October 16, 2014

The Birth of an Adult

An adult is born when he smiles at chaos.
      Yet, he knows it is chaos that gives birth to a rising star.

An adult is born when it dawns on him that everybody is selfish.
      Yet, he knows that it is only love that can conquer all.

An adult is born when he does the things he doesn't like at all.
      Yet, he does it, for a greater good.

An adult is born when he wakes up in the morning sleep deprived.
      Yet, drags himself to work, for he has bills to pay and mouths to feed
              passions to pursue (?), well, then lucky... aren't you!

An adult is born when he makes what he's 'ought to' do, his 'want to' do
       Yet, he thinks, this is the best, as he doesn't have the luxury of taking risks!

An adult is born when, he forgives and forgets the pangs caused by his dear,
       Yet, keeps the scars at bay, for all he wants is his loved ones to be near. 

An adult is born when, he moves out of his comfort zone.. 
       Yet, he does it as he knows that, it needs to be done to expand and grow.


Taking birth as an adult, and living as one is a conscious effort that should taken by everyone of us, every second of our lives. 

We need to constantly coax happiness and hoax pain. 


        When things don't seem to go your way,          

Find your ray of hope & bounce back again!!


Divya Mohan