December 10, 2011

Mind over Matter

I'm dead because I lack desire, 
I lack desire because I think I'm contented. 
I'm contented because I think I possess.
I think I possess because I don't try to give. 
I don't try because I procrastinate,
I procrastinate because I'm lazy.

I'm lazy because I'm not challenging,
Oh! Now, that I take it as a challenge,
I try.

In trying to give,  I see that I have nothing.
Seeing that I have nothing, I try again to give from self.
Trying to give from self, 
I see that I'm nothing.
Seeing that I'm nothing, 
I desire to become.
By having a desire to become, 
I begin to live.

It's all in the mind.
It's about what matters to us! :)

Mind it :-P (Rajinikanth Style)
December 10, 2011


  1. outstanding work...hope is always there and that makes us to live our life...Mast likhha hai aapne..!

  2. Profound poem.
    Good one :)

  3. divya... you are growing more and more as a writer...!!! like it...!!! :)

    its deep...!!! :)

    <3 - ed it...!!! :)

  4. Ajay, Abhishek, Vishakha, Bagya :: Thanks a lot!!!! :) :) :)

    Tripti(anon) :: thanks :):)

  5. genius . u always relate to current topic of society yaar . u keep updating urself and thats lovely to do as a blog writer . loveddd it a lotttt

  6. Good correlation sequence you got there :)

  7. ur like a genius writer and super cool detective rolled into one!how do you manage to identify the Anon comments also?!
    And before i digress further...LOVED every bit of it!Awesome work!

  8. Vamsi, Aloo, DR, Shwethika :: Thanks a ton!! Appreciate it!! :)