April 24, 2018

Learnings from a Rangoon Creeper

(A) Happy in our comfort zones, aren't we?

(B) Learning to co-exist. Yes, it is possible! 

(C) Will you bee my friend? It's good to socialize. :)

(D) We all are made up of the same elements. Deep down there are no differences.

(E) Be grateful to the support which you continuously get from your parents / siblings / spouse. This takes you up in life. But never go up to succeed in life by crushing others down.

(F) The circle of life - A bud, full-blooms and withering beauties. 

(G) Saviour the silence and alone time. It's necessary. 

(H) Sometimes you might look stuck. Well, at those times just enjoy the view from up there.  

(I) Make new beginnings with budding energy.

(J) Enjoy the limelight, love and attention. Don't forget to be grateful.

(K) Always see the bigger picture. Life is beautiful.  


  1. Brilliant life mantra DM 🙂
    Your posts still "provoke" smile on my face.
    Keep writing for my healthy life 🙂