June 26, 2014

Takeaways from Wolverine


There might be a million reasons as to why people love Wolverine aka Logan (read Hugh Jackman), here are my takeaways from this character:

  • Regenerative Healing Power
    As long as there are people, there will be politics and no man is an island!!! And you know that hurt, sadness and the like are byproducts of these people- politics. During such times, if we can gain strength from Wolverine just by recalling how his body coped with so many bullets and life-threatening injuries and cuts, we'll realize that the pain we are enduring is really nothing. Heal yourself. After-all, its all in he mind.
  • Strength
    We do not have Adamantium in our bodies but our bones ain't weak either. You are way more strong than what you think of yourself.
  • Be a Survivor
    Fight. Fight. Fight. Keep the fighting spirit until you don't reach your final destination. (Don't pick up a fight please :-P)
  • To love a person truly, sincerely and deeply
    Wolverines' lady love was Jean and always will be. Our motto should be 'One person for life' :-)
  • Follow your (animal) instincts [social-animals, aren't we?]
    Gut feelings are precious. Honour it. Being cautious and aware of your surroundings.
  • Stick to your values/ have noble intentions
    Unlike his brother, Wolverine was not a psycho-killer. He killed only when it was necessary. Even a beastly person like him stuck to values, then why can't you being human stick up to it?
  • Discover your true-self
    The Adamantium bullet shot at Wolverines' head healed but made him forget his past and since then he was in constant search of his past, his identity. Well, even in our case this is applicable.
    When you question your self "Who am I", you seldom find answers!
  • Team Spirit
    Its easy playing solo but a man who honours team spirit is truly worthy of accolade.

X-Men. Professor X. Magneto. Mystique. Storm. Cyclops. Logan. Jean. Kitty. Beast. Night- crawler. etc.

There's something to learn from everything and everyone. Even from mutants.

7 brilliant movies!

14 hours of these marvelous mutants and I'm still craving for more! 

Cannot wait for 2016! X-Men Apocalypse!!

Love Mutant and Proud about it! :-)

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