happy" and "nice nice" !!!! 
Dreamy, rosy and sugary!!
(this is all temporary happiness, I say)
Valentines day, Teddy Day, Chocolate day! :-/
Exchange of teddy bears, chocolates, cute-cute cards!!
Yes yes yes, we know it aaaall !!
There is give and take and (blah)^3 !!


But, what makes things worsen ?? Why does this ‘roothna’ ‘jagadna’ ‘manaanaa’ thingy come up ??!!
All the love stories we see in a film is until where a guy and a girl are in love, the same old family caste problem! With all the hungama and ofcourse a duet song and an item number in between at the end everyone is convinced! And it’s happily ever after!

Whoa whoa whoa!! “STOP !!! ”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking ? Is it really happily ever after ??

I see “LOVE” as a very, very “OVER-RATED EMOTION” these days.
It has become more of a thing to flaunt and show-off! :-(
It’s something like a big status, I tell you! “I have a boyfriend!.... Ohhhh!! You are STILL single?? :-O” [You get a look as if you are an extraterrestrial creature!!! :-/ ]

And the way I see it, it’s a very complex function!!! 

And it can severely complicate your life!
A never-ending, unsolvable, recurring, non-terminating, tending towards infinity problem!!! :-P

It is said add your happiness, minus your pain, divide your problems and multiply your love!

But is that really happening ??
It ain’t like the good old days anymore!
Where love was just a true deep meaningful devoted sacred emotion!

I’m sorry, but I’m not here to solve your problems, my friends! The root cause(cube root or square root :-P) of such problems may be many, but let us not get into it!
And as I perceive things I have come to a conclusion that


And hence now you might get hold of ‘why’ this post and why the ‘name’ of the post!


Does every PROBLEM have a SOLUTION ??

Yes, you got me right! Its maths and all calculations I tell you. This is the CONCEPT behind love!
Every concept in love can be expressed in a mathematical form!
Exponentially! Parabolically ! Elliptically! :-P :-P
And please, lets not even get talking about integration and differentiation!

M.A.T.H- Most Awful Thing from Hell !!!!!!

I have seen people manipulate feelings! And trust me, that’s the worst part!

Manipulate mathematical outputs, not feelings!!
It’s like adjusting the decimals to get the right output! Sheeshh ! :-/

Everyone is a trained player these days. Experienced, knowledgeable, shrewd and clever!

I would conclude by saying:
> Life is very short! (Education takes up half of it :-/)
> Get your calculations right, rather don’t calculate at all !
> Your partner is a human being, not an experimental setup!
> Never get into time- pass/ short- term relationships!! => Reflects on your character! 
   [I'm sure you wouldn't want yourself to be tagged as "Dheela Character"]
> It's your life- Be crystal clear about your priorities!
> Be a one-woman guy/ one-man gal !!
> If you are not serious, don’t get into it !!
> Playing with a persons’ life is not cool !
> Never manipulate feelings!
> Don’t be too demanding!
> Keep that EGO and ATTITUDE aside willya! Phhuuleezzeee !!!
> Be honest, loyal and committed!
> Materialistic pleasures don’t last long!
>>> And keep it simple silly! :-)

It’s your life! Make it or break it! Its up to you!
Put your future in good hands, “YOUR OWN” !

P.S. - At the end of writing all this I feel as if I have done a Ph.D on Love, Life and Relationships! Life is a great teacher. I guess I have been an ideal student, and have done my bit, by learning a lot from what i see and feel ! LOL !!! :-D ;-D

P.P.S - Don't call me Dr.Love! :-P

07- 08-11
[ Happy Friendship Day 2 u all] :-)


  1. Loved it! I agree with every single line and I am happy to have a friend as sensible as you are! :)

  2. I second DR's opinion. Loved every single line of the post. :) I swear I didn't see an amateur blogger in this post :)

  3. Entertaining post Divs..!:D n haaapppppppyyyyyyy friendship day..!I am so glad to know you..:)

  4. you know, its like having a Dr. Love delivering her lecture on mathematical operators vs real-time-love-operators..​.

    loved it...!!! :)

  5. Loved the 'conclusion'. First time reading this kind of post. Awesome ;)

  6. Arey you make me feel like two parallel lines are meeting at infinity and i am standing there to see the intersection point...:)very nice divya..!

  7. disclaimer- My laugh should not be construed as sarcasm..
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.. Hyperactive....It's funny....

  8. something different, but niceeee to read :-) :-)

  9. Your blog is really nice..Keep posting :)

  10. I blame it on men's desperation! Sounds harsh but true to the T! Some women are indeed bitches and flirt to shop, go to bed for clothes and what not. :) but Love does happen and indeed is a great feeling, if happens with the person who loves you as much you do...

  11. I think this is one of the most important information for me. And i am glad reading your article. But should remark on few general things, The website style is perfect, the articles is really nice

  12. Hmm..beauutiful piece of writing. However, I might not agree with it completely. However , you have done a splendid job putting your thoughts down on paper. Love does make the ride worthwhile but that is my opinion. Keep writing. You do a good job at it.

    1. Sure! It's a free world. And everyone should have their own take on it. Thanks for dropping by! :-)

  13. I must tell you.. It was so true! It is EXACTLY what I feel and what I write!! I could really connect to it, naturally. Loved it!

    1. Yayy!!! Happy to know that!! Thanks a ton!!!!!!

  14. Mind Blowing..just loved it..100% correct .....For me love nowadays is like induction effect as in u re in love,now its my turn to fall in love ....People are forgetting the fact that love is like life,it develops and matures with tym...but ur take was super entertaining ..and a serious advice..start giving lectures on love ..:P

    1. Hehe...Thanks a lot yaar! :)Lectures on love? :O I think someone with practical experience should take classes :P I just have theoretical knowledge, no experience in application, but i have seen many case studies in life, and I think, "Thank God, I'm not in this crap!!" :P :P Bec ppl mostly get in for time pass! Well, you know what I have FB to do time pass! LOL!!!! Good luck for finding your lady-love! :) :) 2012 might be the lucky year for you! :D :D